Run The Jewels - RTJ4

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RTJ4 Tracklist:


Grammy worthy. Didn’t sell it, gave it away, take sales out of Grammy consideration.

Zombie Rebel



Who listens to this crap?


Could not find a track I didn’t like, first time this has ever happened


Killer Mike is a talented rapper, but I cannot support hypocrits, especially with everything going on now. Killer Mike is the kind of guy to complain about white officers killing blacks regardless of the situation, but say a white guy who used the N word and got killed by a black man from the hood deserved to die.

I like Skittles 42

just incredible


Some bangers but there are some underwhelming tracks on here too. But still a pretty solid album. One of the better rap albums this year.


This is 2020 album of the year, introspective, hard hitting, political and emotional. A tier album.

Butter slaper

W u feel me


Not feeling it


Hip hop with a purpose again. Great lyrical content, political, Some great beats and just the right amount of education. Nicely done guys.


Best rap album of the year


It’s ok, listened to once, didn’t think it was anything amazing

The Kitchens

If you liked RtJ other albums you will like this one just as much if not more. Always good stuff coming from these guys. This continues that same path.


While not every single track bangs for me, those that do are straight up flammable. Retaining their main direction while trying some new influences has really helped the two living legends create another strong, impressive album that’s just great all-around. Mike, EL-P, keep it up! We love it!