The War on Drugs - LIVE DRUGS

℗ 2020 Super High Quality

LIVE DRUGS Tracklist:

All about the 90s

WAD has been around for awhile but those last two albums are gold. From start to finish. I can’t wait to hear new music! King of rock and roll. 👑 Take your time brother. I’d rather have an artist take their time perfecting the songs then quick release garbage(foo fighters). Thank you war on drugs for keeping rock alive!


NEWS FLASH: 2020 has been a tire fire of a year. I'm on my second spin of this record now, and even midway through the first listen I experienced the feeling of, "Everything is going to be okay." Having been lucky enough to catch TWOD live a handful of times over the years (and also being lucky enough to have a HiFi system up to the task) listening to this album takes me right back to those old things called music venues. RIYL: Charlie Hall's kick drum, goosebumps, crying as a full-grown man.


How about some new material...? Fans have been waiting a really long time....for something new. Seems like it's just not happening...