STARSET - Divisions

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Divisions Tracklist:


A great mix of electronics, heavy riffs, and phenomenal vocals! Starset never fails to disappoint!


These guys are seriously talented, and this album is still good, but lacks that depth and intensity that really made Vessels and Transmissions really set them apart


This is some of my favourite music I've ever heard. I'm not sure why people are complaining that it is "pop" because very very few of the songs sound like pop and the ones that do actually do it well instead of sounding crappy like a lot of that stuff. Overall it has a very good variety of various rock, electronic, and mildly pop stuff. Very impressed, and I can be picky with music. These were some of the first songs I ever heard by them and I can definetly say they tie with my other favourite band.

S.P.A.M Games

Starset wouldn't make a "pop" song. Every band wants to be popular, and that may include adding more stuff to the mix. Most of the songs are "rock", and Waking up, Fault line, and Solstice, are just softer music. Trials, Manifest, the other 11 songs are rock, so why crack down on Starset when just three of the songs aren't as good. Every band has a couple less great songs. Don't judge a book by it's cover.


The whole record feels pretty basic, nothing real special, quite frankly. It’s not bad and I get why people like (and why they dislike it), but I’m not much of a fan. Songs I very much enjoy: Other Worlds Than Theses. Songs I find entertaining: Trials, Manifest, Echo, Telekinetic, Solstice, Perfect Machine. Songs I don’t care for: Faultline, Stratosphere. Songs I strongly dislike: the rest of the album.

Crazy Ei8ht

Their first 2 albums gave me chills. This one isn’t as insane as the other 2. I’ll give it an okay. Not my favorite.


I understand why some people don’t like this album. The style is different, there’s a little more of a pop feel, and the story feels a little unfinished. But I think that’s the point. Personally, I still don’t think Starset can make a bad song.


Came across this band about a year or so ago while searching songs. Monster caught my attention. Love that song! This band is awesome. Love their style. Could listen to them endlessly.


Another great album from the Space/Cinematic Rock band. These guys couldn’t make a bad song if they tried!


Is this band pop, like everyone else who packed it in to become pop, because that’s what sells these days, or is it metalcore with the screams and hard guitars? Please, make up your mind. If you’re going to sell out, like every other band out there (Skillet, Nine Lashes, etc.) then please pick a genre and stick to it. I cannot stomach this. Feels like I’m listening to Maroon 5 or BlackPink or any other popular pop band these days, except for the screaming. This band sounds a lot like Falling Up, however. So far I’m not impressed with any of the first 8 songs I have been listening to on Apple Music. Maybe because I loathe pop music. Oh well, the search continues for a band who has not sold out. Sigh...

AnneXin - Chris

Loved the peaks and valleys of the single. This I feel is pushing rock forward. It has so much substance and emotion. Love it! Edited- The whole album is incredible! The merge of music genres is absolutely amazing. Keep on rocking guys.


I’m new to the game. I’ve o my listened to STARSET for about a month. I cannot stop listening to their music. So many good songs, a lot of originality in their music. I love how the albums differ and I can hear the evolution in their sound. Every bad is going to evolve, I don’t understand people who think bands won’t change. I’m happy we don’t get three albums that are the same. I don’t get people who don’t recognize that. It’s lazy.


Watched them in Columbus last week, and I’m still on a concert high. My only complaint is that my car speakers aren’t louder. Just bought divisions on ITunes so my husband can have his CD back.

my name is Lionblaze2121

I love this band and album especially trials,other worlds than theses a few others def recomending to people who like Starset


Very disapointed in this album. Transmissions was revolutionary. Vessels was also very well done. This album introduces way to much pop vibes with autotune, and moves away from the rock/metal tones that made me get into these guys. This isn't terrible if you enjoy pop vibes in your rock music, but it was a huge letdown for me. Hopefully they decide to go more heavy on the next one.


Wasn’t disappointed in the least. This album is AMAZING.


This album is ridiculously good! It gets better and better each time I listen to it. Top favorite of 2019 for me!


honestly the best song since bringing it down on vessels, i cant keep it off repeat, even if you havent bought the full album, this song is a must keep.


This album caught me off guard. I am glad to see that we are getting more songs songs with electronic undertones. Speaking of which. If you guys release a second edition of this album can we have an extended version of Solstice’s intro? Keep it up!


Their first two albums are in my top albums of all time. That has to be said.... I am not sure this will make it but it is a dang good album!!! It isnt regurgitated Transmissions or Vessels and is a more mellow Starset. Divisions took me a few listens to finally have those "aha" moments where I caught something special in a song or two and went, "ok, I like this",..... "This is Starset". Waking Up is a personal favorite and has a very hypnotic beat. I fully believe that Divisions will continue to grow on me. I wish it were more powerful and had more rock to it (like the other offereings) but this is solid album and one to buy if you are a fan!


