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The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY - EP Tracklist:


Love they new songs ❤️

Jess Renee

The one thing I have always appreciated about this rookie group is that their music just... fits ... them. If one of their concepts is youth (as they’re all quite young), then their music displays youth and growing up. Every album, their music is different, more grown up in some cases. Their talents seem to grow and expand with each one. My favorite tracks are ‘Can’t You See Me?’ And ‘Fairy of Shampoo’.


Really recommend to purchase and listen to very song from the album.


This album is really good!! Txt’s comeback is so good I can’t stop listening💕💕


This album is pure fun. Every song is so different. Drama is a great first track.


love it sooo much


this album is rlly catchy and they did a good job w vocals and raps. impressed!


Really enjoying the music


the boys worked so hard and every song in this album is AMAZING.


I am in love with this album.


Love the songs 💚


Perfect! Cool performance~ Very Very Good Songs!!

loves jin

I have been listening to TXT’s music since their debut last year and they definitely did not disappoint with this album. Although this album’s title track is not my favorite out of their releases so far (“Run Away” is my personal favorite), I love the b-sides in this album the most out of all 3. Of course, their other b-sides are fantastic but this is the first time I adore every single sidetrack in one album! “Drama” is a fast-paced and well-fitting beginner song for the album. TXT’s “Fairy of Shampoo” remake is amazing - Soobin’s falsettos hit different and I’m proud of Yeonjun for writing his own lyrical rap portion. “Maze in the Mirror” is phenomenal and I cannot believe that this rookie group wrote the song themselves - the song feels intimate and full of soul! “PUMA” makes me feel so hyped up and I actually want to get my butt off the couch. Lastly, “Eternally” is such a unique ending song that truly shows the duality of TXT. Also, TXT’s “Drama” and “Fairy of Shampoo” performances and choreography have been excellent! To anybody who may have felt underwhelmed by “Can’t You See Me?” as their main comeback song, please stay open minded and listen to the entire album. TXT’s b-sides are ALWAYS underrated for no reason when their music is straight fire.

bgc stan

not really a suprised they have another no skip, amazing album. this album seems more cohesive then the last while still having that txt diversity in genres. truly the 4th gen leaders !


I love this album so much I hope that the Music video can’t you see me ? Come on sale too here in iTunes ^^


Every song is a bop. My personal favorite is track 4 but all of the songs are unskippable. I like how this album is a bit more experimental than their previous albums.


i honestly had no idea what to expect from a song called fairy of shampoo but I GOT MORE THAN I COULD HAVE EVER DREAMED OF IN A SONG. AMAZING


TXT as a group never fails to surprise me, first with a cutesy pop album (TDC: Star) then a smoother sound (TDC: Magic) and now a somewhat startlingly dark concept. The quality is beyond incredible (for all three albums) and if you’re looking for something that doesn’t quite lie on the beaten path of pop, this is definitely worth checking out


Another No Skip Album


rookie legends back at it again


It’s their second year, but you can tell how much they’ve grown


I liked the entire project from start to finish. Maze in the Mirror is one of my favorite songs to come out this year.


Tbh I expected better. Drama and can’t you see me were the only ones I would listen to again :/


I had no idea what ETERNITY would offer since TXT is so versatile with their genres, but boy oh boy! I am in love! Each album keeps getting better and better. The lead track Can’t you see me, is so out there, moodiness and all! Powerful song! My favorite is Fairy of Shampoo, Soobin’s vocals are AMAZING!!! Definitely an oldy with a twist. Eternally is wow! So unexpected! Total mood swing! I love it so much too! Maze in the Mirror is a slow song, but it sure picks up beat and is so catchy. Drama is a classic bop song! Very fun, makes you want to bust into their cute choreo! And last but not least, PUMA, giving bad boy vibes. Ooooh TXT bad boys! I wanna fight when I listen to it! All in all, TXT world domination! So so good! Please give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed!

Laeyina Ri

I don’t really stan boygroups but I wanted to take a listen to this album and all I can say wow. This album is literally AMAZING the songs are all bops!!! There are no skips at all, and their remake of Fairy Of Shampoo definitely did the original justice. The messages they conveyed with this album were really deep aswell. There is not one song that I like more than the rest because I love them all and you definitely will too! Even if you’re not a txt stan or even a kpop stan, truly listen to this album along with their debut album The Dream Chapter: STAR and The Dream Chapter: MAGIC I promise you, you will not be disappointed. I knew about this group a while back but never stanned, however now I think I am. Stream this album and get txt some wins!




This brings a fresh new sound to the industry! Their quality of music is amazing for a year old group!




this album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 every song is better than the last the groups remake of 샴푸의 요정 is my personal favorite tldr: buy this album you won’t regret it


I love how this album mixes acoustic and electronic sounds. My favorite song would probably have to be Maze In The Mirror. I love this group so much. Thank you BigHit for giving us this group and so many more.


They have improve a lot since their first release and you can tell. The title track “can’t you see me” is just amazing. Personally it is one of the best kpop songs I’ve heard all year. It fits their voices very well. The MV of can’t you see me is unquestionably unique. I like the use of symbolism . Each song on this EP has their own special charm and they all fit well with the albums concept. I can not wait to hear more from them in the future. They are strong musicians. USA better keep an eye on them 👀




My expectations were high as it is txt but somehow once again they beat my expectations from taehyuns vocals to yeonjuns raps everything is amazing, every song on this album has a different feeling and something to bring my favorite besides the title track is drama but eternity is also amazing and had me truly shocked at first listen🥺❤️


Txt have really surpassed my expectations I am loving this comeback.


TXT has never let me down. I’m so impressed at their ability to experiment and adapt to paint the story they want to tell. Love the genre blending, the increased appearance of their writing & producing skills, and unique vocal colors they present. Their growth is impressive and somehow they still maintain the vibe that makes them, them. Amazing album guys!!




Every song is amazing and the mv really shows their amazing dancing and how they are a group where all the members are strong visuals.


Amazing songs! They really worked hard. I especially love all the different genres of music in the album. Some songs shocked me on how good. The twists of music in Eternally was wow!! 🥺❤️ From a MOA 💙😊


very different style from their other albums I love it!


You are lying if you say they aren’t versatile with songs in varying genres. Complete Kings with a discography to back them up with. No bad songs on this album.

owo whos this

This album is so good!! All the songs are so special in their own way and I can’t wait to see what they do next. STAN TXT 😤


This is such a different side of txt but it still feel like them. I’ve never heard of any boy groups with these types of concepts together.


The production on this project is off the charts really well done thank you to everyone who participated in making this album and the txt members for working so hard and continuing to bring something fresh to the table while also maintaining and strengthening their sound/identity can’t wait for more.


I love this new mini album, every song has like their OWN personality it’s very knew and different(in a good way)I’m proud to be a moa😌✨💕


Each song is fun and shows a new side of TxT! Love this album!


Stan txt this album is everything


TXT made moa very proud!

Envy 123

These boys are so superior, you can’t deny that their music is so unique and raw.


Each song differs from the other and it’s no doubt that each boy is talented in both rapping and singing. This Pop music album is unmatched and the concept is new and refreshing. Expected nothing less than amazing by txt period.