Michael Jackson - Scream

℗ This compilation (P) 2017 MJJ Productions Inc.

Scream Tracklist:


It’s an “ok” album but it’s literally another Michael Jackson greatest hits album....I seriously wish that they would release something other than this....can’t they just make something like........ 1:Dangerous 25th anniversary 2:blood on the dance floor 25th-anniversary 3:like a tribute album for him from many different singers—— (Just like how QUEEN got theirs) That’s all I have 2 say BUT SERIOUSLY RELEASE SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!


It’s pretty awesome if you love the king and if you’re a MoonWalker! Perfect Halloween Album as well 😃


How is “2 bad” and “is it scary” NOT on this album? How?


I really like this compilation of new and old. Some pretty good funk going on here!!

Robert Mahn

Just buy the last song, it’s a nice mashup! And the album artwork is great! You already have the rest of the album.


Keep it up MJ


5 stars because the tracks are great but I agree the album is stunt and repetitive. They should release live versions of songs or unreleased songs.


This is cool


Just another way to cash in on MJ now that he's gone. Great songs but no surprises here





Beeware Graphics

He music was AMAZING and still is ! every album is worth it !

Michael Milli

Halloween playlist in album form! Nicely priced... Smart and conscientious move by the estate!

Mick Nason

Fans of MJ already have all these songs. I was excited for unheard new songs from the King but it's just recycled stuff for others to profit from. Pass.

Fletch F. Fletch

1) this is a great collection that includes more than just MJ’s greatest chart hits, and tracks fans might know but casual listeners may have missed. 2) collections are not a new thing. Every artist has multiple collections of older work. 3) The nicely done remixed track is sold without having to buy the whole album. 4) we have gotten two new albums since Jackson died, one with both the original and remixed versions. We will see future releases from the estate. Considering he’s deceased, the prospect of any new material is a big deal. So just relax. 5) it’s not a ripoff if no one makes you buy it. 6) the physical copy on cd includes some augmented reality stuff which is kind of cool. I look forward to unreleased tracks in the future but in the meantime the medley mix is a good track and this is a great collection to recommend to listeners that can be introduced to a variety of his work and not the same tunes everyone knows. When new fans take notice and explore his catalog of music it encourages unreleased tracks to be released. Trashing this collection makes little sense.


Fans would love Blue-Ray, high quality DVDs of his short films and concerts. How about releasing a few of the demos that have leaked? I must admit that the album cover is cool!


This is a giant collection of crap. Shame on the spineless record executives who released this lazy compilation.

Joe Yenish

Would rather have new music, or even new remixes but if you’re looking for a one stop collection for the Halloween season, it doesn’t get any better than this.


I know it seems lame, but I love Michael and love his music. Why not get an album with top hits. I know a lot of people don't like this project, but I do. Why not get something that has a lot of his top hits. I’m buying it.


I Love MJ to death. He’s the 👑king of pop in my eyes still today. But this only gave me ideas to make a great playlist of songs that I already have. Thank you. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ For MJ. 👎🏻for the idea 💡 to release this.

DJ Rick

There is no pracical reason or purpose to rerelease songs that have already appeared on numerous collections. Is it that importat to generate more $$ for the estate? What a rip off. Michael would turn over in his grave.


Very disappointed in this album.


People are complaining so much about this album, yet they don’t understand that this is a HALLOWEEN album!!! Not a new studio album.


I gave one star b/c it's a useful GUIDE for putting together a playlist for the songs you (and everyone else!) already have. Don't give the leeches your dime. RIP Michael.


THere's only one song on this that is a new release haha


Have all these songs but glad they put it in a great compilation set. Thanks for preserving the KING of POP.... Fan for life


I don't care that there is very little new material here. It's Michael and that's enough for me. RIP MICHAEL


Loving this themed album and the Augmented Reality Experience!

Arthur Bresloe

Rockwell?! It was lousy way back then and it still is. These songs are already available on other collections. It's as if someone just created a mix tape and ecided to $ell it.

Boy Reloy

These songs are great classics, but it seems a little random...


O.K. I guess. But I think post production could have ramped up.


Are you infected with the same disease of gluttony & greed????? I have so many compilations that go back to cassettes. So when I saw this I immediately went looking for unreleased stuff. It was so disappointing to hear the titles were all old. I didn’t stand in line for tickets to the Bad Tour to see a legacy purposefully tarnished years later. I didn’t go to the Victory Tour as a tot to find out years later that random posthumous stuff that serve no purpose would pop up in the modern era. MJ was too special for this. Fans cannot be duped.


If u love Michael then it’s awesome


Unreleased songs would have been better but cool anyways


From an over-rated performer


I don’t really Listen to Michel Jackson that much and he is ok but, this, is people who want money off of one of the greatest singer of all time


I can make a better playlist on my computer that these lazy-put-together compilation designed just to grab more money. It is not working folks!




Can't sing it because my vocal range is totally not high enough, but Michael is legend either way in my eyes!


Maybe I'm fool - but I don't like music MJ. All his music- boring and of the same type. Hate MJ music.

Fanboy fadl

Don't waste your money in this album don't big small minded


I mean, seriously?


Complete disrespect to the greatest artist of all time

Chris M-D

Yes, I've all these songs in my collection, including Rockwell's song but I love how they put these Halloween-themed songs together.


I love this album because it's the first album that is in my fandom

I'm so hooked to this song

Only play this compilation on streaming services so you don’t waste your money on songs that have already released. The track selection is good. It’s just a shame that the Jacksons will put out anything to get money. If you already have these songs, don’t buy. 50/50 on this project.


Don't support the greed of those milking a great man's legacy. Rest in Paradise king.


I love Michael. But why?? At least some great mixes would be great like it was done on history book 2. Talk about milking a cow till the end.

Antwoner Tony

Why are they releasing an album with old music


Love this

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