Zac Brown Band - The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1 - EP

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The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1 - EP Tracklist:


Dave Grohl was a perfect fit for this. Every song is absolutely incredible!


Why is this not available on a Apple Music subscription????????


Another great ZBB album!! Love these songs!


Best ZBB song ever. He sings about the human condition of remembering bad moments more than good ones and tells us to bury them. Great piece.

Savvy Jay

Awesome new music from the guys.. Great as always!!!!


Fantastic collection of songs.. A little different than previously released albums but once again they've done it right.. Hope this is the new direction of the band.. Love this style


The math is easy on this one. Four songs. One good. Three bad. One star rating.

All red 44

This album is the perfect mix between country and rock. The Muse is an amazing song.


ZBB as always is a band that does not allow themselves to be put in a "box" musically. Every album is different and unique which is one of the reasons I love them as a band. The only similarity in the albums is the amazing harmonies and amazing musical abilities of the artists themselves. Never disappointed in ZBB! :)


Best album ZBB IS THE BEST!


I love ZBB but I'm just not feeling this album.


It appears as if Zac Brown Band is in that category where you really can't go wrong anywhere and this EP seems to be proof of that. He teamed up with a music legend who couldn't be less country and keeps his sound in there while trying something different. Also I love that Zac is in that category where he doesn't need to write songs about his truck, beer, or his gun to be successful. He's totally not mainstream country and that's what makes him a future music legend along with Johnny cash and hank williams




To each there own taste. I'm in the minority here but I think this is his worst album. I really don't like the way it is mixed and the harmonies are disappointing. I'm listening on Grado RS1i's. The bass sounds muddy and the highs are bright but there is no middle which is one of the things I liked most about them. All the other albums had a full top to bottom sound with really tight harmonies that created a full sound I loved.This album is missing that raw full sound. This album has more of a synthesized sound which is not as pleasing to me.


These guys continue to impress me with their ability to stretch into different genres and still sound awesome. country, folk, regae, rb and now rock! These guys aren't afraid to try different things and still sound great. It's really impressive.


I don't think The ZBB can put out a disappointing album. Greatness as always.


David Grohl and ZBB have outdone themselves. These 4 songs may be ZBB's best work yet!!!


ZBB is Country Hootie. Nothing offensive, just plain vanilla with a hint of twang.


These guys can do no wrong. Amazing EP and can't wait for volume 2!


Loving The Muse cover!


Zac Brown Band has been my favorite band for a long time and actually started my appreciation of country music. Many complain that the Zac Brown Band should taken out of the Country genre because they don't sound like average country music. They don't sing about trucks and tailgates and don't have a average country music electric guitar sound that we've grown used to. We think that because it's different we should think its bad music. I don't think Waylon and Willie had the average country sound, and the outlaw country music revolution made country what it is today. So if you like this music don't let the fact that ZBB doesn't make "Redneck" music keep you from enjoying a great band's amazing music. And also I don't think Johnny or Waylon or Willie or Merle sing about their trucks or sitting on tailgates or any of the trash that mainstream country music forces us to listen to. The Grohl Sessions is a different but great album that gives us a refreshing new take on country music.


i love the new songs, everything from zac is amazing. my favorite song right now is all alright!!


As a huge ZBB fan, I was very disappointed with this EP album.. All the songs are literally the same. Save some cash and listen to their original stuff.


why the zac brown band does not clean up at all these award shoes is beyond me! they the most talented group of musicians out there today! i don't think the depth,the heart and soul of this bands talent, can't wait for more!


Pure friggin talent. I have worshipped these guys for years. Why ZBB isn't celebrated more for continuing to do it their way is beyond me. There is no genre they don't belong in, They made it on country radio but "country" doesn't come close to defining them. Dave Grohl is the man....did a great job producing this EP. I'm a new fan. Great music! Real music!


I want more!!! Four songs is just a tease!


This is quite possibly the best country album I've heard (not including the Johnny Cashes of the world) Dave Grohl should produce more country


The songs are just OK and the quality/clarity of the recording is not the best - music continually steps on the vocals.


When they were called Hootie and the Blowfish


Dave Grohl with The Zac Brown Band!!! Need I say more...

Mommafee's only four songs! Love, love, LOVE it!!


I have always enjoyed the music from Dave Grohl. His tenacity in producing outstanding music is phenomenal and working with the Zac Brown Band has not decreased his value as a musical artist, but took the Zac Brown Band to greater heights and solidified a lasting musical legacy for both. A must buy for all who like Zac Brown Band and Dave Grohl. It is worth the money.


Hopefully more tracks forthcoming- Is a good Record - Day of the Dead owns the selection- Hope it sounds good at Harrahs in March. My favorite band right now-


You don't preview, you just purchase. It will be good.


At first I only liked "all alright" but then I just put it on repeat and I fell in love! I love the southern rock feel and the long guitar solos! Can't wait for a full album!


While the ZBB has had their share of country drinking songs they have broke out of the country box to bring their fans an amazing sneak peek into what great music sounds like.


If you want to hear something new that's relevant, and were a fan of the likes of Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Kansas, even the Doobie Bros., this will do it for you.

so friggan awesome

this is the best zac brown I've ever heard. this is so different from there usual stuff. i love it.

Randolph O'Loughlin

I love David Grohl but The Zac Brown Band will never be confused as Rock. Their songs are straight Country with barely a hint of Rock.

Ryan Westmoreland

A whole new and exciting sound from the most eclectic group in country music. This unexpected collaboration is just a taste of what the future has to offer.


Dave Grohl that is all!


Love Grohl's work but didn't find this all that engrossing. I suppose if you like country, this works but it all sounds the same. Simple sing-songy twang


Never in a million years would I have dreamt of this pairing… And I couldn't be happier!


What is this....because it's NOT Country.


this good stuff here


Let It Rain sounds like classic Kansas or Shooting Star...


Do yourself a favor....put on a good set of headphones and sit back with your fav...melody..harmony...musicianship.... unmatched....

I b red

This is the best band there is right now in any genre. Amazing live and amazing on record. Buy their music and don't look back. You won't regret a moment. Thank you Zack Brown band!

Purchase regret

The Zac Brown Band is one of the greatest of our time. These songs, as are all their others, are amazing. This is one of the only artists where I buy the whole album, and it never dissappoints. Love, love, love them. I had to play "All Alright" on repeat for a while before I could even hear the other songs. It's just too, too good.


This is horrible its garbage words cant describe how bad these songs are i want to vomit cause of them