Miranda Lambert - The Weight of These Wings

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The Weight of These Wings Tracklist:

emma blystone

The song I’ve got wheels inspired me to get a pair of wings tattoo. Love every song on this album I have different feelings for each one.❤️

gorilla gamer 2007

One of my faves


My favorite song is vagabond. I can relate to that song. But this album is by far her best work yet. I love listening to it whenever I can. She is the real deal for country music.


This is a outstanding album. It has double the songs. Can not compare to Blake’s divorce album her wings are soaring


I have all of Miranda’s music and got this album as soon as it came out. I have liked all of her albums but this one no matter how I try it just sounds depressing. The songs are not catchy, her delivery is lifeless, she comes across as unsympathetic. I highly recommend her first five albums but this one is a lost cause at least for me.

mvbenn 53

I love The Princess!


I’m absolutely in love with this album


Well. Now we know her fracking heartbreak was all an act. I am done with her.


Love her sound and lyrics.


This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in such a long time. The raw emotion, honesty, and excellent instrumental use make this album and Miranda Lambert one of the few true country artists left today. Something about this album draws you into every single song and the pure emotion behind it. Music this well written and this easy to connect to is so rare now.. “The Weight of these Wings” is living, breathing proof that it’s far from totally gone.


I feel like this album shows the true beauty of country music and all the emotions it can make you feel. It also has an old fashion feel to it which I personally love. Speaking as someone who grew up in her music this is an absolutely beautiful album


Pure Miranda! This album shows her strength as a country music superstar. Her music and song writing skills are far superior to anyone else. Fan forever, Jo Underwood


Always and forever will be my favorite artist. 🔥


I have gone through much heartbreak myself as did Miranda. When I listen to it, I can relate in my own life....I cry every time I listen to it.....One of the best songs I ever heard!!!!!!

Sandra L76

Wow! I know I'm late writing my review but Wow to the negative comments on here. They can't all be fast! Shootem up! Burn up! Fast songs! Miranda along with all of us is human! Plus proves she's the Queen of Country!! Once and for All. With this Album- think about life.. What people go thru- write an album -sing! Please everyone! Label too! This is Country Great Songs! Thank you Miranda for keeping Country in Country while many turn it Pop!! Ugh! Ty Miranda for staying Miranda thru it All. You really are the Queen!WE LOVE YOU!! LOVE THIS COUNTRY ALBUM ❤️😊✌️✌️🤠


Her music is so inspiring. She’s one of my favorites.


It felt like I was listening to a pity party by a spoiled brat terrible album


This album is absolutely hauntingly beautiful from start to finish. Miranda truly wrote her heart out for this album. Her humility, strength and pure genius came through in every word and note she sang in this album. It’s one thing to be a great vocalist but she is not only that. She is a true artist in the writing and singing of this work of art. Absolutely stunning Miranda Lambert.


This is the most depressing music I have ever heard. I thought it would get better as I listened but nope...


A poor me album that try's too hard for sympathy & justification of actions. Had one listen of the whole album & Never again. In the trash it went. 👎🏼 😳 👎🏼

Terri Ames

Carrie, Kelsea and Maren are all much better performers, and they don't play the victim for making bad choices in their lives. I highly recommend their albums over this insincere baloney.


Seriously cannot get enough of this album ...still even a year later. I love that Miranda writes her own music and is able to sing about something other than her relationship in some songs!


I have listened to this album nonstop since the day it came out, every song is amazing! Thanks Miranda for keeping county music "country".


Another whiny, nasally offering


Miranda is a great singer


Traveling North at sun-up and Miranda spoke to me with her voice, hurt and heart. Just amazing. Sign me brand new fan.


No talent Miranda. No one cares about you since you left Blake. Bye Felicia


Captures your heart with wonderful lyrics written by a broken heart. Miranda delivers each song with her feelings and love of country music. A winner in every sense of the word!


Like. Omg.


Another amazing record from Miranda. Absolutely love it!

[email protected]

I've been a fan of Miranda since the beginning, but this album gets me like no other. It's raw and real and I appreciate that she isn't afraid to show her true emotions through her music just like any artist should. I appreciate her bringing back classic country roots and sounding different than most "pop country" that's popular now. Things That Break, Keeper of the Flame and Tin Man are my favorites. I relate to this album so much!


The queen is back!!! Love this album!!!!!!!!!!

SWVA girl

Thank you Miranda for putting into words how I feel. Real woman!!!


CHEATER!!!! But I love your music

Anonymous User 33

This album is AMAZING!! Tin Man is my absolute FAVORITE!! Nice work! Thanks for bringing back country music!! Keep it up!!🎉🎉🎉

Cyndi Mclemore

I can't stop listening to Tin Man! It has my heart aching for Miranda! It shows how much she's grown through. Blake Shelton can eat dust on his way out! I refuse to listen to his music now. Go Miranda!


Miranda is hands down the best female country singer I have ever listened to. She continues to amaze me with every album she puts out. Can't wait to see her live again in Cleveland! :)


I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of this album compared to her other ones. I think she can do much better but it isn't terrible altogether either. Just a opinion. A lot of it sounds the same.


The only song that remotely shows emotions of her divorce is Tin Man. She could learn a lot from P.I.N.K., or anyone that endures a painful divorce


So personal, touching and a few upbeat songs. Miranda is authentic and talented. She isn't afraid to be herself. Best album so far!

s3ymour 101

I'm loving this album. Miranda has created a beautiful album that touches your heart. I love that she kept it old school country and didn't make it pop country. There is so much depth to the album and wisdom. Thank you Miranda for this beautiful album.


This is her best album yet. I keep playing it over and over again. Very country My favorite is Mr Tin Man

Anusha Nirupama

Love it!! Real true hart filled.


I was unhappy with this album. The songs are well below her ability. Sorry I spent the money.


My favorite album!!

Adam Fanatic

I have every other Miranda cd but this one. Definitely not worth the money...the songs are boring and all the same sound. Nothing is upbeat and peppy like she use to be. I wouldn't recommend to anyone!


Based on the dates, most of the positive reviews were submitted prior to album release as the songs are just plain boring with the same sound. Not worth buying.


Ms. Lambert never disappoints! Tin Man speaks to my scarred heart--love it! Thank you for expressing so beautifully what many feel!


With class and grace she has done it again!!! I love Miranda!! You are a true sole sister. Always keeps it real and from the heart. Keep on truckin!!!


This album is incredible! Well done Miranda!