The Highwomen - The Highwomen

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Great album


Wheels of Laredo was done so well! Love where they are going with all this.


I love this. The music fills my soul with something warm during these difficult times


Thai is garbage


For the people saying that this can’t be a supergroup when they all aren’t huge commercial stars, let me remind you that album sales does not always go hand in hand with talent. Each of these women are very talented, and they created a fantastic album together.


Maren Morris and who???

Yo 262784

1.) too much unison singing 2.) the name is a rip-off, but we do get the idea is good But other than that it feels classic and is a good album.


Nashville music producers must be running out of ideas. It's a real shame that they try and copy what was great many years ago, by seasoned artists, (Cash, Kristoferson, Nelson, & Jennings) . No real sound of country in this album at all. Nashville producers should stop the nonsense of re-identifying this garbage music, and trying to pass it off as anything good, let alone country music. What will be intersting to see is, how much this album will eventually make money wise in the end. Don't believe I've heard any of the songs played on the air.

Mikey Mikeeee

Way off naming themselves after the legends. They also should concentrate on getting a bigger fan base as individuals first. Nice try. There’s better music on Broadway on a Monday night.


Trite lyrics and recycled songs. But at least the production is bad. Complete waste of money.


Great c d the song highway women is great

Stan the man!!!

Be a little more creative in naming your group or better yet go home 🏡 & clean your house & leave country music to real people


I’m generally a bigger fan of Brandi’s less country tunes. And after reading some reviews my hopes were low. But Maren Morris and Brandi Carlile were awesome when I saw them perform together and I’ll be seeing most of the Highwomen again this winter so I thought I’d give this a whirl. I don’t get the one star reviews at all except perhaps they are coming from a bunch of guys who only feel good when putting women down. All the more reason to have an album like this. Would probably have rated 4 stars as I don’t love every song on the album. But I do love several and maybe my extra star will offset a few of the sad sacks who felt the need to give it 1 star just to make themselves feel better. Give it a go, decide for yourself, it might surprise you.


Dumb name. Couple good songs.


It’s reinvention while paying tribute. There’s personal story telling along with songs with historical significance. I’ve really enjoyed each song on this album. Well done.


Way to go ladies! Gorgeous music - but you've always made gorgeous music. However, now you're getting attention because you're working together. The trolls are awake, and that's okay, because now you'll know that you're actually making a difference! If no one is criticizing you then no one is listening. Well done, ladies!


And I mean that it the most respectful way.


This album is a half-hearted attempt at capitalizing on an original concept that was fortified many years ago with the stellar efforts of “The Highwaymen". What we get here is a group of aspiring artists who are not in any way equal to the level of seniority of what Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson respectively brought to the table. If this band contained the likes of Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Pam Tillis and Dolly Parton, we might be able to fully appreciate what they're presenting here with this self-titled release, but these ladies are just not on par with the namesake. Even the name "The Highwaywomen" would have been a better choice than "The Highwomen"! Seriously, what in the name of cheesy spin-offs were they thinking?!?


For the negative reviewers who don't GET it...the Highwayman was written NOT by Johnny or Willie or Waylon or Kris, but by Jimmy Webb. He gave the Highwomen his blessing on recording his song. Some reviewers on here seem to think that these ladies are just pretty young faces. They need to do their homework. Each of these women individually is a talented writer and vocalist. They too, like Dolly, Patty and Emmylou paid their dues is a slightly later era. The Highwomen is a great spinoff to a classic, but with a female point of view, especially in a time when female country artists are being snubbed by radio in favor of bro-country hick-hop Friday night-pickup truck-beer and hot chick BS lyrics. It's a great kick in the face to the country radio lemming decision-makers, whether they are PDs or so-called broadcast consultants in bed with record company suits. So...don't expect to hear any of this album on radio. They won't "get" it.


I appreciate what they are trying to do here because I am tired of all the "Cookie Cutter Cowboys" on Country Radio, but I don't see these songs getting much airplay. These young ladies have been failed by the production. Too many times they are made to sound like a chorus instead of four individual young talents. This, along with what sounds like overdubbing and too close harmonies create a sound that does not hold up.


I'm also posting this review to offset the stupid 1 star reviews.


I love all genres of music & this is simply a beautiful country album by some of the best country artists today. They are all talented on their own. Together they have made a solid harmonious album.


read books? This is the bottom of the barrel songwriting just like the garbage on commercial country radio. Go study the greats. The unison vocals are terrible.


This album is incredible!! Nice work ladies. Country music needed this album!

