Sam Smith - Love Goes

A Capitol Records UK Release; ℗ 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

Love Goes Tracklist:


I can’t wait to hear this and fall in love deeper with them.


Absolutely amazing😍💎


Sam Smith is doing it again with their new album, Love Goes! I’m so excited to hear the remainder of the album once it’s released! As a side note...some of you people leaving negative reviews for an album just goes to show just how dumb and ignorant people in the USA have become. Why leave a negative review for an album when you should be reaching out to Apple regarding the previously titled pre-order you made? Not to mention that you’re only charged for a preorder as music is made available. Sam Smith has absolutely nothing to do with that...only Apple does. So learn how to use your inept brain and actually conduct some intelligent research about how you should move forward with any possible refund thru Apple instead of bashing Sam and then using the wrong pronouns for them. Common sense has clearly become something only a select few of us actually have anymore. 🤦🏻‍♂️


diamonds is kinda good though 😂


Lyrics are kinda trashy at some points it seems like an average boring song. I’m disappointed as these vocals are so bad and staying the same like the whole song. It also kinda sounds like u didn’t spend much time making it and u rushed it’s meh.

jinjin astro bby

Sam is non-binary and uses they them pronouns be respectful


I pre-order the original and just like many it appears that now I have to repurchase the same songs. This is ridiculous for both Apple and Sam Smith. I'm disgusted at their audacity. I will not be purchasing anymore of their music.

Devilish _bood

I want that nicki feature and this album will be one of the best albums this year


Gonna be flop I’m saying that. Worst album of 2020

Just Be Nice Guys

Some of the people giving reviews are just here to be hateful, like why? What makes you so compelled to talk so badly about somebody that you would take time out of your day to hurt someone? Regardless if you like their music or not, respect their pronouns or not, just think about what you’re saying ok? You don’t need to be so negative about something you don’t approve of that is against your beliefs, just go on with your life and don’t bother others just because you don’t agree, especially when it does not concern you. It’s none of your business and isn’t your right to tell someone that they aren’t something. If you are really so compelled I suggest you get some help or something, because it’s really strange if you really think it’s okay to bring someone down over just existing. Go ahead and say nasty things about me because you aren’t a good person, go ahead, it just shows how much of a monster you really are, because you aren’t hurting me or anyone else, you’re hurting yourself. I say this because I know you’re only thinking the things you think because you’re ignorant


Curious why we don't get credit for the purchasing the initial album? Why not transfer that over to the new album? Why should we pay twice for the same songs? This seems unethical to me. Itunes is essentially double dipping!! I love Sam Smith but I am infuritated that just because he decided to rename his album that his fans who pre-ordered during the onset of COVID now have to pay extra. This is criminal especially for those who lost their jobs! Shame, Shame Shame!!


I don’t care for any of these songs!


Sam love u


I have been listening to these songs on repeat and cannot wait for the album!! It’s been crazy lately and have something good to look forward to. Sam Smith is the best singer/songwriter right now!! 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎


Quit whining

Max Naderi

Diamonds is so good, deserves #01


Sam’s pronouns are they/them. Rate the album however you want. Just remember to use their preferred pronouns.


All his songs sound the same.


This is not ethical because I’m not paying again for something I paid for. Either refund the money or transfer our per order to this album.


Why do I have to pay again for songs I had already purchased when I pre-ordered the albumTo Die For, that he decided to cancel and rename. Its not fair.


I love love love this singer. His voice evokes emotions I can not put into words. I basically have him on permanent repeat all the time. Must go see him in concert before he ODs.

Peach perfection





He is just terrible


It all sounds the same: whiny af


It’s okay I guess 💅🏽


I can’t wait to hear the rest of album. I know they are going to be amazing because all of Sam’s are amazing. They’re so true to Sam’s heart which is why this album is amazing. I can’t stop listening to Diamonds. It is so beautiful and sometimes I feel like I’m one the music video because I can just feel the emotion that Sam is feeling. If the rest of his songs are Diamonds, this is going to best album of all time. Love you Sam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Can’t wait 💯🔥👌🏽🤩


To Die For and Diamonds are pure masterpieces. ❤️


I pre-ordered to die for. What happens now. I am not getting the new songs so far. What should I do???


I love it


Sam respect your music is awesome 👏 I cannot stop listening to diamonds 💎 you are awesome 🏳️‍🌈


Please stop


Sam hits it out of the ballpark yet again!!! This song, in my opinion, is one of his best! Great vocals, instrumental composition... this one surely sparkles!!!!!


I love Sam and I own all his cd’s BUT I’m not buying this cd. IT’S SO BAD! All the previous singles except Dancing With A Stranger have failed. Sam has really come into his own personally but he’s lost something professionally in the process. His voice is always flawless but the music is really substandard this time. It’s no wonder the cd has been delayed repeatedly and reworked. Def his most disappointing effort musically.


What happen to the other album with the same set of songs form the pre-order? One star for reselling old songs on another album that probably won’t come out.


This is talent ladies and gentlemen.


With a few new song nice


I listen to “thrill of it all” all the time. It’s not going to be as good as that as that album but it will make us dance.


This album is gonna be amazing


Hi, I’m trying to figure out what happened to the previous pre order of this album under the title “to die for”. Did I lose my money and have to spend it all again? Or does it get transfer and you guys give me credit for it? Can someone please let me know how to find out about this? Thank you! Now to the album itself. Soooo excited for Sam Smith and this new record. Can’t wait to hear all the songs and just dance and cry all at the same time.


I don't like the auto-tuned Sam Smith.


I love this album!!! Sam is here to stay!


Legend is coming to save 2020


I. LOVE. IT. Can’t wait for the new album. I’m already obsessed. First my Oasis, now Diamonds.... is there anything you can’t do Sam!!! Love it!!!

Music Album of Sam Smith:

My Oasis (feat. Burna Boy) - Single
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Omen (feat. Sam Smith) [Dillon Francis Remix] - Single
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