Love it


Wow the one band that I thought wouldn’t let me down by changing who they are

K haulin

Its a great album but I like the first two better. This album has too much of a pop sound at times. They do put on amazing concerts though. I would give this album a 7.5/10. Vessels and transmissions get a 9/10


I heard one of their tunes on SiriusXM, then I looked them up on Spotify. I am impressed. Very solid group, and awesome tunes. They are in the vein of the band Red, and like bands. Interesting, to say the least. I had never heard of Starset before, but I am impressed. I will be listening to more.


Dustin Bates and everyone involved in Starset’s production is incredible. No band has ever put this much thought and effort into a storyline for a band and it is beyond words.


Every song on this album is awesome! Same as all their other albums.


Can’t stop listening to faultline and trials!!


Divisions doesn't start off too bad. The first seven songs are pretty decent, and then after that it's a huge plunge right off the cliff into absolute mainstream pop. Despite the first seven songs (and track 1 isn't even a song, but it sets up a story that unfortunately doesn't really pan out later throughout the album) being decent, nothing on this album really feels like Starset. They used to be rock, sometimes on the fringes of hard rock. They took a huge step back from that with this release, and it's overwhelming poppy which makes it disappointing. Still, if you ever get the chance to see these guys live, I seriously recommend it. They put on a heck of a show.


This album is awesome!!! 🎶🖤🎵


Last two albums very good this one just like oh where Gona do even better now like please keep doing this your guys are awesome and there a lot of bangers on this album and the Vibe is just like please stop you killed us already give us a break


What an incredible album. 5/5


Just wow! I’ve listened to these guys for a while now but only liked a handful of their songs. They completely knocked this one out of the park! Every single song on the album is awesome. Great job guys.

Katharyn P

we don’t deserve them 🥺❤️


I have always liked Starset’s sound. They have a cool mixture between hard rock and a kind of electronic alternative. I love transmissions, but I didn’t get into vessels as much. But Divisions is amazing! There is not a song on this album that I don’t like, yet they are all unique. Some of my favorites are Telekinetic, Echo, and Trials. Telekinetic is really unique cause it changes back and forth between what sounds like a trap beat, a hard rock chorus, and a metal sounding bridge. Echo just sounds cool, and Trials gives me some Skillet vibes, which I like. But all the the songs on here are great, and no song sounds the same as another. Nice job guys!


Even better than the last


Thank u ❤️


This album is exactly what I’ve been waiting for from Starset. It feels as beautiful to listen to as the other albums. Just like all the others, I will keep this on repeat and soak in every lyric. Thank you Starset for another amazing album. I love you guys ❤️

Big Daddy 8=3

Where the skies end has to be one of the best tracks on it and ever song is just flawless and the lyrics are just as deep if not deeper than the other albums which made me fall in love with Starset! Definitely going to be on repeat for a very long time!!!


Seriously I have never found a band quite like Starset. This new album is amazing.

Space Bee

This album is above and beyond amazing! 9/13/2019 was the best even I’ve been to in a long time!!!!


Been a fan since 2015, and I can safely say that this album has not disappointed me. Sure, it sounds a little different than the other two, but it’s far from “mainstream” or “lazy pop music.” Definitely worth the wait and hype. Well done good sirs.


A bit different than the albums that have come before. But their is still that distinctive sound along with interstellar, dystopian, futuristic themes prevalent and all strung together with a particular story in mind (which is amazing). Songs that I will be listening to for a lifetime.


I love how each album has a story to tell and a sound to match. Even though their sound is evolving, Starset hasn’t lost their cinematic charm at all. This new album is beautiful!!⭐️

Red/Pan Head

Dear Starset, I challenge you to write a bad song. All kidding aside. My favorite tracks are “Trials,” “Perfect Machine,” “Telekinetic,” and “Other Wolds than These.” Honestly I either really like/love all the songs with the exception of “Waking Up,” But even that song I can still jam to. DIVISIONS is amazing and I can’t wait to see them live! Keep up the good work, Starset. 🤘🏻


This album is the perfect marriage of Transmissions and Vessels. Definitely worth a buy from new and existing fans!


First thing I want to say is that this record is not for everyone. It takes more of an electronica path, even more electronic than vessels. But it quickly shows how heavy it is. The thrashing guitars in manifest have a Djent feel and I’m so happy about that. They really built on what they were building in Vessles. This Album is a great follow up to Vesselsh


I loathe this album. Too good!


This album has more of a poppy electronic vibe to it but I feel that Starset can pull it off. Echo, Telekinetic, and Other Worlds Than These have been blasting on repeat in my truck! Overall, solid and different album 😃 definitely a good addition to my library!




They changed their sound to be a bit more poppy/electronic but it’s still got that complexity and engaging rhythm. Echo and Solstice are the two best tracks imo. Several songs still give you that feeling of total immersion. A solid album in today’s crap filled market.