Sara Evans - Slow Me Down

℗ 2014 Sony Music Entertainment

Slow Me Down Tracklist:

used to be bia fan

a few good songs but not over you is a super old song that i head back in 2010 not 2014


This Album is the best album Sara Evans have done yet. I'm so excited to listen to the whole album. Everyone will like this album because there is slow songs and there are party song and they relate to situations in peoples lives


Nice come back Baby... Hit this one out of the park.


Albums like these are so rare where every song is great. The potential of this record is huge- it could produce hit after hit that puts Sara up there next to Carrie and Miranda when it comes to female singers topping the country charts. I hope country radio gets behind this record- it's moving, filled with incredible melodies and vocals. I listen to this album everyday or at least a handful of songs whenever I can because it's that good. Sara Evans teaming up with Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood's producer) was genius and this album shows it.


This whole alben is great. I love it. Keep them coming Sara


Sara has really outdone herself this time around! I love every single track on this record. I hope she will be noticed by country radio and she will have many singles! This is exactly what we need in country music, right now! Great job, Sara!


I haven't purchased many complete albums, especially one from Sara for a long time. After previewing the songs on itunes, I decided to purchase it and am soooooo glad I did! I love 90% of the album and listen to it daily! Her country roots shine through and her passion does as well! Highly recommend purchasing!


I love Sara. She is an awesome vocalist but I am dissapointed with the production. Why does she need the Phil Spector "wall of sound? Let her shine with a tasty acoustic track on at least one cut. Especially with Vince Gill the song loses the magic of their voices.


I don't have many albums where I can say that I absolutely love every song, but this is one of them. She nailed it!


This album is filled with big riffs and crashing drums. Big anthemic numbers, yet Sara's voice is never swallowed up. I consider this album her career-defining moment. Country purists may be disappointed, but country radio programmers will eat this up. Five big stars.

Hawks Nut

Hello Sara, I bought your new cd this weekend. I must say it is totally awesome !!! & just love hearing your sweet voice !! U R incredibly talented, most definitely Beautiful !!! & would love to see you in concert again !! I saw you several yrs. back in Elgin, IL at the Hemmens Center, Super concert !! Scott B. West Chicago, IL

Flower child🌹

Slow me down is the best song!!!


This is one of her best her best albums , yet .I have listened to it over and over .

SQ Fan

I really love the new album from Sara Evans and she did a AWESOME JOB on the album. It was worth the wait for this album for sure. Keep up the good work on your albums Sara. Looking forward to seeing her live in concerts this year.


She's back and I'm so excited! This album shows her awesome range of music - slow, fast, in between, happy, sad...etc. - ALL AWESOME! Highly recommend!


Im so glad your back


I like her. She can sing.


I've always been a fan, and always will be! I love your music, but I also respect you as a mother, wife and American. America needs more Sara Evans!

Watching 2

Needs to release as single for the radio. Infectious beat!


Every song is impeccably arranged and Sara's voice is incredible!


I am soooo blown away by how GREAT her voice is on this album in comparison to past albums...always loved her but hands down this album won't get out of my head! I loveeeee every song!! YES MA'AM!!!!


It's awesome. Buy it. Best purchase so far of 2014! Everything is so catchy and meaningful and downright incredible! Treat your soul and get this album on your iPod ASAP!!!!


this is her strongest release since “Born to Fly” which remains her best record. Nice comeback with this one Sara!!


ummm. I love Sara Evans and I've boughten every album but I can't see myself buying this one. Sara Evans has a purity to her voice and she doesn't need all the backup noise and production that takes away from her voice. Her voice can stand on it's own. I miss the country sound that made me a fan to begin with. I'm a little disappointed!


To me this is one of her best albums so love it. I've loved her music from the begining. I dont understand how someone can give this album a 1 star


Nothing slows Sara Evans down. Her music just keeps getting better and better and believe me when I say she's always been one of the best. The entire album rocks. I love the song Slow me down. It is magical from beginning to end. It has a real fresh flavor. Not the same old same old you hear from many performers today. The strings blow me away. When I first heard this song, Anne Murray came to mind. She and Anne don't sound alike but there is something in the style of this tune that stands out from all of the rest. This album will speak to everyone for sure.


