Trevor Daniel - Falling

℗ 2018 Alamo Records

Falling - Single Tracklist:


I just heard of this song about 3 months ago and I listened to it about 300 times.You did really great on this song!😀😀😀


Just pure fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥




Hehe boi

oh my god I love Chipolte

this song is fire one of the best

junior the barber

Just found this in 2020!!!!! This song goes dumb 💯


I love your songs! Especially this one,My friends keep on telling me they LOVE this song.I love the song and your voice is awesome! I already bought this song,and put FIVE STARS.The haters they keep on hating while we keep on jamming to this song every night! And other songs! Goodness,I’ll never forget these songs that you make!


The beat is the best


Some people saying you like this you must like garbage...


How do put on the tone


I m singn all day




This song if beautiful and I appreciate it. If you don't like it, don't listen. What is garbage to you may be a masterpiece to me. And what sounds good to you maybe garbage to me. music is a subjective. And all you people that think the lyrics are horrible you just don't listen to the song and the lyrics because this is amazing.

jahz boy

Lit catchy asf


This is my favorite song if you do not like it there is something wrong with you.

Johnnie Killroy

If you like this song , you must like garbage


This is one of my favorite songs

Sandlin J

Sounds like every other mumble rap song


His voice is outstanding and the beats aren’t overwhelming, like a lot of other songs. Honestly I thought that this song was Hip Hop, but it is actually pop.


It’s great although I do feel like this should fall into hip/hop rap

Dead Whale Queen

Eh? I don’t understand why this is blowing up. I know people like it, but it doesn’t sound distinct. I’m bored. Also, what’s up with his lazy delivery yeesh


Check out the Blackbear remix too y’all. it’s fire

MI Locachik

The best song i ever heard!!

Cat ⚡️

This song is so LIT and if you put your volume level up you’ll drift away

Jake paul (the second)

It’s very famous on tik tok, it’s one of the most amazing songs! I always thought it was by XXXtentacion lol XD

...... That Guy

This song is lit asf


This is my new favorite song

:) pipe :)

This song is amazing 🔥🔥🔥

gonna catch me ridin

Fresh and fire


This is lit asf love it 😜

f your chicken strip

This is awesome

Somody on the world

Great song!❤️

yung old mane

So different from anything out. Beautiful.