Tones and I - The Kids Are Coming - EP

℗ 2019 Bad Batch Records under exclusive license to Elektra Records for the World excluding Australia and New Zealand.

The Kids Are Coming - EP Tracklist:


This is worse than being forced to listen to kidz bop for 9 hours straight


Can’t stand how many times l heard this song it’s annoying (ノ><)ノ

Ellie Redd

I mean, without tik tok this song would never have gotten noticed- it does have a very unique style that’s definitely not for everyone- I’m not sure if it’s worthy of all the popularity it’s been enjoying for some time- but you can tell the singer is passionate about what they do, which is a plus. And, what can I say- it’s really catchy. :)


it kinda gets on my nerves


Rather lick a doorknob in China than listen to another second of this album


You all call this talent and good music? Don’t understand at all!


I’ve liked Dance Monkey for a while now. Just saw her perform on the Today Show & she killed it! Keep it up Tones & I; your voice is awesome & I’m excited to listen to the rest of your album!


I am so confused



Cats r bar

Industry plant literally who buys this


a song that came from tik tok is number 2 on itunes...... really?


I listened to this entire album in my car earlier, and the song I love more than “Dance Monkey” is “Johnny Run Away.” That song takes the cake!! I hope the next album has more than 6 songs


This crap is irking my nerves i am sick of hearing her annoying voice and lack of effort of a song!


Terrible song


This needs to be trashed the song is horrible only successful thanks to TikTok but it’s ugly


This not good but go off TikTok


what is this trash??? stream rare and feel me by selena gomez instead




The largest display of my life Dance Dance


Unique voice and very talented. No matter what there will always be negative reviews, but that’s ok. Compared to the millions that love her voice and musical skills, the number of people that dislike her is minuscule. What really matters is that there are numerous fans like me that get to enjoy her hard work. I’m glad that she chose to share her passion and voice with us. I look forward to her future albums.


Why is this #1


I can’t understand what your saying in dance monkey or any other songs!!!!! That’s the👏🏽number👏🏽one👏🏽thing to the👏🏽key of👏🏽music. Plus music holds lots repetitiveness and has no taste.


“why are u looking it up just to leave a bad review?” well we’re trying to be informative and pull everyone out of this sick, annoying song and back into reality. this song is shit.


Her voice is more than annoying, it’s scratching, more nasally, stupid, and weird. And not in a good way. Such a terrible excuse for music.


I don’t want

Urinal Boy



Singer and songwriter with a unique voice, and something to say. I enjoyed it. No reason to bash her because one of her songs was over used in an app. Listen to the others. Pay attention.


I personally hate that people only like because of an app... But love the song in general! The vocals are cRaZy cool!🤩


You people talking sh** are doing so because you don’t know sh** about being artistic . You probably lack any real talent and if you don’t understand or can’t relate to dance monkey , it’s cuz no one has ever seen you that way and you’re probably just as ugly on the outside as you are in the inside. She’s unique and there’s nothing not to like about her or her music . All her songs are different from one another and they have meaning . Go listen to some fool unaware he’s rapping about his d*** being comparable to a HI C straw and making it rain in the strip clubs,idiots ! The fact that you have nothing real to say says it all .

Emily 72020

I don’t get how this is so popular she can’t sing at all


Probably some of the best that I’ve heard! Especially cause she can do changes with her voice naturally that other artists need filters and editing to do! So people need to stop hating and appreciate!


Anyone or a rope and a chair


I can’t love it but I can’t diss it at the same time


Tho maybe if the other songs were better.... Still just here for dance monkey..🥺🙊


i can’t believe people are buying this noise. the beat is good but these indie singers have to go.

A confused user???

why is this a charting song? honestly HORRIBLE


The first time I heard the dance monkey song was over the radio and I couldn’t switch it off fast enough. It was just so repetitive and wasn’t good at all. I tried to listen to it again but it was just as awful the second time if not worse then the first time I heard it. The voice sounds like something off of a cartoon and not a good cartoon either. The radio stations need to stop playing this song every 5 songs.




I can’t stand the vocals. Ppl are only buying this song bc of TikTok


And that’s on periodttt.




Racist trash, buy yikes by Nicki Minaj instead 🌟


this song sounds so annoying and did this even get on this platform??


Could support a racist!!


If you listen to her voice live it’s amazing! She writes her own lyrics and I love the YouTube video where she talks about the meaning of the dance monkey song. So good!


This song is not good at all. My ears are BLEEDING.



Stephen l.

Nauseating to listen to and poorly written. Annoying af.


She really doesn’t know how to sing. Why did this go #1