Sara Evans - Sara Evans (The Early Years)

℗ 2007 E & S Records

Sara Evans (The Early Years) Tracklist:


Personally I think some people don't realize this was Sara's very first album. Sure they may not have put it on iTunes in the nineties but iTunes wasn't available then.


Sara Evans has one of the finest, strongest voices in modern country music. Sadly, however, that voice is drowned out in most of her songs by very loud backup , especially drums.


This is pretty sad. its musik she did in the 90s and its realesed in 2007???? Im sorry but country musik has changed a lot for the better since the 90s these songs are all dead and have nothing compelling about them at all. I am a big fan of sara evons but she needs to leave these songs where they belong in the past.


While I'll agree that this album is a must for any fan, many of the songs lack the heart and soul that you hear in her later titles. The songs are lyrically strong, and her vocals help to support them, but they leave you feeling a little hollow, and wondering if she really means what she's singing.


I like this album. Sara Evans is my favorite singer, and honestly as a fan I think it's cool to be able to listen to her grow as a singer.


Big disappointment from one of my favorite artists. Sara's grown so much since this CD, they should have left this one in the vault. I can't wait for her new stuff soon.

Deep in the heart of AZ

When I saw this listed under Sara's music, I was excited, I thought it would be a step back to her early sound which I loved deeply. Instead, I found soul less music, and a voice still trying to find itself. Mind you Sara is a favorite of mine, I listened several times to this album, but just kept feeling empty. While this is a good completist album, I'd recommened Three Cords & The Truth if you are interested in early Sara.


I wasn't expecting much when I bought it, but this cd is absoulty amazing. Well worth the money and well worth your time. Give it a try, you won't be dissapointed.