Royce da 5'9 - The Allegory

℗ 2020 Entertainment One U.S., LP

The Allegory Tracklist:


This instantly became one of my all-time favorites. I feel like it has everything that you want in a rap album: dope beats, elite rapping, and a powerful message. Royce talks about meaningful topics while still giving you sick flows, intricate rhyme schemes, and clever punch lines. I was hesitant to buy the album at first because even though I was interested in hearing Royce‘s new music, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money to buy the album. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It was worth every penny, and actually… I would’ve spent double had I known it was going to be this good! I listened to the entire album from start to finish in one continuous listen… Didn’t pause once or skip a single track. The whole album is FIRE‼️🔥


.. it deserves 5* 💪🏾🤓🔥




First I want to say Royce was already ill, but the SOBER Royce is a whole other Monster! This album is a Masterpiece! Filled with top tier lyricism and dope production. If you’re into wordplay, concepts, and different flows, this album is for you. 💯


Royce is one the most underrated lyricists of all time


I love Royce Da 5’9. I’m Caucasian and from Detroit! Royce is the type who is spits knowledge in his raps. Some whites perceive that he hates whites, but that’s a misconception. Let’s be more concise he says he hates when people like Kid Rock who embraced the culture & turn around and goes against it to support racial things.


Did Royce fall off the wagon? What is this?


I've been a fan of Nickel9 for a while. I couldn't believe the reviews that said he hated white people. I was wary because I wasn't a huge fan of his last release. I had to listen to this album for myself to see if it was true. I'm glad I did because he doesn't rap about hating white people. He raps about overcoming struggles, and self-reliance. He's passing along his wisdom... to his son, and to a younger generation of artists, and listeners. Don't be influenced by people who didn't understand what they were listening to. This album is solid, and worth a listen.


There’s a few decent tracks but overall this is a colossal failure. Book of Ryan was waaaaay better 🤷‍♂️


I wrote this review upon hereing only one song. But I listened to the rest of the album... He is entitled to his opinion, but really? He is basically acusing a good majority of white people to be racist. . Now that, is true racicsm . Please go back to your first album.


Yelawolf is okay. Royce is a goat.


Trash music


Royce is definitely a skilled MC


Yo Royce been a lyricist u fake rap fans! Go listen to Death is Certain, The Mic, Lost files, All Bar Exams, Prhymez! Nikle responsible for alot of the Detroit culture u rap pundits! Peace Nikle rip Kobe rip Nipsey


Just a fine piece of hip hop start to finish. Needed this so bad. Royce is such a beast.


White people are gonna hate on this but who cares what the racist think. The message he’s sending is something everyone should be educated on.


He’s not a racist you dummies haha


Man this album is amazing....... I listened to the whole album went back listened to one song next thing you know I’m listening to the whole album again


Flows are tight. Beats are tight and I would’ve given the album a 3 but I had to balance out all the 5 stars. Sorry fam you missed me on this one. Guess my white skin says “enemy” to you. Not all whites people are evil billionaires who run the world. Let’s look at the real problem with the separation of rich and poor. NOT black and white. Cant stand racists of ANY skin color.

Ya Boy AMC

Nothing but respect for one of the best MC’s to ever spit very solid album lyrical content is superb hopefully it don’t go over people heads who can’t understand clever metaphors and hard punchlines

Jay $Money$$$$

His last five album run were better than any other rapper out there...If you gave this any less than a five you dont listen to hip hop and need to go listen to some of that lil young mumble nonsense What up Doe


Insightful n educational. Cover to cover is nothin but the illest rhymes– gone head n get this ish if you haven’t already.


All these white people are mad are Royce for telling the truth. If you take offense from this album youre probably a racist because if you weren’t you’d realize there’s a difference between white people and white racists. You’re proving his point



poetic mindset

Dope ....nuff said 🤐 & listen


Period. 🔥🔥🔥.


Royce too underrated, great lyrics and beats, except for the anti vax stuff




Between him and Eminem, they are both legends. Although Royce isn’t nearly as known as Eminem, this proves he is just as good as him! Extremely underrated in my eyes. There was maybe 1-2 songs that I wanted to skip after the first listen (not including skits). 4.8/5


The only way to NOT enjoy this album is to NOT have an open mind. Seeing all these reviews from other white people thinking Royce hates them, when all he’s doing is speaking facts has me face palming real hard. This is the most woke album we’ve gotten from Royce. And his production FIRE!!! Try to achieve an open mind, then maybe you will feel just as honored as I do to have this mans talent available to all of us.


Best body of work my brother has crafted yet! And he produced the entire FUCKKIN thang!! Love you big bro and salute on this timeless piece of art.


Would’ve been better if it want all About race


Actual propaganda garbage

Horrible boo!!!

Racist trash


Great job Royce


One of the best rapper out right now.


You’re one of the greatest rapper of all time

Ron Spoon

Delivers the fire with truth!


Royce said “you couldn’t make a classic out that garbage if Brenda dropped it” if you know then you know


This is very, very good. This isn’t an album you can listen to just once, and make a judgement on it. The concept is complex, and each time I listen to it, I get more from it. (I’m 3 listens in so far.) However Royces lyrical abilities are beyond impressive, and the fact that he produced the whole thing is all the more impressive. Definitely do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with Platos Allegory of the cave going into the is album because it’ll help a lot. Would absolutely recommend this album to any fan of hip-hop.

Meka O

Royce has grown into an extremely introspective artists. This was previously showcased on Book of Ryan. That was a good album. In my opinion, Allegory is his best Album yet. Royce’s production was really impressive on an ample amount of tracks. Lyrically, he delivered razor-sharp metaphors and usual thought provoking lines. It seem that one major criticism I’ve heard has been in regards to the immunization/autism lines heard in to tracks. Royce is an artist not your “yes man” , and like you and I, he has his own reference points, opinions, and beliefs. Offcourse artists should allows welcome constructive criticism however such criticism should be on the Art not individual opinions. The fact that some people focus on those lines and cancel the album is a bit naive and premature. The album is the best album he has had since PRhyme 1. The features were fitting as well. Lastly, Royce does not want to be mainstream Matter of fact, he can’t!! This industry won’t allow it. Lupe and BOB fell into this trap initially even though they are great artist. Royce has a level of balance and notoriety that we’ll ensure he stays relevant. He isn’t going no where. He’s realest work of art comes from when he is being true to himself and very introspective, and if listeners can’t objectively appreciate that then you are simply fickle.


I knew Royce thought he was woke (Being a Multimillionaire from making Music for a White man in Em) but now he’s just a openly angry racist agains all whites not named Em. If people actually listen to this LP then they will learn this man is filled with hate.


THIS is album is for you. If you are literally metally handicapped. You are gonna love this.


It’s alright, not on par with his last few albums tho. Also, is Royce an antivaxxer? L


From the first track Royce grabs the listener and takes them on the journey of The Allegory


This album is fantastic. Best of the year so far.

Kc mo mo

Rocks hard!


Dude went from one of the low key hardest to a racist.

Ryan "Young Mr." Stills

iTunes, stop letting people review the album before they even listen to it. That’s what’s wrong with these people now. They’re mad because Royce didn’t mumble on the album. That’s the problem. They wanna hear all the same auto-tuned trap mumbling that everybody else has been doing. They’re mad cause Royce is an artist who can actually RAP. Great album!!

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