Smith & Myers - Volume 1

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Volume 1 Tracklist:


Epic duo of the century!!


Pleasantly surprised. I love it.

Me personss

I love this different tone of music! It’s more laid back than shinedown’s rock. I love this album and this is just a side project so if you don’t like it then wait till the next Shinedown album and shut it 🥰


This album has so much to relate to plus some pretty interesting covers on some already famous songs I love the sound and feel of it all and I think Britain Smith captures it perfectly along with Zach Meyers in the legendary acoustic the two of them together are a perfect compilation

#not gonna pay for no sound...

I LOVE Shinedown and I LOVE THIS!!!! When atists branch out & do their own thing, I think it is great! I can't wait to her more ..


We need hard rock from shinedown not filler by 1/2 the band. Sorry but reissuing rehashed Neil Young is just sad.....I hope shinedown brings out the rock on the next album or you’ve lost a fan since the beginning. Unchained melody was a song for my grandfather. This is a cd by two members of a group that are indulging their “artistic abilities” boring and done before. Fellas need to take a hard left back to electric guitar with a hefty dose of melody and lead riffs or you won’t be able to afford two houses much longer putting out drivel like this.....sorry not a fan of this stage of the career.

Melissa from Michigan

Wow these guys are so talented and a dream to listen to. Smith and Myers did an amazing job choosing these covers. It is so wonderful to hear some of my all time favorite songs sung in a fresh and beautiful way. Brent’s voice shines volumes on Unchained Melody. The original songs and lyrics are outstanding, thoughtful and timely. I won’t stop listening to this record for a long long time.


LOOOOOOONNNGGGG time Shinedown fan and although different that’s because it’s not Shinedown but Smith&Meyers. It’s supposed to be different but have THAT voice that we all know and LUV!!!! The guitar is AWESOMENESS too!!!!😉 Music production is spot on. Can’t wait to hear what #2 sounds like. Thanx for rockin’ on!!!


Absolutely amazing!!! Love Brent!

Dominica W.

Love the new stuff! Great way to change it up! You have a great voice! 🥰


Not sure what this is. But it is not good.


Love everything about this album ....Well done guys!!


Enjoyed the all the covers and originals!


As a huge Shinedown fan, I actually love this album, though it’s vey different than the music they make as a band, but that’s the point of a side project, right? Brent could sing the alphabet and make it sound incredible, but I really enjoyed this, especially their rendition of Unchained Melody. If you only like hard rock this album might not be for you.


I’m a huge fan of the way these two sound and also the music that they are writing. I’m also really liking that they aren’t only doing covers of similar genres but they are breaking out and trying new material.


Love that they were able to complete another side project. Laugh at people saying they shouldn’t do things with just 1/2 the band. Obviously not a true fan. Great job guys. Looking forward to the release of Volume 2.


Don’t listen to a word of these low star comments boys. You guys have been unstoppable since day one! Keep doing what you love and do it exactly the way you want to do it. Ever evolving has gotten you to where you are at today. Amazing album! Brent absolutely murdered “unchained melody” and Zach is a monster guitar player. Proud of you boys! Keep doing you and you’ll have fans forever!


I love it. Brent and Zach are both amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!! Til’ next time!!


You guys said this set would be different from prior versions, which is cool, but yikes.


A wonderful selection of five original and five covers for this first album. Brent singing Unchained Melody alone is worth it, and the rest is just as awesome!


Need to keep rocking the originals which in my opinion are the stars that Shinedown on this!!


I’ve watched so many Smith and Myers tours and these 2 have always been amazing together, but the way they came together for these albums are nothing short of mesmerizing. Brent has the most amazing voice, but most people never get to really hear Zach singing as much, and his voice really comes through on this. I can’t wait for the volume 2!

Roll Gypsy Roll

Get some JD on ice and put on the head phones and enjoy ,


They may have some success with that arrogant Myers but we all know Jasin Todd was shinedown. It’s heartbreaking really shinedown without Jasin. What could have been.... this project shows shinedown needs Jasin back. Even Nick Perri would be better on guitar. Sad.


So sad they cant think of anything original to sing about.Just hopping on the political bandwagon.


People claiming they’re “long time Shinedown fans” and saying they’re disappointed in the style and the political side of things without having read the posts that this is just a side project and that Shinedown is still making music separately 🙄😂 Don’t you think it’s better they express these feelings through a side project as opposed to a Shinedown album?? Also, long time fans support the artists’ creative decisions, they don’t abandon them💁‍♂️ just sayin. Enough with the hate. You don’t like it - then leavE :)


Another political celebrity.....yawn


I like the two songs and look forward to some of the others . However I don’t like people who get upset when artists branch out or change styles ... the artists want to try something new ( maybe you should too) Here’s a great idea for most things if you don’t like it ... you don’t have to participate in it


These two together.... absolutely awesome collaboration! So pumped for more music


I was kind and erased what i should have feels political? And if i read through your coding.....a once long time fan is disapointed


If the rest of the album is as hard hitting and vocally diverse as the first two released songs... look out world!! I can’t wait to see what is to come

Cindy Drum Gabriel

Thanks for redeeming 2020!


So worth waking up at midnight to buy this!!! So excited!!! I have happy ears thanks to Brent and Zach!!!!!