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Every song is great and that’s rare in an album these days!

@rachel.celia (Rachel😊)

This first album is amazing and extremely creative. Meet Virginia and Free are probably my two favorites on here, although all of them are great! This was an awesome start to Train's career, I love all of their newer songs as well! I saw them in concert on July 4, and it was amazing. Train will always be one of my favorite bands!


This is a album that every song sounds the same but this is still one of Train's best albums

Fresh ground pepper?

I loved them back then. For me, they went a little in the pop direction on their second album and kept on going that way. And that's not my thing. But this album is great.

Glee Peepz

I LOVE Train-my 4th fav band. I just do not care for this CD... Minus Meet Virginia almost every song is 5 stars. Maybe Eggplant is 4 stars. I prefer Save Me, San Francisco. Still suggest it, its Train!


This is by far, IMO, thier best LP. While their second LP is close, real close. This LP is exactly why everyone likes Train. Good Musicianship, Should be apart of the collection.


Had a few of thier songs on my Ipod but never really gave any of thier new stuff a chance and for that I was wrong. What a GREAT BAND and love your new album. Thank you, and I'm glad that I took time to listen and learn.


Great songs


Train is awesome!


Grew up listening to them, still listening to them now and will probably continue in the future!

alfonso salazar

i lent this album to a dear friend that was dieing of cancer, i glad she found comfort and escape for those few moments from her disease with this album. rip kathy


It's too bad train totally flipped their style into the stuff they're now producing, Like "Hey, Soul Sister", ect. I think they almost threw their talent out the window, and sold out for a poppy money making sound. Old Train is awesome. Lyrics, and sound wise. They put much more passion into their music.

Caitlin Higgins

Worst songwriting of all time. Every one of their songs are awful and it keeps getting worse. Please stop making music.


This album is absolutely amazing! Remember hearing "Meet Virginia" on the radio and fell in love with it.Took a chance and bought this album, and was not disappointed. I like the mellow and laid back feel of this album. Even the more upbeat songs still have a laid back feel to them. "I Am" and "Blind" are other stand out songs on the album. This album and "Drops of Jupiter" are Train at their best before selling out.

Farce the Music

This is a shockingly listenable album with some standout performances and memorable songs. I say "shockingly" because everything they've put out since has been milquetoast easy listening BS. This one rocks.


Hands down the best Train album out there. Brings me back to the days of seeing them in bars for the cost of a couple beers.

lady Mcbeth

Okay so train is my favorite band ever, and the weird thing is that I only recently found out that I've been listening to it scince I was two, but the thing is that some paople only listen to the most recent of train's songs , hey soul sister per say but see this bothers me because half the people I know who like that sng don't know any of train's older (and some maybe even better) songs ,and flat out refuse to listen to it. But dont get me wrong I mean I don't care how long people have listened to thiere music, I just want people to listen to all of it before they go all over town screaming that they are train's # 1 fan. So if any one is out there who dose that then I'm begging you take a look at a few of the following songs... lincoln avenue drops of jupiter I love your every color all american girl callin all angels free blind I am by the way I love this album


Awesome album<3


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the noblesavage

Train?... Lame copy of Chris Whitley. Not to bad though if you don't have any knowledge or any ability to access anything past 10 years ago... and the world goes on and on and on...


i saw train a few years ago at summerfest in milwaukee, and they played dream on, which was musical bliss.... anywho this album is one of the better of the decade, along with the gin blossoms new miserable experience.




This album is just full of great music. One song after another contains great singing, great guitar riffs, and a nice Alternative rock feel. This record sums up the power of what Train was and still can be before they became more pop-rock girl crooners. Free is the best song on the album, the most popular song Meet Virginia is a precursor to what Drops of Jupiter would make them, and not even one of the 5 best songs on the album. I am is a wonderful heartfelt song highlighting Pat's great vocals. If you leave flat out rocks, and will grab any true rock fan and not let go. Homesick is another great folksy ballad highlighting Pat. Free is an amazing rock song that really is what this band should have tried to stay true to. Blind is a wicked slide guitar driven ambient tune, such a great song to sit to on a beautiful night and listen to with your arm around someone. Eggplant is sort of a bridge song that has the pop and rick elements mixed together, starts out a little mellow but really picks up. Idaho is an amazing rock song with some guitar stink, another Monahan gem. Days is a nice reflective almost blues like song, Pat again is unreal. Rat is a nice Country/blues/folk sounding song. Sway is much like days a reflective mellow song. Train is a almost theme song that highlights this band's abilities on all scales. Heavy was a hidden track, nice bluesy acoustic tune. This record is SOLID from start to finish and is one of the best albums I own. A unfortunately underappreciated rock album that will one day gets its due.

