Rob Thomas - Chip Tooth Smile

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Chip Tooth Smile Tracklist:

Sparkles, RN

Rob Thomas speaks to me.


Great music from Rob Thomas, per usual. Words that help Generation X (the coolest generation ever) make peace with the fact that the light we brought to the world will be with us eternally, yet will leave the planet when we do.


Been a fan for almost 25 years. My daughter who is 12 introduced me to his new album and we absolutely love it. Everyone is singing the songs. He never disappoints.


“Can’t Help Me Now” is the best but this is the first album I like all the way through. Rob is one of the few who is even better live. Talented story teller.

Nashvegas 1123

This project if full of amazing songs !! Been Waiting to hear Rob Thomas as he was on his first solo album ** This is his best project in over 10 years

Jimmy Went to Alaska

So wish I cools post a picture. 👌


Always a RT fan and Matchbox20, but the voice and messages are personal. I loved them and love him, always will! Personal and beautifully familiar. Tulsa!~


This whole CD is AWESOME!! Every time Rob comes out with new solo music I’d say oh this is my favorite one he’s done so far. Well this time is no different, but really every song is WONDERFUL!! That’s another awesome thing about Rob is he puts out CD’s that you like every song on there! Not many artists these days do that. Rob has the most soothing voice that he could sing the phone book and it would be wonderful. Great album, great songwriter, great performer, and a great human being!! Can’t get no better than that!


I own every album Rob has ever made, and this one is probably my favorite so far. Even though all of his albums are amazing! I swear he only gets better with age. From his matchbox twenty days, I swear he’s written the soundtrack to my life. I’ll be looking forward to the next album!

Pat from Philly

Rob Thomas sounds like a great guy inside and out. Had a difficult life. Heard one song at the gym and had to buy the album. He's still good... was from one of my favorite bands. Matchbox twenty. If anyone didn't know that reading this... Go to youtube and watch his videos. Good guy /great singer songwriter.


The more I listen to it the more and more I love it but I love it from the beginning.


I was listening to Dying Young and decided to download it. I started to listen to other songs and after 3 more downloads I purchased the album. I have never purchased a whole album off of I-tunes and I am 50 !! It is refreshing and the songs have meaning. Thanks for GREAT music !


This album is an amazing piece of music. “The Worst in Me”, “Timeless”, “Funny”, “It’s Only Love”, and “Can’t Help Me Now” are very well written and are great songs. I am glad Rob Thomas returned to the genre he fits in so comfortably. His last effort did not wow us, but this one....WOW. I have been an A & R guy for many years and who is used to listening to the first 30 seconds of submissions....this album was a total listen. Trust me...that is a compliment I don’t dispense easily. Rob you hit this nail SQUARELY on the head. Congratulations my friend. Peace, Harmony and Song


I have followed Rob Thomas since 3am... and I have all the MB20 albums as well as the solos; and I’m not sure he could sing a bad song! I know his personal life has had it’s up, down, and everything in between; and it is poured out into his voice when he sings. I love his music and this album is no exception!!


this is everything i needed.


Def his best so far!!


I don’t know if it’s because Rob T and I are the same age or if it’s because I’ve been a fan so long, but almost everything he writes and releases speaks to me in a visceral way. This is no exception. Thanks for another great album, Rob!!!

Dr. Benzedrine



So different from matchbox twenty but so catchy and great


Got this album yesterday!! Rob is an amazing artist, he is down to earth and in the past has shown his vulnerabilities through his music!! This album is no exception his voice is great, just a really great album!! Glad to have you in my life Rob, keep making great music!! Timeless and the worst in me are definitely my favorite two tracks on the album!

texas chainsaw addict

This is an inspiration of how music can move u


I’ve been a fan Rob Thomas since his Matchbox 20 debut in the late 90s. From his concerts to interviews, I’m convinced he’s my musical Soul Mate. His lyrics speak to my heart as no other musician can.

Marilu U

Rob Thomas writes great lyrics and has such a good voice. LOVE this album!!


