TobyMac - The St. Nemele Collab Sessions

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The St. Nemele Collab Sessions Tracklist:


Amazing collaborations, fresh, grooving and loving the number one (God), when needing a reminder.




I got this for Christmas and am really enjoying it! I really like the remix of “hello future” with David Crowder and “Horizon” with Aaron Cole. “The Elements” is such a great album, and hearing new versions of those songs is cool! Thank you tobymac!

Noel A. Zapata

I workout and listen to this to jack myself up. Have experienced deliverance with the music also ♥️ god bless, only looking forward to getting more music in the future from you. Life changing and adding

Disciple Me

I love that I can dance and praise at the same time! Awesome collaboration of talent!


Horizon is even better now

Alex Novik

Now it is out favorite thing to blast theismusic and sing outlout and dance and screem and lough togather. What an amazing combination of energy, music and lyrics that bring the entire household to live. Thank you Toby for not giving up but bring your creativity to live.


Enjoying the new takes on the originals!


Sounds pretty cool. If you haven’t figured out the title yet, read “St Nemele” backwards. Love Toby and he’s great in concert.


Cool vibe


I just need u got better!!!!!




I can listen to this album day, night and/or all day long! Another great album. Tobymac is on FIRE!!! God Bless his wonderful talent that he has been given to share with the world to help bring people closer to God!


Not sure who St. Nemele is/was and why that is significant to the album title. I do like the incorporation of the other artists into the remixes. Sounds good.


remix or not... all of Toby's music is God honoring and lyrically based on living life to please God, obey His teaching and tell others about Him!!!! I love the remixes!!!!!


Great remix! Love to hear the different versions. Well done!!!


Tobymac and DiverseCity deliver with another amazing set of remixes. This time they are joined by other CCM superstars to the delight of fans of all involved. While it is surprising how quickly this came out after the Elements, it is a new take on the songs and well worth the purchase. There's also a brand new song, Heart of My Beat, which is another reason to pick this album up.


Have you ever thought “I wonder what it would sound like if some of my favorite artists performed together”? This collaboration album is it for me!! And the new song from Toby is so awesome!

Detroit JesusFreak

I always dig Toby's remix albums. Often times, I like some of the collab versions better than the originals. The St. Nemele collab sessions doesn't disappoint.

#1chirstain music fan 4 life

Toby Mac is the man but the fact that he took all the best artist from around him too make it even better true genius

ALP - music review

So tired of these remixes...... take a good song..... make ups some remix name...... then sell it......or hope you can get it into dance clubs and get people to eventually buy it that way.

Micah C Turner

Guys, if you buy any remixed album from Toby, then this is the one! With a new track, and collars with some of our favorite artists!!! (except ForKingAndCountry :( ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!


He knows how to make a good album. This is some of the best music I’ve heard!

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