The Black Keys - El Camino

β„— 2011 Nonesuch Records

El Camino Tracklist:


This sounds like a movie starring Seth Rogen. Either that or this is just a compilation of songs with the sole intention of being used for movie trailers... starring Seth Rogen. He seems like a cool guy, but music that reminds me of that perm is unsatisfactory.

Trust and Us



This album is unbelievable! I fell in love with it on a car trip to Texas... dan Auerbach sounds amazing, and the Keys are truly at their best.


Was given to me as a gift, and I enjoyed it start to finish. Excellent to bop to in the car, or to accompany you pretty much anywhere. Great album, especially from someone who hadn't listened to this type of music before!


Great album


Its still the Black Keys and they retain some of their sound, but it falls a bit short of expectations for me. Much better then Turn Blue but not up to par with their earlier albums.


Never gets old. Keep this up black keys.


all of theses songs give me the chills, plz buy if ur just trying to find something to listen to because you will fall in love ❀️


I absolutely love the black keys. Sister, gold on the ceiling and lonely boy are AWESOME!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ


This is the good stuff


Straight forward rock and roll. Great music and great lyrics.


It is a great album but too under rated in my min I think they should be as big as panic at the disco.


They make really great music all I can say real music at that.


I absolutely love this band!


The Black Keys pulled me in with Lonely Boy and Gold on the Ceiling. And this album accommodates those two songs very well! Recommended for any alternative fan or even 80s rock fan. Favorites: Lonely Boy, Dead and Gone, Gold on the Ceiling, Little Black Submarines, Run Right Back, Hell of a Season, and Mind Eraser.


You know the hits but don’t overlook Stop Stop. So cool.

(as1) matrix21

This album was absolutely amazing. A wonderful combination of traditional Keys style combined with a hook driven modern rock twist. Every song in it you find yourself bumping your head to. With obvious big hits like "lonely boy" and "gold on the ceiling" making you want to jam out completely there. As well as softer songs like "stop stop" and "nova baby" providing a strong back end. The best song by far is "little black submarines". It's Zepplin influenced strength along with deep lyrics make it an easy favorite. I recommend this to everyone it's well worth the money.


The Black Keys are actually kinda similar to The White Stripes, whom I also adore but The Black Keys are definitely original not that The White Stripes aren't cause they are definitely original to and both bands are absolutely in my top 5 favorite bands!!! I love these bands! To The Black Keys, thank you for doing something you love to feed our souls the music we so much desire.❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ -Kate


Did all the reviews go?


The black keys are too good