Toby Keith - Greatest Hits: The Show Dog Years

℗ 2019 Show Dog, LLC marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Greatest Hits: The Show Dog Years Tracklist:

Dave Busch

Why does iTunes allow you to buy a song that you have already bought?? It use to indicate that the song was bought. I guess they only want revenue and don’t care about the end user experience... very disappointing!!!


Love this album!


Great set of songs.


All it says is purchased. This is the first time I pre-ordered a album.


This album is awesome and very good

Ancient Creator

PLEASE ADD I LOVE THIS BAR! I can’t believe this didn’t make your list Toby. 😝😱


Great songs so far! American Ride remix isn’t my thing but everything else sounds amazing!!! Thanks Toby


35 MPH town was a completely underrated album. Especially the title track was just a classic.

Luv Addict

Great set of songs ignored by radio in the worst decade of country music history. “Bro Country” is a music lesson to those who think Billy Ray Cyrus being added to a crappy rap song is County. Keith keeps it real and “Don’t Let the Old Man In” is a career highlight.




All the bad songs?