Seether - Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

℗ 2020 Fantasy Records, Distributed by Concord.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum Tracklist:


Enigma 23

The 1st couple of songs are phenomenal. This band gets slept on by a lot of people I feel because they go too radio friendly sometimes. But they can do it all. They can be inconsistent at times but overall they are a solid band. Anyone would get a little inconsistent 7 or 8 albums deep into their careers. Keep going Seether I love the heavier stuff and the dark lyrics. Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows neither should music.


Dangerous and Failure are my favs ❤️ glad to hear some new jams! Thanks Guys


Great album and as most fans say their last releases were missing something. This release brings backs great sounds from their original albums. This album kicks some butt.


I have loved this band for years! This album is awesome- not one bad song. My top pick is Failure- give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

choppers rule

The lyrics from beginning to end flow like a great bottle of wine at the end you’re fd up. Great work Seether.

dark chord

From the first song, it really kicks off. I love it all. Their other albums after I would say holding onto strings better left to fray, were OK, but some parts for Dull this album rocks all the way through. No hidden mess here.


Love listening to Shauns interviews about the song meanings. Awesome to hear a band that doesn’t take a knee to the current BS running rampant.


F*ck it if this was not written to attract new fans. Shaun's song writing on this album is for the die hard fans who have been here since the beginning. If you were listening back in 2002 then you can relate with the struggles of aging gracefully. Shaun puts his trademark mulit-octave vocals to the subject along with other life issues that simply don't seem to go away. Well done Seether.

pOeTiC sKuLL

This album rocks! This is back to the band I fell in love with early on years ago. If you loved their early material even before they were Seether and they were Saron Gas you will love this album. Great stuff. Some hard hitting, angry gritty stuff. Early Nirvana influenced them back in the day good to see this back in their music.


Love the songs and lyrics. Great riffs and hard hitting just when you least expect it. Seether delivered on this one!!


Songs r about sadness & issues. They r songs that bring one down - failure - I love this band but the songs on this album r depressing


It’s new and it’s Seether! Love the diversity this album offers! And just thrilled to have something fresh to listen to


After a couple listens I can definitely say this is some of Seether’s best work. I will admit that the last couple albums felt...lacking, in ways. But this is the true return to form

Kauai Jim

Thank you Shaun and crew! I dont write a lot of reviews (hardly any) but this album is so off the hook incredibly well done from the first song through the last song... It's one of those rare albums where every single song nails it! It's also written so well that people from differing opinions and perspectives can all get something meaningfull out of it. EACH AND EVERY SONG! WOW! I'm a lifelong musician/rocker (56) and I can FEEL all of these songs. You guys really brought me the exact music I needed to hear at this crazy time in the world. I would give this entire album 7 stars if I could. PS - Seen you guys a couple times at Aftershock - hope some day can see you there again!


This is good music

tyler aaron despain

When the best song on an album is the second track, the album as a whole is almost alway a disappointment. I love Seether and they have some great melo tracks on other albums like Nobody Praying for Me and Turn Around. The slower tracks on this album are missing those cooler rhythms.


Loving this album


I ❤️about 10 out of 13 songs are really good so good overall album to get and Seether always 🤘🏻!!!


One of Seether's best yet! I can't even describe how incredible this album is,I would give it 10 stars if I could!!! I pray Seether never breaks up,I can relate to them,the music,the lyrics,the vocals,just Outstanding!!!


I’ve always been a Seether fan from the beginning and this is another typical Seether album their hard songs are always amazing and the slower songs are hit or miss. For me Beg is the clear highlight on the album it’s what everyone wants from Seether. Dead and Done is also another good one and starts the album off with a bang.Dangerous the 1st single is a great all around song as well,it does a good job of having hard and soft mixed together to please everyone. A couple other honorable mentions from my 1st listen through were Can’t Go Wrong,Let it Go,Failure,Pride Before the Fall.


I didn’t have many expectations for this album but my god is it wonderful!! I absolutely loved it. Best album as a whole since Finding Beauty...


This one has got it all... hard core and soft and melodic as well, old style Seether and new contemporary Seether, a solid cohesive album with many potential hits. Personally I love “Beg”, “Dangerous”, “Wasteland” and “Written in Stone” as a representation of the range of this album, but the truth it that there aren’t any bad tracks- this album may just be the most solid album they’ve ever produced and that’s saying a lot.


There isn’t one bad song on this album... seriously, just buy it and enjoy 🤘🏼


Cold as ice!


Fantastic! Thx Seether


Classic Seether with the best parts of poison the parish!


I love Seether so it kills me to give this 2 stars, my god though the singer just sounded bored or tired and none of the instruments reach the aggression it needs. Guitar sounds nice though


Like many have pointed out, their last few albums seemed to be missing a lot of the raw emotion. These albums weren’t bad or anything, just didn’t really have much depth. This album is such a great return to what I think drew a lot of the fanbase to this band. Definitely give it a listen!


Missed these guys so glad the new album is out


This is a great album Seether has done it again


One of there best albums. Best thing of 2020 !


Seether never disappoints!! Highly recommended

BaBy NaNeRz <3

This is absolutely amazing!!! I am always blown away by everything Seether puts out. Cannot wait to see them live playing this album!


Wasteland would have been my choice as there single, but too many to pick. Beg is so heavy and so raw. The album as a whole is amazing.

River Rocker

Thank god there are still bands out there keepin rock alive. These guys keep it goin. In a world of whiney millineal rock.


I mean Seether just puts out great music. They mix it up with various styles and they deliver what we are used to from them. Yhey continue to slightly tweak a very tight formula. Another solid album by these guys.


Just listen u won’t regret it


Kicks ass!


"If you want peace, prepare for war". Seether sculpted a masterpiece of powerful feelings!


Listened to the whole album. It’s great, start to finish!


Now THIS is the Seether I know and Love. Last few albums have been somewhat of a let down in my opinion but they definitely recaptured their sound on this one. Love it.


Just listened to the full album and am loving it all. Shauns voice and song writing at the finest. Great mix of rock anthems and jamming songs but my favorites are the melancholy Liar, Drift Away and Wasteland.




This record is fine from start to finish. For me personally I feel there are only a few highlights, it sounds like typical Seether. Which don't get me wrong isn't a bad thing, but the band rarely tries anything new. Huge fans will love it, since it is straight up Seether. However for me it is just too much of the same to get me excited. Awesome for those of you that like that, but with only a couple tracks like Dead And Gone and Beg, I just didn't really find anything new to love.


Definitely a fan of all 3 tracks out so far


I absolutely love Dangerous! It’s got a little bit of the older riffs that we’ve always known them for mixed in with some new. I can’t even properly describe it, but I love it! Can’t wait for the whole album to be out.


After their last few albums I thought that my Seether days were over... until now. If the first 3 songs are any indication of the rest of the album then watch out!! These songs are raw and aggressive. Love it!!!


Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album


Seether you always make my panties wet 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