T.I. - The L.I.B.R.A.

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Good not great. I understood the vision of the album. Too many features though. Tip still my fav. hands down. It gave me the King album vibe. Give me another Paper Trail.

Damarion Matchem

🚨Have you heard (The way that I move ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯


Career over bro give it up


It took a while but this is by far his best work since paper trail. Maybe shorten the length a bit, some of the tracks were clearly filler, save it for a deluxe version. Definitely Tip at his best, if you don’t like the album you either just don’t like him as a person or you haven’t left 2000’s era music which is fine but it’s impressive to me how he keeps his sound while simultaneously showing the new school he still has his fast ball. Hypno is a standout and needs more recognition.


Wack album!


Dope Album.

streets ambassador

T.I with another great album


T.I. fell off.


T.I. and this album is underrated.


Either Da baby sounds like him or he sounds like Da Baby either way sounds terrible!!!! .5 stars


I've been listening to T.I. ever since I'm Serious. While this album does have some good tracks, the numerous skits and filler material make this mediocre. I expected Lil Baby to have a better verse than what he did, and some of the features drag down the quality of the album. This is not T.I.'s best work.


still has great word play and delivery and the tracks each gave you something diffrent didnt seem like one long as song that you would just get lost listening to could do without some of the features tho.


T.I. is still the King period. A Solid Artist! ✨👑✨


I felt every song in my soul. T. I. didn’t disappoint. The only problem I had was the features. Most of those guys aren’t close to his level of lyricism but even they have room to grow.


Listening to this album is similar too King in 06


Dope af


Your time is up. Your sound is old and Boring. Move on TI stop making “music”


Real rap at its best ✊🏾 and if you think different we can meet up and discuss it 👌🏾

King ohio 31

I have nothing but respect for this dude real rap.

Boo-bai Pop!

Hi Tip! You still doing your thing for 20 years later!!!!!! 🥰 keep up the good work, and ignore people who ain’t doing nothing with they life.




Talking that talk only the real can comprehend and that song with Domani is crazy🔥


Great album from front to back. Very balanced album that has something for the new school hip hop and has everything that his mainstay fans want to hear from him.

head cee

This is a classic. You can ride to this all The way through. TI is the best rapper to ever do it in my opinion. Tupac is the only rapper I put close to him. Doesn’t matter if you like the content or not the music is jamming.lets not forget its entertainment, no different from tv.


Tip did it again!! 🔥🔥🔥

Lady DaNash

I went out there to buy a few singles but every song I tapped on had me rocking, hahaha I bought the whole Album it’s Fyre🔥🔥🔥 TI thank you just what I needed today🔥


Dope album!


This one a banger🔥🔥

Jimmy M45

Thanks again TIP. Another classic album.


Tip did again. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

[email protected]

It was some good points and stories but it’s missing something.

String Bean87



Beats are FIRE! Flow is FIRE! Classic!


As people put reviews on here, the best thing is that you can actually sample this and you can make your own opinion on if you like it or not. For this album, I think it is a great album... the King is Back...


King is back!!!!! #Trump2020

Prophet of Nicholas Cage

Long time T.I. fan here. Moment I heard this album I liked it. I also like Paperwork and the similarities were instantly apparent. Aiming for a hit with Young Thug (“About the Money” vs. “Ring”), check. Introduction of female rappers (Iggy Azalea vs. Tokyo Jetz, Rapsody, etc.), check. Track with Rick Ross (“You Can Tell How I Walk” vs. “Respect the Code” ), check. Bunch of R&B guest spots (Chris Brown, Usher, the Dream vs. John Legend, Jeremih), check. Socially conscious song (“New American Anthem” vs. “How I Feel”), check. Ballad for homies dead and gone (“Let Your Heart Go” vs. “We Did It Big”), check. Even the colors on the album covers are similar (off-yellow and black). Bottom line: If you enjoyed Paperwork, then you might want to give this one a listen. It’s a calculated but high-quality production. It’s what you would expect from a veteran hip-hop act like T.I. at this stage of the game. T.I. is still the Legend of Atlanta, still the King of the South, and still the Godfather of Trap. The L.I.B.R.A. makes that claim and does it in fine fashion.


The king is back!!!!


This ain’t it, mane.


This album was all in one. Dope, fire, solid, moving, evolving, and adaptive. Good work!


It's not as good one the first listen as it is on the second or third. Ms. Pat is Hilarious and Phantone Blue is easily my favorite track followed by Family Connect (which is DOPE AF) & Thank God. We Did it Big follows in a close third. Like I previously stated, this is an album you have to listen to about two or three times for it to sit right in the memory bank.


Should drop price to sale price 7.99 so everyone can buy it


Time to grow up TI. Rap about something else...played out garbage lyrics. No talent...just in it to destroy these kids minds.


Been down wit TIP since I’m Serious & this album even tho I wasn’t checkin for it is borderline whack it’s a few tracks like family connect that bang but far as riding out classic TIP go back to paper trail or troubleman I hope this gets better with time but rn issa no go


I’m such huge T.I Fan but what a huge disappointment this album is. No head bangers drop the top type songs. No Jeezy? No Chamillionaire? No Ludacris? I mean the album lacks a lot of producing the beats are not great. Let’s try again next year.


Solid album but the chick they have talking on nearly every track is annoying. Dave Chappelle was way better in Dime Trap.




Definitely one of his better projects in a long time! High on relevant content.


After listening a couple of times I’ll say it’s a great album. Some songs TI would be going off, and all of a sudden some terrible rapper would kill(in a bad way) the track. I would’ve liked it more with fewer songs with more TI verses.




I’m just reviewing this because of the dude hating on Denzel, 21, and Killer Mike 🤦🏻‍♂️ Can’t imagine how one can hate on all 3 lol. Decent album by TIP tho.

Music Album of T.I.:

Pardon (feat. Lil Baby) - Single
Pardon feat. Lil Baby - Single (2020)
Pardon (feat. Lil Baby) - Single
Pardon feat. Lil Baby - Single (2020)
Ring (feat. Young Thug) - Single
Ring feat. Young Thug - Single (2020)
Ring (feat. Young Thug) - Single
Ring feat. Young Thug - Single (2020)
Dont Try Me (feat. T.I.) - Single
Dont Try Me feat. T.I. - Single (2020)
Dumpin (feat. T.I.) - Single
Dumpin feat. T.I. - Single (2020)
Lowkey (feat. T.I.) - Single
Lowkey feat. T.I. - Single (2019)
Down (feat. T-Pain & T.I.) - Single
Down feat. T-Pain & T.I. - Single (2019)
Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell Williams) [The Remixes] - Single
Blurred Lines feat. T.I. & Pharrell Williams [The Remixes] - Single (2013)
Whatever U Like (feat. T.I.) - Single
Whatever U Like feat. T.I. - Single (2007)
Whatever U Like (feat. T.I.) - Single
Whatever U Like feat. T.I. - Single (2007)
Dope (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) - Single
Dope feat. Marsha Ambrosius - Single (2016)