The Amity Affliction - Everyone Loves You... Once You Leave Them

℗ 2020 Pure Noise Records

Everyone Loves You... Once You Leave Them Tracklist:




Vision, production, flow is great, better than Before I Turn. Deeper than Polaris, more meaningful than Wage War, truer than Asking Alexandria, master is a bit compressed but I dig it thanks for being here.


It’s alright

Cody Ray 🔥

Every Song Hits Home For Me, Such A Amazing Album‼️‼️🤘🏻


honestly, i was scared to listen to this album after misery. not that i didn't like it, it just didn't hit me as hard as TCBH or LTOTM did. but when Catatonia and All My Friends Are Dead were released my fears were soothed. i purchased the album not long after it dropped, and played it on my bus ride to work. Fever Dream started playing, and i felt that familiar ache in my heart...the one i felt the first time i heard Chasing Ghosts...the one i felt when i realized i wasn't the only one who felt this way. this band has saved my life more times than i can count, and this album reiterates that feeling for me. to wrap this up, i'll say what i said to Joel and Ahren the day i met them at Warped Tour 2018. all i could say was "thank you."

Mr. Mooseknuckle

This record is for 14yr old girls who cut themselves... Ive been a fan since “Severed Ties”, and I get these guys want to make Money, but this record is pathetic. I tried to listen a second time through but it’s too embarrassing.


Amazing album


Just didn’t like it


Listen, too many people are quick to judge an artist based off of past albums etc. people will either complain about them sounding the same or different. For TAA, they have proved their versatility and talent from the last 3 albums. If all of their lyrics were similar to LTOTM or YB people would still complain. Let them do their thing and experiment. Bands that last are the most versatile and listen to their hearts as well as their fans. For my personal review, it was not my favorite album. The release of AMFAD and soak me in bleach set me up for an album that was not as good as I hoped for, but still good nonetheless. A lot of their lyrics are what I would consider a little mediocre and a little lighter. This is not a problem, I’m guessing they are trying something new. Personally, I love the dark and head banging tracks. It will be interesting to so what direction they decide to go next. A loyal fan until further notice. Top 3 songs of album 1)Soak me in bleach 2)Catalonia 3)All my friends are dead


Best album yet!

Jon Solow

Best album so far! Give it a listen and you won’t be disappointed!


I personally thought this album was better than the last two albums. Even though i prefer Youngblood’s, Chasing Ghosts, and Let The Ocean Take Me, this album seems to be a step in the right direction


I originally started listening to amity affliction because it was my sons favorite band before he passed away. However, now they are mine too! I literally can listen to this album from start to finish.


Soooo much cheese in the cleans with these dudes. Like why does be have to sing so bubblegum sometimes? Pittsburgh is their best tune. One hit wonders.

Huey Shakur

This is it!


They’re just not the same anymore but I do enjoy this album more than their last


I’ve been listening to Amity for about 6 years now or since LTOTM. Each album puts me in a different peace of mind. I can always count on these guys, especially Joel and Ahren, to write lyrics and songs that have deep meaning. I care about their well being and by them sharing their struggles and life through all these years of songs and albums, it just shows me that they care also. Each album has a little different sound and strength to it but Amity always find ways to grow on you! I will forever love these guys!


Seriously a great album. They’ve gone another notch up and poured themselves into this one. And it’s a fantastic mix of hardcore and something more...


I’m all for bands progressing, but that last record was trash. Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them is everything you want from Amity and still has a few curveballs which are actually enjoyable.


🤙🏻🤙🏻 their songs help me in the past through a bad break up, love this band and the new album is great


They just keep getting better and better!! Yasssssssssss! Great album! Cheers


This is hands down one of the greatest albums I have ever herd in rock/ metal history, blends metal heavy guitar rifts in most songs with some softer elements this right now is sitting next to,city of evil from avenged sevenfold, my opinion there gonna be the next big thing in metal !!


These guys have never failed to impress but this album is pure fire and heavy I’m in love with it!

Let down music

Thanks for never selling out or making weirdo music. Your albums always deliver great music 😎


The boys did it again. Solid


Keeping it short, all of their stuff is great, fever dream is my most listened to song this year already after only being out for not even a day. Give the album a chance, it’s legit a mix of misery and ltotm.

liv's phone

this album is beautiful in every way imaginable. the messages behind each song are so powerful and each song is so moving. this band has really outdone themselves. every album they produce is a masterpiece and i love all of them. i love this band so much

B shannon

Awesome album!!