There’s no doubt that country-pop gets a bad rep, especially with the rise of “bro-country”. But Sara Evans demonstrates how well it can be done. This album is up there with Carrie Underwood’s recent releases, and some of the songs remind me of toned down Shania Twain tracks. Mark Bright, the album’s producer, deserves a shoutout for his great sound that does not overshadow Sara’s powerful voice. The title track and "You Never Know" offer a unique, dramatic sound. The latter is my favorite off the record. “If I Run” and “Better Off” are two other standout tracks, each going for a more traditional country sound. Highly recommended!!!


Love her! All of these songs are great


I never write reviews, but I just had to for this album. There is not a bad song on this album and for only $7.99 you can't beat it. By far one of her best work, every song is extremely catchy with great lyrics and music to dance along with. All of her duets are spectacular! Any country music fan will appreciate this album, BUY IT NOW!


There is no question that Sara Evans has a great voice. It is a real shame that she chose to over-produce this long-awaited release with instrumentation that drowns out her voice to such an extent that it became impossible for the full range of her vocal abilities to come through.


Soaring choruses... Reminds me of Heart & Fleetwood Mac. In my opinion, this tops the last record hands down.


One of the finest voices out there, still. Excellent song choices that show her soul and range. Slow me down is a great harmonic departure from the normal country type of arrangement and its strident insistent focus on one sound really underscores the message of the lyric. I doubt the country stations will push most of the other songs though, a bit out of the standard country theme both in lyric and arrangements. Not a weak track on the collection. As usual for her.


Love her new album. She's the greatest. Love all her songs. She's as good as they get! Not sure why she's not bigger than she is. She's really big in my country music book....She has a lovely family and really nice husband.


Loving all the songs! This album is sure to introduce many new fans to Sara Evans! Her vocals are flawless and I'm loving the fast melodies in the songs. This is sure to get her nominated for next yrs female vocalist! A+++


很喜欢Sara Evans。她的声音通透清澈,悦耳悠扬!


I had never been a fan of Sara Evans until her single 'stronger' and then 'slow me down' hit me so hard the first time i heard it. I actually stopped what I was doing and just listened. I am a fan for life now. I don't know how I've been oblivious to her music all these years.


Sara has the most unique voice. I love it! All songs on this album are fantastic. So happy she released a new album. She's always been one of my favorite female country artists.

Brian Daffern

Love the new songs


Once again! Another great album!! Thank you Sara. Keep em' coming!


Not a bad song on the album.


By far the best album from Sara Evans that I've listen to, great work & such incredible talent.. Love it Sara..


I love all songs on this album, sweet spot is a favorite already. The album is upbeat and has an awesome melody. It'll be on repeat for a while! I absolutley love it!!


Love, love, love this album! Every single song was great and couldn't find a bad song on here!! I think it had a different side and sound to Sara Evans!! Way way to represent the Show-Me-State!! You make Missouri and New Franklin proud!!


I have always been a huge fan of Sara so I had to preorder and have been waiting patiently for this to hit my itunes. As soon as I got the email last night that it was loaded I had to listen to it and it is awesome. It is so fun and upbeat and yet it is still COUNTRY! Some records these days are to poppy for my taste but this is just perfect. I love it! Another fantastic album from this sweet and talented lady!


I was beginning to think that we'd lost one of my favorite lady singers to family & happiness. Very happy you're back Sara. After such a long break i was a bit nervous. But no need. Sara continues to move strongly away from her roots, but these songs are edgy & her voice is strong as ever. This is a new chapter and it is a joy to see her grow and evolve as a musician & singer. Did i say i'm happy she's back?!


Sara Evans is beautiful, just like her voice and lyrics :) I love this album, I can always connect to her music :)




What an incredible album, just bought it as soon as it was available. Every song is awesome! Love it!

Chick in MD

Ah...the voice I love and hate! Sara sounds great, but at times her voice is still unnerving. Much improvement in balanced song choices, though a few still sound forced. That said, this may be her best yet. Very solid.


I have been a fan of Sara Evans since she first came out and she never ceases to amaze me! Her vocals are so strong and I love her music. She is a true and rare talent. This CD is one of her best! I love it! Her voice is incredible in it! This woman never does an album without putting her heart and soul into it, and you can tell. Love, love, love!