Miranda Lambert - Revolution: Live By Candlelight - EP

℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

Revolution: Live By Candlelight - EP Tracklist:


The songs are good, clear sound. Only issue is they are too quiet. They need to turn the volume up on the tracks.

I'm a mystery

I would buy it if it was was cheaper then $8.99 for 6 songs but i preveiwed them and they were good but still I'm not buying it if the price does not go down to at least $6.99


Miranda rocks! I love her with all my <3!


I think HEART LIKE MINE is Miranda's best song she's ever done, vocally, emotionally and passionately its her best song by far... however, the other songs are REVOLUTION are just ok and even average... why does she keep winning award after award for this dreck? She didnt' even write HOUSE which won all the awards.. if she's such an amazing songrwriter does anyone think ONLY PRETTIER is a great song? not by a long shot... if Taylor, Carrie, or Sara released that song as a single they would be laughed out of town... its only because Sony Music decided to "make" Miranda a star, pushed the hell out of her music, shoved it down everyone;s throat and basically paid for her awards so they can sell more records, bottom line. Most of her live performances I've seen (Grammy and CMA) are sub-par and tentative... but she did put in a great HEART performance on ACMs so that was good of her. To summarize, ML is overrated, a cool person, but does not deserve to win best album when timeless albums like Carnival Ride, My Kinda Party, or Get Close get the shaft at awards time... stop rigging these awards and give it to the real talent , thanks.


Sounds awesome! Great lyrics, really makes you think about her songs. House that built me is the best! Love it. Check out "Nothing Left To Say" by Megan Turner on ITunes-another great singer/songwriter!


I was at the concert in Ft Leonard Wood where I was goin through Military Police school for the Army...We helped set up the stage...We were security and helped clean up and tear down the stage...As soon as she got done with her concert she got straight off stage and on the bus and out...didn't take any time to say anything to us and nobody got to meet her.So I don't think that was very classy of her


I love all her albums and I was really looking forward to this, but I was let down by the audio mix. The guitar players voice is loud, super annoying and doesn't gel with Miranda's at all. Unfortunately he ruined it for me.


I love Miranda and acoustic is my favorite version of most songs. But the guy singing annoyed me a lot. He was much too loud and did not sound to good. Not saying he is a bad singing just did not work with her. I love miranda's country tune and she is my favorite solo artist. I just can not get over that guys mic being so loud.


Acoustic, unplugged. Just Miranda and two guys from the band (guitar and upright bass) playing intimate stripped-down versions of her songs. Great audio/video quality. She sounds even better like this than she does on the records!


Its really good..Miranda Lambert is my favorite. Everyone should get this.. I like White Liar and Heart Like Mine.

El Jefe 69

I really like this format for Miranda. The stage is simple but very inviting. The accoustics are perfect. This is a must buy for any Miranda Lambert fan.