Kenny Chesney - The Road and the Radio

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The Road and the Radio Tracklist:


I never really liked country but for some reason I love Kenny Chesney and this album ... Summer time makes me happy = bias?


Best Country Album Make a wish for @Paris Hilton

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The song who you'd be today is dedicated to a family in my community who lost their son . He died in a car accident on October 18,2012 who was in the car with his sister Skye who was driving they were on their way to school. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Beau you will never be forgotten R.I.P #20 love you Beau Allan Szoke And Skye was life flighted to West Virgina and is back to school now and is doing fine .


Way to ruin Randy Rogers' songwriting ability... Pure my ***... Fake country is what this is...


downloaded Freedom, the song only plays for 1:51 then quits!! anybody else with this problem?????? please fix!


Beer in Mexico, Tequilla Loves Me, Summertime… Great Tunes! I Wish ITunes sold the limited edition "Target Stores" version. That limited edition CD has 4 extra songs on it that are great! a great cover of "Brandy, (You're A fine Girl)", Flip Flop Summer, Old Bird Dog are great songs! I cannot believe they were not on the main album release.


We buried one of our best cadets in my batallion today, and "Who You'd Be Today" was one of the first songs played. R.I.P. Dilworth, you are forever loved!


Wow, haha. That song made me bawl the first time i heard it. My uncle passed away bout 3 years ago. He was the closest thing i ever had to a dad. Right around the time he died my aunt (his wife) was having her third child. It all aplys to him so much, and he did die too young.


I am not a country music guy but kenny chesney music is great he puts his heart in his music .... Love all his albums..... He better not stop making music.... Go get his CDs rate him a 10***


I've been looking EVERYWHERE for 'Beer In Mexico' it is one of the GREATEST country songs ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this song. It brings back so many memories. This song makes me love summer.


Cool singer, great songs, makes me want school to be out. Great cd for summer!!!'


kind of music that should be bought with an air sickness bag...yucky Nashpop

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i love this album it is the best 5* :) my name is retarted it was my friend who made my name


Kenny Chesney is one of several on the forefront of completely changing/ruining country music as we (used to) know it. This mish-mash of pop, rock, and some distant and semi recognizable form of country has skewed the genre out of recognition. What USED to be called "country/western" music is now neither country nor western. Wow, where did that stuff go? It's been shunned from Nashville in an attempt to sell glamour and looks over musical/vocal talent. The founding fathers of "Country" music and Nashville would be confused. Heck, they wouldn't let Hank Williams into the country music hall of fame, but Kenny sure is. Whaaaat?


Great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kenny you rock i luv beer in mexico:)


Kenny chesney is so hot i wish i had a cow boy like that


Kenny Chesney has done some awsome work here. He is one of my favorite artists. I love "Summertime". "Beer in Mexico" is awsome. Also another good one that isnt rated as high as it should be is "In a Small Town". That song is a great song about us young country boys growing up in small towns and how we all want to be outlaws and rebels. But we all know that the good lord is the only way and no matter how far away we get from that small town it will always be where we are from and we all eventually go back to that paradise. But great album!!!! It is worth buying thats for sure!!!


Kenny Chesney has many great albums - but... this one has to be the best! The Road and the Radio, Living in Fast Forward & Summertime are the best songs on this album. You rock Kenny!


I listened to this song for the first time when I was on vacation in Mexico, and I had to listen to it a few times.


The song who you'd be today is amazing its a comfort when you lost a loved one but he had the courage to write it which was incredible. They played it a a memorial I went to a couple days ago for a car accident 20 years old. And this gave the family hope. Great song Great album Great writer Great singer


I have bought like 5 copies of this CD. I keep wearing them out. I play it all the time. Every song on this CD is soooooo good. The one closest to this truck drivers heart is "The Road and the Radio" because, it is soooo me...Love Kenny's music keep it up can't wait to see him in Indy this year...


if you want this cd for the song SOMEBODY TAKE ME HOME (or if you just want that song) dont buy it off this cd. buy it from randy rogers band the writer of the song. kc's version is absolutly horrible.


Great music writer.


kenny chesney in amazing and i LOVE this song :) :) :)


Love this album but wish iTunes would get the bonus tracks. Love his cover of Brandy. Does anyone know where it's available?


it is a good C.D.


that first review just proves that some peoples taste is all in their mouth.......


WOW! The guy who wrote the review should jump off of a building! He says this album is "ruff around the edges"? HA! I say it's a great album! Many good times to these songs. keep it up Ken.


Kenny is a great singer! One of the best Country Singers of our time. Summertime is suchh a wonderful song! It's great because it reminds me of summers at my Aunt Michelle's when I was little. :]


this is crap i think he is a dumb cowboy


Ok.... i admit it i love kenny chesney! but not this album........ except for my favorite country song in the world! SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz don't hate. just dont like any other song on this album. luv his other work!


OMG!!! i so love your songs! (and u) my 2 favorite songs r: "Beer in Mexico" and "Summertime" keep up the good work!


This is my first time downloading Kenny Chesney and I fell in love with his music. He has such a great singing voice.


This is Kenny's best and most sunny album (no doubt, hence "Summertime"). You should get the whole album because the songs all work together. Makes me want to vacation in the temperate zones, drink adult drinks and lie in the sun by ocean or pool.


All I can say is this is dam good!!!! :)


Wow. Kenny Chesney. Where shall I start? Well, I have been a kenny chesney fan for as long as i can remember. He has an amazing voice and stunning good looks. This cd and all of his others are AWESOME. All of his songs make perfect sence and don't leave me with questions after i hear them. Beer in Mexico has been one of my all time favorite kenny chesney songs. I love it. I can listen to it over and over again and it won't get annoying. I think Kenny Chesney couldn't write a bad song if he tried I love every single song on this cd along with all of Kenny Chesney's songs. KENNY CHESNEY IS THE BEST COUNTRY SINGER IN THE WORLD!!!


I dont know what the itunes review is talking about this is a great album. Kenny Chesney has done it again. Though not the best album he has done it is near the top. Best songs are Living in Fast Forward, You Save Me, and Summertime.


kenny chesney isnt all that. i mean this album only got 10 reviews, counting mine. i really dont no why im riting this, im just waisting my time. but anyway the album is ok. wouldnt be my first choice for a christmas gift. go with somebody like taylor swift.


Everyone thinks Kenny Chesney is weird but thats their problem because he has such a pure voice and his songs are amazing. He rocks!!! Country music will definently be the genre of music for the future with him at the top of his games. I agree with another review that even if he tried to make a bad CD it would be amazing!!! Go Kenny!!!


The songs summertime and beer in mexico are really great. But who you'd be today is the best!!!


Excellent CD... one of my favorites... itunes should get the extended version though

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this is a good cd i love it :] kenny is cute!


kenny chesney is amazing every song he write/sings is never boring an i love all of his music !!!!!!!!! keep up the great work! -xoxo countrygirl3




kenny chesney is freaking amazing every single song of his is amazing and i love this cd hes my favorite singer ever

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In perticular, there is one song that i shall talk about. Its Beer In Mexio. It is one of my all-time favorite song. It is a type of song that you can listen to again and again and again and still say wow. Kenny is an fantastic singer and can't wait to see what he comes out with next [=