Yes Rob Thomas is Timeless!

Dr. Tracey

Too bad he got sucked into what sells rather than what he believes in.


What great, happy album! Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for this treasure of an album. And I also for being an ally!

Ash West

I’ve been a huge fan of his work and Matchbox Twenty! So glad to hear new music from him!!


It's a very rare album where every song is good to awesome. This is one of those rare albums that lives up to this. Rob excells on this, maybe his best solo album every. Every song is worth the price of the album.

TB Wonder

Love this album for what it is ... catchy pop with some nice ballads. Rob's voice is strong and most songs are under 4 minutes ready. My favorites are One Less Day, Funny , The Man to Hold the Water and Breathe Out. T.B. Wonder


Another self indulgent farce by a guy who has seen his relevance disappear years ago. This album is like a droning white noise in the background of a busy city. Nothing here to hear.


I love every song!!


Love every song!


You mean crooked smile? #JCole


It's hard to believe this guy was the voice and brains behind the first MB20 record. This is how bad the music industry has gotten, folks. Barf.

Wait... I'm Eddie Wilson...

Album just isn’t my cup of tea, wouldn’t say it’s awful. I’m sure there are millions of people who will love it. Album sounds like a myriad of B sides or tracks that didn’t quite cut it on previous albums maybe....


Chip Tooth Smile is fantastic. Creativity is demonstrated throughout the album. Catchy rhythms and words I’ve looked forward to this new music and It delivered. You Are sure to find more than one track or in my case all tracks that you will just love. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.


I absolutely Love this album!!! All the tracks of this album are superb, but Timeless is truly my Fabulous Favourite!!!! Addictive of course!! 😍😘😘💙🌟💙


I have always felt like I connected on a personal level with Rob’s songs. They felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend. Listening to life’s stories and getting to know one another better. This album, to me, felt more for the masses. It was more like listening to a paid speaker in a large auditorium than the usual feeling of enjoying a few beers around the backyard fire pit, under the stars with a great group of friends. Miss the easy connection to his lyrics. I had a hard time getting pass all the noise covering up his beautiful voice...UPDATE...okay, I gave it another shot and listened all the way through 3 times. The more I listened the better I liked it. I can appreciate him growing and stretching in different ways in order to bring us fresh music.

Service Captain

What a great record! Bought it off the first four samples and was glad I did. Might try to catch a show this tour. Really needed this one. Straight pop rock.




I was so glad I could hear the full song on Youtube. There were several that I started to pass on just by the samples here. In the end I plan to buy 9 of the 12, so I am going save some cash by buying the complete album. The songs are uplifting, positive, have a great sound- reminds me a lot of the 80's sound, which is perfectly ok with me and seperates his single work from MB20. Rob still has a wonderful voice and does not sound like a little kid singing through his nose, which is common on a lot of singers now days.


Great as ever! His voice and singing style is one of a kind!


I Love the down to earth lyrics & sounds!


This album is my favorite Rob Thomas solo album. His songs are always so deep and meaningful and consistently manage to find a way to touch my soul. My favorites are “Funny” and “The Man Who Holds The Water”. I’ve been a fan of Rob/Matchbox 20 for 20+ years and Rob’s vocals and songwriting never disappoints!


Rob Thomas never disappoints. This album is spot on! He is extremely talented! He has done it again with a wonderful album with catchy songs like The Worst in me, then with solid ballads like breath out and early in the morning! I can’t wait to hear these songs in concert!


The album is amazing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love the new music. As with every CD there is always gonna be a song you don’t like. The only think think I didn’t care for was the bleep sound on the F—k in the song tomorrow.


As soon as I hear the first word I know when I’m listening to Rob Thomas ... this album is another gift of comfort, thought, reflection, and feeling. With the exception of oddly enough “I Love It” this is yet another exceptional album. Thank you Rob ... my soul always feels the lyrics.


I love this new CD. His voice has never sounded better. The music is catchy and the lyrics are soul touching. So nice tO have Rob back!


Rob Thomas at his very best