Gabby Barrett - Rivers Deep

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Rivers Deep - Single Tracklist:

hardy games

I love this song! Gabby was my favorite on American idol that season. This is an awesome song!



Music fo liifee

Love this song


Yo, this is so good stop all the hating on her she sounds amazing. This should have 5 stars not 1 PERIOT POOH 🍯


A amazing voice and singer My opinion she was the best artist on voice and America idol put together


The reason why this sounds so bad is because she couldn’t copy someone else. Not only does she lack originality, but her voice just isn’t pleasing to the ear. So glad she lost. Wish I could give 0 stars.

Ryan Vaughan

Love her!!

The Girl🤩🤩🤩🤩

First I’m gonna start with she should’ve won American Idol I wanted her to win so bad but I’m gonna make her famous somehow I LOVE to sing and I want to be a country artist and Gabby is my inspiration to do that😍😍😍




repeat at the gym


To all you saying she sounds awful or that this song is awful, SHAME on you, honestly. She has an amazing voice! Keep doing YOU, Gabby! Your voice is beautiful!


Song is not catchy and not good... sounds very nasally .... not fun to listen to


i have been and will always be team gabby! looking forward to more songs!!


I love this song! She has an amazing voice!!


I love this song! She has an amazing voice!!

I have a feeling this girl is going to be around for many years. ❤️


You are so amazing and so inspiring ! I love you gabby! You rock 👍🏼👌🏼💕


Gabby is awesome


This song is all over the place...pop/country/and a hunt of gospel. Definitely not country...verses before the chorus make it too pop like. She sounds really nasally. I think this song brought her down from potentially winning. She also needs to find HER specific sound and stop switching it sooooo much. Good luck Gabby!!

four leaf clover17

Great song!


this song is wonderful!!! Can’t stop listening to it, love you Gabby! You’re awesome!!!


Great job gabby I’m not even a fan of country and love this song! Reppin’ the burgh 🖤💛


Wow!!! Gabby you definitely got talent! I love you!


such a catchy and well performed song! Great job Gabby! #PittsburghProud


Nice to hear a good voice. Not some “ok” voice. It’s nice and strong you can understand her! She should’ve won!


Gabby can really hit the high notes but her actual voice needs some fine tuning. Half the time I just feel like she is yelling in her songs. I do hope she surrounds herself with good people who can guide her. I think she came out trying to be a “country star” too early on, part of the appeal in watching people like Carrie Underwood is seeing the growth and change over time.


Good Job Gabby!!! Love it!


It’s a shame that the last few week the confidence the coaches ask of you all come across as a lack of humility. Also they could have found a better song for your original highlighting the full beauty in your voice. Shame their are the haters, love you!

Morgan McFadden

Keep doing what you do, Gabby. You’re such a talented woman, and I see you going above and beyond. You’re amazing!


Love this song


Should have won hands down!! Awesome Song Praying she gets signed!


I really think Gabby is very talented but the reason she came in 3rd is because she has not found her authentic self. Caleb and Madde are genuine as well as talented. People pick up on that. American Idol is famous for cultivating unknown and untried talent. You didn’t join Gabby on the journey, she was already there. People connect more with contestants when they can go along for the ride.


This song is so freaking good! I wish her the best, thought she’d win Idol!! Such a catchy song!

Grace Elizabeth D

She definitely showed her true colors this song is beautiful!!!❤️❤️❤️

Dante Ferrise

Gabby Barrett is an amazing vocalist and so young I expect big things from this beautiful young woman! She may be getting some haters but every great artist has those who try to knock them down. SHE IS A HOMETOWN HERO AND CHAMPION NO MATTER WHAT THE RESULTS ARE FOR TONIGHTS AMERICAN IDOL FINALE. I think she is the one out of the three that would do the most with the win so I am crossing my fingers that she can pull off enough votes even though Maddie Poppie had the chance to show more of her personality. SINCE WHEN DOES PERSONALITY AND APPEARING HUMBLE HAVE TO DO WITH ACTUAL TALENT?! American Idol is a talent competition after all ISNT IT?! Or am I mistaken. I just wanted to leave a review BECAUSE THESE VOCALS GIVE ME CHILLS AND KNOWING HOW YOUNG SHE IS AND JUST HOW MUCH SHE WILL GROW OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS SHE WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE! Carrie Underwood herself even said that she didn’t have the pipes like Gabby at the age she does. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!! AND NOT TO MENTION A WONDERFUL PERFORMER

Clayvon Grimes

gabby’s song should be higher than caleb’s


She’s got the voice and the talent


Too nasally


I am really diggin this song and can’t wait to hear it on the radio!


Rigged if she wins American Idol.


Winner right here🙏🏻




This is so good go girl

N.O. Saints*

Worst Song ever. She sings thru her nose. Wouldn’t download if it was free!


I'm usually not much for AI coronation songs, but I have to say, this is quite good. I didn't understand why the judges were so critical of her performances, in general. It's not like Caleb and Maddie were so much better, they weren't. I'm kind've bummed to see that this song isn't resonating as much as Caleb and Maddie's songs are. But, I really like Gabby and I want her to win. I think she has the best voice and is the most versatile. She says she wants to be a country singer but I think she could sing whatever she wanted. Caleb and Maddie can only sing one style in my opinion. I'm rooting for you Gabby. I wish you and everyone else on the show all the best!!

Mash lover101

Love it!


Awesome song! We love it❤️

Tina rose flower

I mean it’s not a song I would listen to. I think with work the song could be good. There’s no high point in the song, and in no point of the song am I singing along.

Classy Short Circuit

Great song!