Coldplay - The Blue Room - EP

β„— 1999 Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company

The Blue Room - EP Tracklist:


I'm really digging this. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’›πŸ‘―


This is an excellent collection of songs, they haven't produced anything quite like it since. Most of what they put out today is terrible, they have become so mainstream and lost their artistic rawness.


i think the title just about covers it, but itunes made me write something.

A Shwartzeneger

Once again Coldplay puts out another amazing piece of art. My favorite track is Such a Rush, mostly for its build up from an eerie sort of hazy sounding beginning to a full blown march backed up by Chris Martin's strong vocals. The way he sings on these tracks is unique compared to Coldplay's other stuff and really stood out to me. Although, the version of Don't Panic here sounds like some weird thing someone on a drug trip would experience. Besides that, this is a great EP.


This is in my opinion, the best work Coldplay has ever put out. Unfortunately only 5000 copies were released in GB and are very rare and expensive these days. Either way, Cheers to the old Coldplay, the good Coldplay. Farewell old friends.

Jesus Loves Saves

Coldplay continues to evolve and experiment with different sounds and I love that. But I really appreciate this ep and the sound they created here. This album ep will make you appreciate them even more. If you haven't already.

michael l in florida

Another Great song from one of my Favorite bands

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