The Weeknd - After Hours

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After Hours Tracklist:

Daryl Diebold

Such a beautiful blend that feels like it’s taking you back to the 80’s and forward to some blend of techno, alt, machine, pop, folk



Bryan Amaya

This album is 🔥! He is still continuing doing his work for music and this album is by far is his best work so far. All the songs are pretty good. I can’t wait to listen to more of his songs good job Abel. Keep it up!!


The best artist!!


Look we should all agree that this is good

marshmellow walker

The only reason I don’t have it is because of the album picture


Tracks to look out for original fans : Alone Again,Escape from LA,Faith,Repeat After Me,After Hours,Until i Bleed Out, Tracks for new listeners: Too Late,Heartless,Blinding lights,In your eyes,Save Your Tears,Scared To Live


You probably have a bad voice if you hate this :p


Such a good song!! They should put this in stranger things


I’m not a weekend fan and ❤️ In your Eyes, Blinding Lights, Heartless ❤️❤️❤️


I love all the songs. Specially in your eyes, such cool music. Well done XO


Horrible not the same weekend album


I love the song in your eyes


A BANGER as expected!


1. Alone Again: Good. It has a nice bass to it. 2. Too Late: A great track. Synths are very eerie and ambient. 3. Hardest To Love: It feels a little to much like Scared To Live, but still good, just not as good as Scared To Live. 4. Scared To Live: A very nice track. Abel’s vocals on here stand out 5. Snowchild: Not the best, probably my least favorite. Abel’s vocals on here don’t sound that good 6. Escape From L.A: Good, but kind of forgettable. 7. Heartless: Good. Eerie instrumental. 8. Faith: Please release this as a single 9. Blinding Lights: Great. It’s very energetic 10. In Your Eyes: Amazing saxophone. 11. Save Your Tears: It’s good. 12. Repeat After Me (Interlude): Forgettable. 13. After Hours (The Title Track): Good 14. Until I Bleed Out: Eerie closer Score: 8/10


all these songs are really good i’m so happy this album came out


I might as well give the clean version a 5 too


Same tired vocals. Sounds like all his work. He’s honestly overrated


I know this is going to be fireee !!!! Can’t wait to see him aug 3rd here in Oakland 💗💗💗💗love you abel💗

tee dee 1019875

I love The Weeknd but pre orders are weird because the way it works with apps that u preorder is that you buy it and you get it the day it releases that’s how it should be done now my preorder is invalid

L ur mom

I can’t wait for his concert in Tulsa! I am going with a couple of my friends from my school can’t wait!


i ain't even heard 11 of the songs on this album but it's an instant classic already, put it in the MOMA

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