Strong boy 95

They have one good song and that is "Meet VIrginia". I recommend just buy that song the rest are not worth a penny.


I have had this album for years and know every song by heart...Its a great album. I could sit and listen to it for hours and always find something new in the music to appreciate and enjoy.

Georgia D

This has always been one of my favorite albums. It has a very distinct sound. I love every song, and that's very rare as far as albums go. Meet Virginia is a classic, but don't only listen to that song. There's lots of good stuff here.


The first time I heard this band was about ten years ago when I was up early and listening to VH1 (this is back when they still played music videos) while I ate my breakfast; this song comes on and I'm immediately taken by the sound, and he's singin' about a girl-- lo and behold, we've got the same name!!! "I can't wait to meet Virginia....." I was so excited, I wrote down the name of the band and the album and I ran out as soon as I could to buy it...... I still blush every time I hear Pat Monahan singin' about me! ;P Seriously, though, it's a great album.... ALL of their albums are amazing. Virginia definately recomends Train! :D


This is Train at it's best..before Brendon O'Brien pussified them. If you want to know their real orgin-good, bluesy rock, then this is the album. After this you'll use 'For Me, It's You' as a coaster.

Melne 5117

I've had this album for years. It fell through the cracks of my collection and one day it got sme playtime. I fell in love with it. It's an album that sounds fresh everytime you play it. One of my iPod staples.


trian is a band in which words can not describe. With only about twenty reveiws per album, it is amazing how little attention they get. But to me, alot of thier songs are better than the songs on the top ten.

Bill Bradski

This complete album is a must have in your i-tunes library. I have been listening to this one for ten years, and I always enjoy it. Simple music that does not feel overly produced and each song will make you listen to the next.


This is one of the truly pure albums I've ever heard! No matter where you are or what you're doing, this entire album can be enjoyed! Jump on the Train, take a ride. You will not be dissappointed!!!


this album is great and all the other albums are awsome , this album is great and meet viginia is the best one


I love these songs! This group is popping up more and more on my iPod!

Bad Dad 7064

Great band, great music. It's really a bummer that they haven't done any better than they have. "Drops of Jupiter" was without a doubt their best. If you liked "Train" you'll no doubt love Edwin McCaine.


Train is one of those bands that, unfortunately, few people understand. I'm an old guy and am more into classic rock, but Train really impresses me. I became a fan with Drops of Jupiter and went back and got this one. The more you listen the more you'll like it. Free is one of the best songs here and should have been a bigger hit than Meet Virginia. Go figure. The rest of the CD is really good, but not as polished as Drops of Jupiter or their later stuff.


Love, Love, Love this band!


My current musical addiction is Train. I have been nuts about their self-titled album and Drops of Jupiter. I don't think there is a single song on either of these albums that I don't like a great deal. I just downloaded For Me, It's You, and after hearing just four songs, I'm still feeling that musical magic in the lyrics and composition. I hope my review helps you decide that Train is well worth the listen!


My dad and I both love train, drops of Jupiter and Meet Virginia are my absolute favorites though!!!!!!!

music luver999

I saw that Meet Virginia was on the top songs list and i had to see if this was the train that did calling all angels, one of my fav songs! It was! I am SO buying this album!!!!! I wasn't a big fan of rock, but now i am! you have to buy this album!

racing the time

but yeah, meet virginia is probably one of my favorite songs, like ever. it's so catchy and sweet, i just love it. nineties music was amazing (:


ahh train. a band that isnt to bubble gum, and hard core rock. its lovable, and an album you could listen to no matter what mood your in. click yes if you agree.


Great words, great music- just great. train is one of the best bands ever!


I stumbled upon this album years ago after hearing and loving Drops of Jupiter. A sign of a great album and band... first 5 songs and no need to skip ahead! I now own all of their albums... and this is one of my favorites. Strong vocals, unique sound, acoustic, fabulous


I love this album, Meet Virginia is one of my favorite songs. I could listen to it a thousand times and not get sick of it. Yeah Train :]

Villa Lobos

I love their songs and i was looking at this album one day to notice that no one has written a review for this album yet. The songs on this album are really nice and have that warm inside feeling!