Zac Brown Band - The Owl

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Man what a great album. Great job Zac and the boys in the band. Y’all fans though man y’all fans are someone I used to know doin the ZBB in like that. I’ve been with these boys from the beginning and none of y’all were complaining about heavy is the head. That’s not country and none of y’all were complaining about Zac brown on it goes on. But yet you complain because you don’t like the vibes of the music y’all make me sick. Great job ZBB hope the next album is soon.

Takoma the redneck

What happened to the old zac brown? With harmony and stuff the only songs on the album that remind me of those old zac brown songs are shoefly pie and I believe the other sounds like trash zac brown is best when they harmonize and actually sing instead of putting all that pop crap in


I like to see artists growing! Keep it up


his aristry is incredible and i will always be a big fan his voice, his mucis and his face :)


ZBB is so incredibly talented, I cannot believe they put this album out...I have so many good memories associated with their music but this isn't even recognizable as the same band. I haven’t completely loved an album of theirs since Uncaged, (the pinnacle of ZBB in my opinion), and it’s kept going downhill. Sad to say I will not be purchasing any more of their music if they continue this route. One of the few truly musically talented groups out there and they sold out to the auto tune and pop country crap. Such a disappointment. Will hold out that they get back to their roots, but not super optimistic.


I don't like jsut one type of music. I like most music. So when I listen to ZBB, I don't think to myself "Oh, this is good country music". I think "This is good music". So if it doesn't fit in the box you've put around your stereo, then don't listen. (But this is good music!)


when listening to this album i had hopes it was gonna be like past albums....nope more like electro pop .... the band needs to go back to their sound and not try to mainstream out it doesnt work for them at all dont waste your money on this one..... i only like one song thats it


Straight trash


No thanks


Was great that I could try before I buy as this album is as country as the last, which it’s not.


Dumpster fire


The band changed their sound to a more digital pop sound which is popular and probably a way for them to gain more fans. I am not sure if any artist truly loves the digital sound that over powers the voice. Its popular. This sound is not a known zbb sound. It is not a sound I personally like but I know many people do.

Idol fan PCB FL 32408

I’m a big ZBB fan, but agree this album is “teenie -bopper” pop, which I cannot tolerate. I really do not like this album. Hope ZBB goes back to its “Roots.”


It’s not good. Don’t do it.

Realistic Gamer 348

Only good song is Leaving Love Behind. There just saved y’all a bunch of trouble.


ZBB was my very favorite. So disappointed in this. His voice doesn’t even sound the same. What’s interesting is they built a fan base based on their style and then changed it. So maybe there are people who enjoy this style but it’s not the majority of this fan base. I will continue to listen to the early stuff, nothing better!


Just because you CAN play any style doesn’t mean you should. What happened to country?


Did Zac get into the mushrooms? It's pretty...uh...unique. I love the duet with Brandi Carisle. I get the need to experiemnt and stretch out but this seems to have no direction. I have always liked the Zac Brown Band but this album seems to have nothing to hold onto. It's his album and he can do whatever he wants but I'm not sure who his target audience is. Yes, he criticized Like Bryan but for an entirely different reason. Luke was locked into the Friday night-beer-pickup truck-hot-chick-down-by-the-river bro-country formula. This may not be Country but it is unique and creative even if it is a bit all over the road.

Johann Benavides

I feel like after this Album everyone just went to Roots, the foundation, Incaged, you get what you give, and JEKYLL + HYDE. Now Everyone is just waiting for a new better Album.


They have gone off the beaten path... not in a good way

KGI Rocks Peyton Schuring

fresh twist on their older albums... I really love it! great job!!




They are such a great band for anyone that closed minded thinks they are only a country band you are wrong they play music any kind they choose and they play it well always have and will always.

Big Pard

Ever since Zac started wearing that hat, one of my favorite bands has become one of the hardest to listen to. Top 5 in my list of concerts I've attended, but that was 5 years ago and I refuse to buy tickets or albums that sound like this.

