Riley Green - Different 'Round Here

℗ 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Different 'Round Here Tracklist:


Not relevant to the album because I don’t know where else to inquire. But Apple Music is 9.99 a month when did it stop including unlimited listening to music albums old and new?


Riley Green could be on repeat forever and never get old. What a unique sound!

no nickname needed to express

Sloppy from opening track to its last. Nothing here worth listening to - No track stands out- nada - Easily forgettable Bye Felicia


It's 2020 and I figure pretty much every Nashville record producer must have to go to producer's formula production school where they listen for hours to Phil Spector's production. Are there any producers left with imagaination? With a couple of exceptions, this is over-produced with GROSSLY over-compressed mastering. (they still think there is a radio station loudness war) As for Riley, he's good although some song material is pretty cliché. Mostly...yawn.


Thumbs DOWN. Every time this song comes on the radio, I can’t.




so good!

beathany Q.

Love ❤️ this song!!!!!


Not only is Riley Green is one the the many new singers bring back old school country, but he’s also not afraid to take a stand for old school values. Hopefully, this is the first of many albums for him.


This song kinda relates to me. I love that song! Keep up the good work.

Scotti Jay

Every song tells a story. It’s what Country music is missing. Great album. Up the with Luke Combs.

RT review

How many cliches can you put in an album? All of them.


Stopped in for Grandpas but because I want to hear more country music on country radio I bought the whole album. Hope he keeps making country music.

JG Yahtzee

It seems hard to do, but every song makes you want to listen to Riley Green even more. A man and songs after my own heart. It may be a song about grandpas or a woman, this is a MUST HAVE CD! If there is one song that you need to listen to that you may not have heard on the radio, listen to "Bettin' Man". The rest are just as good! I can't stop listening to this CD!


His values aren’t out of style for most... just for those of you stuck in Cupertino (see their review), wake up. Great album. Real country.


Sell out.


Best country album of the year so far and it’s not even close.

Eddie swag

Best country artist.


Great album


Wraps up almost every cliche known to county and pop and voila! Here you have it. Think I wrote these songs in a bus station in Memphis and thru all the songs in the trash. Riley sounds like he found them. Pure schlock.


I already owned most of these tunes, but still a great record


My new favorite album so good!!!


Not many albums you that buy you turn it on and let play through all the songs.... well this is one of them you do!!! I have been following him for a little while and hope he hits it big and keeps making albums like this


This can’t be real.

wombats are awesone

I love Riley Green because he is true country. I love the line in I Wish Grandpas Never Died “I wish country songs still got played on country radio “. Overall Green is true country

Jack b nimble 2

So glad I found this album, its up there with Luke Combs and Jon Pardi. Bravo. Cant wait to go throught his older albums.


Reminds me of an old Kenny Chesney albumn where you can listen to every song without skipping. Every song is actually country music! Excited to watch Riley Green rise.... hopefully that’s possible since he is country and not half pop half not! Rooting for you!


Green’s new album is real country. Love the guitars and steel guitars throughout the album.


Trite lyrics and tired melodies. Dropping (or should I say droppin’) your g’s don’t make you country, boy.


Great album to listen to. Nice hearing the steel in the background. Real instruments are rare today so it’s great hearing it on this album. Keep it up!

Buggest fan

This album is amazing 🔥🔥


Listening to these songs brings me right back home. I close my eyes and I’m surrounded by it. Love this album so much!


I love this album so much! One of favorites so far this year! Riley is an amazing singer/songwriter and this album is amazing!! Love every song! Great job and congrats on your first full length album Riley Green! Can't wait for more!


Good to see that real country music isn’t dead. Can’t wait for Riley to release some of his other songs, like “if it wasn’t for trucks”. I was hoping it would be on this album, but maybe it will be on the next one.


Riley is amazing singer and songwriter. My husband and I saw him in concert and loved his show!! Been fans for a long time!


A real country album!! Keep up the wonderful work!!💛

Fried mike

Riff on No Place Like Hometown is straight Def Leppard Hysteria.

Ruff hen

This is how country music sounds. Great album.

Alex Scheidt

This is country baby


Riley is the real deal. Ain’t changed a bit and never will. Buy it


Riley should be Country’s new artist of the year! Riley should have Country’s new album of the year! Riley should have at least 6 #1’s or more off of this album! You can’t tell me or overlook the songwriting talent and vocal performance of this album period. There are very few albums these days this strong out of the gate! Please give the man the justice he deserves!


Unlike zac brown who now sounds like Selena Gomez


Riley Green’s music is amazing! True country! Thank you Riley for staying true to Country! Great cd!


Not one song in this disappoint, out of this new generation of country singer ,Luke Combs is MY #1 but Riley Green is just got my #2 with this Gem.


keep it country. thank god this came out next to ZBBs album, now that was a disappointment.


Tough to beat some of his original songs like Bury Me in Dixie, but the best new true male country artist today! Even better that he writes his own music... very talented.


This guy doesn’t have a bad song, keep up the great music and don’t change your style !


Can’t get much better for a mainstream album


Riley Green, Luke Combs, and a select few others are bringing back the country of the 90’s and early 2000’s. They use real instruments and for the most part have well-written songs with meaningful lyrics. Riley especially doesn’t cater to the radio and mainstream country, and his songs are just plain enjoyable to listen to. Hope he keeps it up for years to come.