Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli - The Witcher (Music from the Netflix Original Series)

℗ 2020 Maisie Music Publishing, LLC under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment

The Witcher (Music from the Netflix Original Series) Tracklist:


I’ve been waiting to long for this. They nailed the aesthetic from the games and also tapped into new ground with the score. 👌🏻

Lame Asz Fruit

Simply the best

Bla bee ba

I told myself $13 dollars wasa lot to spend for music, and that I would only get my absolute favorite songs from the soundtrack. I did that, until buying the rest of the album was just $4, and then I just gave in. This soundtrack was SO good! My favorite HAS to be The Time Of The Axe And Sword is Now. I will be listening to this until season 2 comes out.


Fantastic music, I’m glad they finally released it but I have a question... HOW, with ALL this music, did they manage to leave out the ONE piece I was actually excited to listen to listen to? Where is Yennefer’s epic chaos theme from the last episode??? It’s amazing, and somehow is the only key music track missing from the score. Other than that the album is great, but seriously Netflix, come on!

Lotus Jay

Huge fan of the game soundtracks, and the Netflix one was another smash to add to the collection.

William V

This score is tremendous, and the songs are a joy. That said, Netflix waited (in silence) for an unacceptably long time by today’s standards to release this. They missed the moment, and I hope they learn from their mistakes for Season 2.

Trot Deisel

Only problem is I can’t find the score to Toss a coin to your Witcher on AMI music or TouchTunes.


Waited for this since the show aired on Netflix.

Sakura and Gackt

If you love any soundtrack or tv show music that gets in your mind, this is one of those music that is a must listen! 😍😊

Metal man 88

Let’s be honest, I love the whole soundtrack, but I’m tossing a coin to my witcher about 100 times a day.

Jared V.

I’ve been waiting for this soundtrack ever since I watched the show, and it doesn’t disappoint. One of my favorite TV show soundtracks of all time.


Toss a coin to iTunes


Love this show and absolutely love the music 😍


As far as variety and innovation go, this is an absolute joy to listen to. It’s really unique and varied, as well as dark and beautifully uplifting (or something in-between) in parts as well. A serious gem of original work clearly inspired by many cultures all over the world- check it out yourself. It deserves your attention.


Omg I have been waiting for Toss A Coin for so long!!



Wolfa Moon

Finally!!! Toss a Coin to your Witcher! If you like Tron Legacy OST listen to "The Yime of Axe & Sword Is Now." You will not unhear the same progression used. it varies. But it blows your mind.


Talk about value for all this music. Great album, good mix if instrumentals and full songs.


Great album but where’s “You think you’re safe” by Jaskier?????


I’ve been shouting on twitter for netflix to release this score, and now it’s actually here and it’s everything I dreamed. The music really sets a mood for the show, and it captures the dark beauty and the action so well. Sonya Belousova makes amazing music, and this is her best to date. I’m very happy to throw money at this gem.


We pre ordered this album and i don’t know about anyone else but the only song available is toss a coin to your Witcher. Amazing song but you pay $9.99 for one song, until the rosy of them become available in your country or region?


It feels like I’ve been waiting ages for this soundtrack to drop!!!! Now I can listen to all the tracks to my hearts content.


A terrific, epic score.


It’s the 24th and still can not access my pre-order. It’s downloaded and ready to go but still blocked. This beautiful soundtrack has been shadowed my so many unnecessary problems behind the scenes!




The wait is over


This whole show is a masterpiece. But the music. It was absolutely perfect. From the iconic “Toss a Coin”. To the absolutely mesmerizing score that accentuates each scene and makes them come to life.


Absolutely amazing!!! By far my favorite album!!!


I’ve been trying to find the FULL official soundtrack for awhile, but was only to find snippets and main themes. Now that it’s here, and I’ve just listened to the ENTIRE soundtrack, I’m completely impressed. Thank you!!


Thank you so much for this wonderful music. Now I can listen to this while I wait for season two 😍


Toss a ten-spot to be richer with an album of plenty!


Music is so good. Instant buy.


Everything I wanted and more since I first watched the series! I bought the entire album and I couldn’t be more happy!! Thank you, O Valley of Plenty!


I’ve been dying to get my hands on this soundtrack since the Netflix series launched. Thanks for making my night.


Perfect soundtrack! I really hope they do a physical edition in the future.


$10 for all this goodness? Take my money!!!


Ayy it’s about time thank you Netflix!!!

Fightin Aggie

Been waiting for the soundtrack to drop! Music encapsulates the story completely. This is awesome!


Been checking iTunes almost every day, so excited and also very happy that toss a coin is the first available song.


There’s a lot of covers out there, but nothing comes close to the original. Fantastic work!






Love the music, can’t wait for the album to come out and so happy the first song we can buy is “Toss a Coin to your Witcher!”


We’ve waited too long for this. Now I can listen to toss a coin to your witcher 50 times a day. Thank you, thank you!