Love the emotion in the songs. Great job guys.


I've listened to every Amity album 100 times over because they're my 3rd favorite band of all time, so you can trust what I’m about to say. The first thing that jumped out to me after listening to this album is the lyrics, they’re... I dont want to say "lazy" but they're not nearly as good as they usually are. On top of the quality of the lyrics, there just isn't very many of them. The songs are just full of repeating lines. Instrumentally, it seems as though they ran out of ideas and threw a bunch of things together.Although, I really enjoy the attempt at the two guitar solos that are on this album. The overall tone of the album isn't as heavy as the first two or three tracks would make you believe, and thats a real bummer because the begginning of the album is actually very good. As the album continues, songs get lighter, poppier, and duller. I've listened to this album four times through and I can confidently say there are only four, maybe five, top quality songs on here. That being said, it's still Amity. I'm going to continue to listen to this album because I do enjoy most of it. The meaning behind the songs I will continue to connect with. I love this band so much but this is probably their 6th best album which means they've gotten considerably worse. It's unfortunate. As a side note, they've gotten better live. I've seen them twice live, about 2 years apart, and theyve improved considerably. If you've never gone to see them I highly recomend doing so.


Anyone who says otherwise is wrong


Always happy to have new refreshing music from amity thank you 🖤🖤🖤


TL;DR: The early released songs are good rest of the album is bad I really need to stop preordering after a band releases some good songs. Literally the only 3 good songs on this album are the ones they released early; completely different from the rest of the album. They pulled the exact same thing that Wage War did with Pressure by throwing off everyone with a false “tone” of the album.

Chastin Keene

Their best yet for sure


What is up with the poppy emo vocals, and half of the songs have finger snaps........meh.


This album is great!


This masterpiece is a multiple choice blend of all of the best aspects of Amity while still bringing something new and unexpected. They have achieved the ultimate blend of heavy, deep, raw, funk, and groove with all of their sound intact. Ahren and Joel brought new and reminiscent ranges, carrying notes with deeper soul and resonance... bringing back some of those Youngblood/Glory Days feels. Dan and Joe are bringing every element of top shelf sound and soul to every piece making use of unique timing and smooth solos. There’s something different about the light these guys bring to the realm of mental health, the depth of their work over the years, and the darkness they harness in their messages that is not just inspiring but is authentic on a level that most can’t achieve. There are few artists that resonate with the soul... and for me they are on that level.


All I do is sink🤘 love this song,album is awesome


In love with every track besides Aloneliness and Just Like Me, but knowing me they will probably grow on me with time

brady r creasy

I love this album I love it so much that I’m buying it physically tomorrow it’s gonna have a high replay factor very emotional album as well man super incredible!


6 albums deep, and every single one has something to do with anchors, oceans and sinking lol. Imagery at its finest! I’ve been an AA fan since Chasing Ghosts like most of us, but as I age, so does my appreciation of the different styles my favorite artists are attempting. I didn’t like Misery at first, with the poppy, electronic sound, since BMTH did that over the top, but it grew on me...this album won’t. No excuse to tease us with a couple heavy tracks just to pull all the snapping and EXTREMELY pop-oriented direction. Very repetitive most of the time, and literally only 3-4 songs (the singles) are worth a shot. And don’t get me started on the mixing and production quality...these guys are capable of SO MUCH MORE! If you’re looking for a good listen, go give Polaris or Dealer a shot. That’s up-and-coming quality music!


Maaan soooo amazing can’t breathe any morrrre really


You either die a hero or live long enough to become I prevail.


TAA have gotten softer and poppier since This Could Be Heartbreak, but they kept the beautiful melodies and BROUGHT BACK the heaviness of Chasing Ghosts and Let the Ocean Take Me. Perfect combination of all eras of The Amity Affliction imo. :) \m/


Awesome lyrics!

Lindsay Elle

These guys never disappoint with any song they release. Always a meaning behind every lyric. “Soak Me In Bleach” is by far the hottest track I’ve listened to so far in 2020. Can’t stop listening!


First two songs sound great! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the record! Loved the last one!🤘🏻


The Amitty Affliction always brings it! Im pumped for this album!


These guys are never staying away from their roots. The music is original yet unique and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album come February!


So proud of how far theyve come!! This album is going to slay!