Chris Stapleton - Traveller

℗ 2015 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Traveller Tracklist:


I really like his voice. I could listen all night long.


One of the best country albums I ever heard. His voice is one of a kind and every song is worthwhile.


Luv this song


When Mr Stapelton sings like he does on Outlaw... he puts me in mind of the late Chris Cornell. So in saying that it's just plain wonderful stuff!!!


I grew up listening to bluegrass and country and maybe not liking it much. As I’ve matured, it turns out it’s the best of my heart! The Stapleton’s voices sing to my soul.


What can I say except? more hour until 10pm in the ✨

Trump All Day

Never gets old! Classic!

Holly Baylis

Great song!


Seems like he’s all written out of good songs. Sorry fans, the flushing sound you’re hearing is real.

Trust and Us



Chris is absolutely incredible. Great music and great lyrics with an incredibly talented singer. What’s not to love? I have no clue why all of the reviews have been taken down. Maybe other artists were getting jealous because they weren’t getting as many five stars as he was. LOL. If I could give it more than five stars I would. All of his albums deserve all of the stars.


Tennessee whiskey is a mix of blues and country American rock and for hearing this band for the first time ever gives me a feeling of haaa.


Love the authenticity and talent. Refreshing to have some real country now a days.


This is such a terrific album with so many great songs. Everyone knows Chris Stapleton for his hit Tennessee Whiskey but there are so many more great songs, and in my opinion even better songs on this album. Some of my favorite are Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore, When the Stars Come Out, Parachute, and Traveller. Please give this whole album a solid and thorough listening, it won’t disappoint!


I purchased this album but 6 Tracks did not download! There is no option to try again and I can't find any link to contact anyone


The heart of country beautifully mastered in the mind and voice of Chris Stapleton. Whether we are sitting by a fire or having a dinner party for six, this is on in the background


Chris Stapleton does a great job and goes back to what true country sounds days some country songs don’t even sound like country they belong in the pop genre ...long story short Chris Stapelton makes very good country


I listen to absolutely zero country... except Chris. He’s just a different animal with exceptional talent.


Doesn’t get any better, best sounding country music


It doesn't get any better than this. Chris touches the the true heart of love in a smokey way. This is one of the best country albums I have come across in a long, long time. He puts his heart and soul into this one. It's a slow dance of love.


One of the best country albums of all time! His vocals are incredible!


Awesome album.. real country music. Not this pop country bull... what knucklehead gave it one star..


Not sure where the 1,700+ reviews went that pertained to this album, but this is simply one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. Chris Stapleton is probably the best song writer in country music.


I love this album. I think that it's Chris's best album.

tiger rag 2018


Mr. LeviMoore

Good album, but why did they take all of the reviews down?


Great album