Shakira - Laundry Service

℗ 2001 Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) B.V.

Laundry Service Tracklist:


I love it




My child hood is imprinted on this album


Go Shakira, Great performance at the Super Bowl! 🎤For those of you who don’t know, Shakira is a global superstar, even bigger than Jennifer Lopez “Globally.” Her voice transcends through the ages and countries. It’s not easy to be a crossover artist and make it BIG! Hats 🎩 off to both for an amazing job in your careers. Such achievements! Bravo 👏


These song can’t never be old. This is ironic. I have listen to these songs since I was a child. I love her and her ways on expressing her music with her roots.

Carla Carigga

So glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves!!!


The Best English album form Shakira!


together! forever! ....and that’s the deal my dear!


It’s the best album she created to cross America.


I’m so glad that this album is coming back and taking more credits after 19 years, the young generation should experience this masterpiece 👌


improve ur singing please


The superbowl made me come back to this song

Dougie what u got 27

Shakira ... thank u


Amazing singer. Amazing writer

It's a nope

new queen in town

Moises S.

Here from the Super Bowl let’s go with this WWherever classic🙌🏻


A poet and an artist infused with the world’s sounds👏🏻

jajur ñape

Este álbum es una joya no hay canción de este álbum que no ame

Mad Dog👌👌👌

still amazing in 2019

song ratet

SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even write much about this song!! YOU HAVE TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really good. Sorry but I can’t write anymore.


Every time I hear this song I dance


Shakira is a great singer. I love all of her music and she is pretty.

Ruby red wolf

No joke my mother asked to play this album in the delivery room as a distraction. They blasted it through the speakers and I was born.


This is the shakira i loved!!! Amazing era and amazing year in music!!! Must buy go buy


Can't get enough of this and it's been 14 years since its release! This never gets old la adoro con mi vida


Every single song is literally perfect

Blossom Jimenez

I love almost half of her song and those song but I love the new song from her .It awesome . :()


such an iconic (english) debut album. love u so much queen!


;) Love her music so much.. Waiting for new music ...



Kaden 2020

I lllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee shakira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Fatou Janha

Her songs are pop Latino!!!!!


Really love these songs. It brings be back to when I was a kid back in 2001. If people hate her, then why do they take time to write hate reviews? Maybe they secretly like her☺also when will this album be complete? I've been waiting for a while…😢


I'm sorry to be the first to say that this album is MISSING song #8 as listed.


Okay And kiss ur hand 10 times then say ur crushes name15 times post this to 2 other videos then look at ur hand

Wilma Ballsdrop

This album is very good. I do wish "The One" was release. My favorite song on the album.


Excelente producción! Shakira nos brinda una vez mas otro trabajo lleno de calidad. Es increíble la cantidad de canciones que escribe aunque se pierde en mucho las traducciones del español al ingles, pero el talento para hacerlo es tremendo. Aqui se empieza a notar un claro cambio en Shakira: mas delgada, rubia y completamente sexualizada para poder entrar mejor al mercado estadounidense. El disco muy recomendable.


Amazing music! I love Shakira and always have since this album! 1. Objection (Tango) - Amazing beat! I love the electric guitar in the chorus! Catchy melody with great lyrics. - 10/10. 2. Underneath Your Clothes - Amazing ballad with great lyrics! Classic Shakira song! - 10/10. 3. Whenever, Wherever - Amazing beat with one of the catchiest melodies I've heard! Classic 2001 for me! - 10/10. 4. Rules - Catchy chorus with great lyrics! Another classic Shakira song! - 10/10. 5. The One - Great ballad. Sexy vocals with an amazing guitar riff. Verses are flawless and chorus is amazing! - 10/10. 6. Ready for the Good Times - Disco beat, sounds EXACTLY like a dance song from the 70's. Amazing chorus with catchy melodies. Verses are cool. I love it! - 10/10. 7. Fool - Best on the album! Amazing mid-tempo! Amazing lyrics and catchy tune. Verses are mellow and the chorus brings a bang of electric guitar riffs. - 10/10. 8. Poem to a Horse - Chorus is flawless!! One of the best, behind Fool. My favorite. Amazing beat and melody. - 10/10. 9. Que Me Quedes Tu - Can't speak spanish, so I'll judge it on the english version not included on the album. It's definately not the best on the album, but the chorus and beat is amazing! I love the lyrics! - 10/10. 10. Eyes Like Yours - Amazing latin melody! Chorus is flawless! Dark and melodic! Fantastic! - 10/10. Everything about this album is amazing! I got 3 copies since the album came out in '01! One for my birthday, which was scratched and burnt out in less than a year! I was a little kid in love with this album, and still am in love with it. The second actually melted in my CD player after weeks of having it on repeat! The third is never played because I'm scared of whats next! Lol! Anyways, amazing, flawless, breathtaking album! - 5/5 stars!

Victoria Rowland

Hey i love that song you are my fav singer


Where is track 8? it goes from track 7 to 9, track 8 is my favorite! te dejo madrid really shows off the type of music shakira got famous for in latin america!


She's is a really great singer I love the first 3 songs they are great and she is sexy.


I love the song objection


Let's have sex

rene ganuza

Este el es una de las mejores obras de Shakira ..después de este álbum ella no solo dejo no también a la verdadera artista que cautivo a todos con su verdadera forma de ser ..R.I.P..Shakira :-(

Someone different

This definitely deserves to be one of shakiras best albums


THE BEST SONG EVER! I listened to it all weekend long and am still addicted to hearing it!!!!!!!!!!! Can't say enough good things about this song!!!!!!!!!

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