Grouper Guy

Think you need to take another long drive on Hwy 20 and remember WHO you WERE, WHERE you came from & go BACK there. Seriously ??? You should be ASHAMED of yourself ZBB.


Probably not going to buy the whole album but there are some great songs. The whole reason I like them is because they always experiment with different genres - so they get 5 stars even if I didn’t love every song on here- others will


I love these songs. Listen non-stop! Catchy lyrics and a new sound for ZBB. Up-to-date and fresh.


Wow...that’s all I have to say


I got to hand it to anybody who tries different avenues. Some times you just end up in a weird place.

3lbs down

Your music always put a smile on my face! Thank you!

Tony Schmitz

Zac Brown Band is a group that has become known for vocal harmony and instrumentation. They’ve never really been a true “country” band outside of their early radio singles so it should be no surprise that they wouldn’t be afraid to veer into the pop realm. So that being said this is not a country record as it’s been advertised. It’s a pop rock album And it’s not a great pop album either. There’s some decent songs but the project as a whole doesn’t reflect the strengths of this band. It seems to me like ZBB May be leaving country music behind. Their last album “Welcome Home” was a pure country album and the singles didn’t do well on radio. ZBB also lost their main song writer Wyatt Durrette who was a big part of their early success. I hope Zach Brown finds his way out of “The Woods” and doesn’t loose his band in the process.


Hopefully next Spring when we see ZBB they will not play the Pop sound. We spent $310 on two tickets to hear good guitar and not the electronic sounds. I wish I had reviewed this before buying the tickets.


What is that ... disappointed!


Way to pop oriented and mass produced. Use it as a learning experience but get back to the acoustic, rock bacd style ballad and your mix of cover songs that’s you... This is not you.


Not the zac brown I remember

Zee Dogg

I sure will miss ZBB from back in the day! Sad


Zac Brown is an artist, not specific to any genre of music! I think the music is great even though it’s not what I expect from one of my favorite groups. I’m glad Zac is doing songs he wants to do no matter what everyone else thinks, and while I’d love to hear more country I’ll support the ZBB no matter what. Stay Stong Guys and keep on playing.


Please go back and listen to your first few albums and give us more like that. The only song I like in this album is the last one and I don’t know if it’s because I like the song or if it’s the fact that I know this album is almost through playing.

Baseballl Dude

ZBB has received so much hate for "The Owl", can we stop freaking out please? I'm not a huge fan of this album either, but Zac and the band are too talented to stay down in this hole for long. Just listen to their other five albums (which are all great) and hopefully they'll be back in full force next time around.

lap z

Please leave diversity to politicians ,it makes for mediocre music ,get back on track ,we miss your comfort zone,it makes for good music.


Sounds like he fired his band and replaced them with a laptop. Pop garbage.


I love you all but no. I understand being creative and trying new things, being trap in a box, but please no. This style is everywhere, and it sounds good. I mean you did a great job. But In a world of prepackaged country 💩, please bring back the 70s style! I miss it so much!

I hate spanish class

As much as I support Zac dealing with his divorce however he sees fit, more than 1 good song on an album would be nice

KC Wells

... come on folks grow up this is The Best


Love this song super great and the people who don’t are stupid


It’s not me, it’s him. He’s changed, and not for the better. What used to be a solid artist has completely sold out.

Deuce Dog

I don’t understand why so many so so reviews. This is typical Zac Brown!!! I love this album. So happy to have it in my collection!! The more I listen the more and more I enjoy it. Great Job Zac Brown Band!


Sad to see such a great band put out such crap

Forcednto give a star

Walking through Walmart, see new Zac Brown Band cd. Think “oh cool!”, buy cd, play in car on way home, throw up in glovebox halfway there. So disappointing. Took a great band with a great sound, and made them sound like every other hippety hoppity guy out there.


I like most of the songs in this album and I fully support ZBB in doing whatever they want. Not sure why everyone is so upset about what genre this is. I don’t consider this to be country music but I’m not going to be hateful about it.