I am a Highwoman

Despite some of the idiots reviews, these are four amazingly talented singer/songwriters. To the person who spoke against Miranda fans- Miranda was a part of this album and completely supports these ladies. To the “folks” who spout off about the original Highwaymen- Jimmy Webb assisted in re-writing their namesake song and completely supports these ladies along with Willie Nelson (who was a Highwayman) and his son. We need more women in Country Music & these ladies are trying to facilitate more support and less competition! Great album- I LOVE it!!

Aunt Martha

I've been craving some powerful, harmony-filled acoustic country music -- and The Highwomen really deliver. There are fun, bouncy tunes (Redesigning Women, Don't Call Me); beautiful, tear-driving anthems (Highwomen, Cocktail and a Song, Wheels of Laredo); and so many other excellent songs (Old Soul, My Only Child, ...). The lyrics and the harmonies are just heart-breakingly beautiful. The production is clean and sweet sounding. This is a great antidote to the Beer, Trucks and Butts on modern country music radio.

Woo Hoo Creative

Crowded Table is a life anthem for me. So glad you came together to spread love and rebellion!


Great record!


Harmonies full of effervescence, smart lyrics, this music makes you smile and tap your toes.


This album is for all women! Anyone leaving negative reviews clearly hasn’t listened to the whole album. Yes, the title track is a remake, but with its own modern message. This album is incredibly unique and showcases all of these women’s beautiful voices and amazing talent. I love the larger message of women supporting each other instead of competing with each other!


The original highwaymen were legends of their time (and now) coming together to make legendary music, these are four unknown want to be women copying the greatest of all time for a buck!! I'll pass !!


Best album in a LONG time.


Individually each of these artists carved their own paths musically. I have a great deal of respect for them all. But this album is a bit of a mess. The concept is unnecessary and reaching for a comparison to the greatest male artists of that generation was a mistake, no matter the intention. The video for Redesigning Women left me disappointed. No critic can really say this as he/she will be butchered because we all want more women to succeed on country radio and streaming formats. If this supergroup continues to put out music, I will be rooting for them! Please, be original and spend more time getting it right next time.


Absolutely an award winning album! Gave me goosebumps from start to finish. Past and future generations thank you, Ladies. Your passion and talents are forever recognized.


I like this album. Their voices work well together. Lovely harmonies. I’m over here loling at all the 1-star reviews from people who seem to really want a woman to get in the kitchen and make them a sandwich.

Gary the baddass

I don’t like the production but I really do like the songs, live


The idea is great but this is horrible. Maybe if it were different artists....


Great album! Fun. Serious. Thoughtul. Light-hearted. All couched in excellent music, craft and personality

Ex- Airbnb-er

Although these 4 musicians are not considered elite in Country Music by any stretch, they do have talent, and apparently, savvy to spare when it comes to working the levers of the hype machine. Despite (with the exception of Ms Morris) very modest commercial success they managed to get this project billed as a "Country Super Group" ... that's a bit presumptuous for musicians at this level.. Patty Loveless, Carrie Underwood, Lee Ann Womack, Kelsea Ballerini and Shania Twain... that would be an actual "Super Group" For all you Country Music purists out there, these songs are definitely solid Country sounding. There's just nothing remarkable here. Even the name "Highwomen" is rather weak word play. Standing ovation for Dave Cobb producing doing the best anyone could hope for.


Bubble gum country. If you want real country. Go get the new Tanya Tucker album. Wheels of Laredo is done properly on Tanya’s album


Great mix of progressive country with classic sounds.... one of the best country albums that I have heard in close to a decade. Bravo!


What a gift this album is!


Listened to the album from start to finish today.... Love every track. Great work ladies!


It doesn’t get better than this!


Love this album; a cold drink of water for my soul. Love to see females in country music come together and create music that lifts other women up. A refreshing break from Bro country; back to the roots. Nailed it! ❤️


They are just copying of of the highwaymen and I don’t even know who any of them are


More please!

Gaucho 5150

Dedication to the craft of songwriting, wonderful harmonies, true down-home country.

Hank Hill48

They completely stole music ideas and name from the highwaymen.


The title is a nod to the history of the genre and the power 4-some of male country vocalists that did it first. They chose Highwaymen because they were a rebels and out there in their content, just like these women are. They are doing it in a classic style but pushing the envelop in content in the genre. Not all the songs spoke to me on the album, but almost no album has this. This a strong and powerful album. Give it a listen if you like classic country. Ignore the trolls and judge it for yourself.