Toby Keith - The Bus Songs

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The Bus Songs Tracklist:


I wonder how good Toby Keith actually is at golf.

finland ROKK

I quit listening to country music a few years ago. Recently I had been revisiting Toby Keith. That dude has some top notch songs. This album I didn’t have decided to download it and I am not disappointed! To all the people saying it’s trashy. You are very close minded. The country music scene is flooded with boring run of the mill “same ole” country songs. Country music really has gotten bad. But Toby Keith still has it! I can’t wait for his next album.


It seems that many people hate this album. For good reason seems more like throwaway songs that he is releasing in this album. But for Christ’s sake the title IS Bus Songs. Songs that he and his band sing on the bus after shows. I don’t like it...but it is just him and his band having fun.


Get the [email protected] over yourselves! It’s supposed to be crazy, disgusting and fun. If you don’t like it move along and quit knocking a sense of humor you don’t understand. Nobody gives a s&/@ about your privileged feelings.


Even just the clips of these songs seemed called in. No thanks.


Love the Album!! It’s everything you love about Toby Keith...


He’s pretty much the 21 savage of country.


Trump Train!!!


I like Toby, but don't really care for this album.

Mac Badger

Really bad-ill take the dixie chiks-BAD-not good


As a long time fan of Toby, I have always loved his "hidden" songs...the fun silly songs...the bus songs. Having them all in one album is wonderful. This album is NOT FOR A NEW TO TOBY LISTENER. This is meant for the long term fans that enjoy his fun songs. Running Block has ALWAYS been a favorite (I would be a girl he tries to drink thin but it cracks me up). Enjoy this album for what it meant - a bunch of fun songs the guys rock out to in the down times.


Toby is hillbilly-ism at its worst. Say something real and human... I dare you.


This is almost like a joke album. I can't believe he even put this out. Just terrible!

The Voice…of reason.

'nough said. Think I'll stick with the The Dixie Chicks.


Personally I think it's great! These songs are meant to be kinda silly..lighten up folks really no need to be a prude! Toby Keith never disappoints!


Toby Keith has finally completed his transition into the Weird Al Yankovich of Country music. Really sad.

Chef J 85

Should have left this release on the shelf, yikes sounds more like a bad bonus disc to a box set instead of an actual release. Hell no is about the only decent or semi decent song on this entire so called album and or release.


what a scam!


Love Toby!


Honestly, if this is your type of music, you are just the lowest of trash.


If I could give less than 1 star I would. As a women, this album is disgusting. Several songs revolve around him knocking on "fat" women and "taking on for the team" and the correct size a women should be (apparently it's 5'2" and 98 lbs??? This guys just propagating the dream that disgusting male rednecks are just so sexy to women women right? Again BARF!


I am excited to have all these songs together. I know they are on other albums but just having the fun songs on one album is awesome. And BTW, Toby's career is not done just coasting. His appearance on Fox and the View confirm his continued popularity!


Love the mix of music. Good album to sing along with on a long drive.


Just awful. One of the worst things I've ever heard. He should be ashamed of himself for charging people for this trash. Complete disaster! His career is dead!!!!

darryl dieckler

All true Toby Keith fans should appreciate this album. These are all fun and funny songs. Who cares how many new ones are on it? Thanks Toby, keep having fun


Thank-you for the support you give our military, your Dad raised you right. Redman VN 70-71

Steve Schau



i been a fan of Toby my whole life but rerecorded ? whats up with that?


After the first 2 songs were released i loved them and was so excited about this album only to find out they are all old songs he's released before. Heart is broken...

Mr. LeviMoore

There are only two new songs on this album. The rest are songs released from some of Toby's albums before. Some of those, which are good. Other of which are not good. Runnin' Block is probably the worst song here. Brand New Bow has a kazoo in it. Hell, the new recording of Runnin' Block has really bad quality, probably worse than the original recording of that track.

Kris Landon

Wacky Tabaccy and S****y Golfer? What has country music become?

From your boy

Hell yeah. Toby Keith at it again. Can't wait to hear some new hits from my favorite country singer.


This is going to be good. I'm very excited to hear new music from Toby. I'm alway jamming to his greatest hits, and patriotic songs.