Smith & Myers - Volume 2

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Volume 2 Tracklist:


I love how they put their own mark on some of these songs. The version of Rebel Yell is pretty slick. Just like the first collab of Smith & Myers this one doesn't disappoint. I've seen Shinedown live and love their acoustic version of Simple Man. These are no different.


Love it, bought Vol. 1 also! Love Brent & Zak’s interpretation of old songs made new again. But then again love Shinedown, as well. They aren’t afraid to expand and try new things but Brent’s voice makes anything sound great!


I love shinedown, this, not so much.


I have been a fan of Shinedown since 2003, and when Brent and Zach started Smith & Myers, I knew that they would never disappoint. And I was right!!!!! Every song on every album that they’ve released, has been amazing!!! They did 10 original songs(5 songs per volume) and 10 covers(5 covers per volume) and both volumes are amazing!!!! It’s real, it’s raw, it’s incredible!!!


Not really feeling this album.


In a time where music is needed the most ya’ll are there to make the day a little brighter! Thank you!


Nice to hear some quality music these days

Mike long hair

Awesome that Shinedown is re doing some good songs


Live his voice and great guitar playing


Money grab

Bill 5859

Branching out and putting their spin on some good songs depending on your taste. Which I like a lot of different music .