Saint Asonia - Flawed Design

A Spinefarm Records Release; ℗ 2019 St. Asteria Music LLC, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited

Flawed Design Tracklist:


It’s been a long time coming since S.A. Has made this album so freakin awesome!


I’m not sure if Adam left three days grace for personal reasons but this new album sounds like three days grace...maybe he should have never left. Shrug.


So glad for groups that produce a killer set of songs. Rock is still strong thanks to these guys!

The Eclipse Of Luna

Great album, but listening to “Justify”... is this song a shot at 3DG?! “I knew all along from the day I left, you’d fall apart”... “tears are falling down your face, realizing that I’ve been replaced”? Sounds like a shout-out to 3DG to me

Blade Central

Their first album was raw and hard hitting, which isn’t bad at all. But this album definitely has a lot more refinement to the sound while still retaining that heaviness. Great effort from these guys, not a bad song on here.

Cheap Trick 1977

Sounds like old Three Days Grace


No bad songs. Beast is my favorite. I never write reviews, but I had to with this one. It’s my favorite album of the year! Adam still has an incredible voice!!!


Saint asonia is back with another classic love it 🤘🏼🔥😈


Flawed design is very better than life starts now

Andrew Kerns

I've listened to this entire album at least 6 times now since it's release Friday and I love every single song on it! It's not as gritty as the last Saint Asonia album but it's still gritty and so nice to hear sonically. This has to be one of the best albums I have EVER listened joke, It's really THAT GOOD! Thank you Saint Asonia and Adam Gontier for pouring your hearts onto another perfect album🤘🏼


Love the album! Some of Adam Gontiers Best work!


This sounds awesome keep it up 🤘this has gotta go big


What is this crap! This album has no balls. I just spent ten bucks for one song - The Hunted. I guess I should have previewed it first.

SoCal Badfish Fan

This amazing band is seriously underrated. Adam and Mike are bloody brilliant musicians. They have definitely upped their game with Flawed Design.


Crushing drums SAL G. Great guitar and ADAM is ADAM makes ears happy!! This album is right there with Slipknots and makes up for ABs disappointing release.


After an awesome debut album and 3 great pre-released songs (The Hunted, Beast, and This August Day) I couldn’t wait for this album. Too bad the debut blows this album away. Aside from the 3 pre-released songs nothing is up to par. They weren’t a good indicator of what was to come. This album is muddled by poor production, grating static electronic sound effects, lack of energy, and unmemorable hooks. The only song that comes close to the 3 pre-releases is Blinded. Other than that I’d rather stick to their debut which feature all good songs. I guess I’ll preview their next release before I purchase.


Blind is a great track, the singles are decent, but the rest of the tracks lack variety. Maybe the album will grow on me more.


The album is good and that’s about it. To me there’s no single song that stands out like the previous album. I’m not sure if it’s because I listened to the album at 5:30 in the morning, but the sound just sounded repetitive like I was listening to the same song over and over. The Hunted and Beast are definitely the top two songs on the album. Definitely a good album, but not great. Still love Adam’s voice and lyrics though.

Vikings fan with autism ❤️

After listening to all songs! I gotta tell ya, they all had descent meaning and a beat that gave me a feeling like some of the old songs Adam used to write in 3dg. I’ve been waiting sssooo very long for their 2nd album (flawed design) and its even better than self-titled & it’ll give me company while I wait another four years for round 3! 💜 ya Addy!!! 💞💗💖💘


Not a single bad song on this album really an amazing job the wait was well worth 🤙🏻


Adams back baby! He’s found himself again and this is the very equivalent of OneX (Three Days Grace). Adam sounds great, the music sounds awesome, just pure heart! #FlawedDesign


And the grammy for album of the year goes toooo😎


Best album of 2019!!!!!!!

Animal Lover162

This is going to be a fantastic album. All three singles are fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. Saint Asonia is so so SO talented. You won’t regret this purchase! 🤘🏻


always been a fan of the old three days grace, since adam departed to start Saint Asonia it was natural to give it a try. wasn’t disappointed in 2015 and i’ve been looking forward to the 2nd album ever since. i’ll admit i’m not the most patient person so the 4-year wait was a hard one, but every single release so far has been on repeat.🤘🏻 definitely looking forward to friday to hear the whole album.


Love Adam’s voice. Three Days Grace isn’t the same. Srry but the guy trying to sound like Adam isn’t working 😒. So far I really love the music. Only heard 3 songs so far. Thanks for your music and can’t wait till the rest of the album comes out.


Really love the band’s new songs, and Adam’s voice hasn’t changed and it’s still the same voice I used to know when I was a kid!


This album is going to be epic!! Don’t miss out on this one!!


Even though it’s not out yet, 5 stars. Other “rock” bands have been putting out music that ain’t the same anymore *cough* Theory of a Deadman *cough* so thank God for Saint Asonia keeping actual rock music alive!


AMAZING! I am so excited Adam Gontier is back!! Best singer, best songwriter in rock.

Eco pest

August day best stuff since ONE-X


Great songs, these guys aren’t nothing


I’m obsessed with Beast. Such an awesome song. 🔥

The Yeeting Cow

The sound recording is really odd and quiet, and you can't really hear what they're saying. The hunted is just awful, and Beast is Okay. I'm not a hater but I just think they could of done better.


I’m super excited for Sirens in particular since I’m a huge Within Temptation fan. I grew up on Three Days Grace and I still listen to their first four albums often. It’s good to know that Adam Gontier is still making music. Also props to Mike Mushok and the rest of the musicians as well. Thanks for providing The Hunted since that’s a great song with a cool main riff.


Great songs , can’t wait to hear the complete album, two great song writers Adam and sully the best , will always follow !!! You guys


This band just keeps getting better and better


the mix is way better than the last record and adams vocals mix with the instruments much more clearly than before. this is the best sont ive heard adam on in years and makes me super excited for the record.


This album meaning and every song is so deep! Agh everyone has a flaw in life and this album tells us to embrace it! The Hunted and Beast are the first two singles of the album, and i’ll just say that this is amazing! Adam sounds like his young self, and Beast could have very well been from One X. I think all of SA fans can agree that this is going to compete with some old three days grace albums 🔥👹🤘🏼


Really love it!!


The hunted and beast are sickk 🔥 I hope the rest of the album is as epic as them 🤙🏼


Been waiting 2 years for this. Such a AWEOME Band. Adams voice is one of a kind!!!


I can already tell this album is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to hear the rest!!!