Trivium - What the Dead Men Say

℗ 2020 Roadrunner Records

What the Dead Men Say Tracklist:



Favorite song is Sickness Unto You, I love the breakdown midway with the bass coming through. Trivium is a tight group

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Kick ass album, band and songs!!! Keep it coming!!!


This album really doesn't have anything new versus older Trivium albums. It’s still a good album, though, mostly saved by inspired drumming from beginning to end. The abundant clean singing is a little less clean than on “Silence in the Snow,” which is great for me but obviously not for some of the reviewers here that wanted more screaming. The lyrics are sometimes really good but mostly just OK. In short, this will probably be the best album that I buy this year, but 2020 is not over yet.

Red Bebe

STRONG album from top to bottom No Filler all KILLER....

cringy seal

I absolutely love it. It’s so good. Good job trivium. My favorite one is catastrophist. But I love the album.


I can deal with the clean vocals, chorus riffs and ripping solos 👍

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One of their best if not the best


Much like “The Sin and the Sentence,” this is a complex album that takes a few listens to digest and truly appreciate. With that being said, this is a great album. They have successfully incorporated sounds from every album into this album. It’s melodic while still being brutal, heavy while still being catchy, and angry while still remaining accessible, all at the same time. Whoever gave this one star is higher than Towelie from Southpark. If you’re on the fence about it like I was, give it a few more listens, and it will definitely grow on you.


I honestly don’t know how someone can write a bad review of this cd. Watch Matt play the whole thing on YouTube and tell me he’s not one of the most impressive or best guitarist of all time. Just absolutely amazing honestly.


Haven’t enjoyed their music as much as their debut album, until now.


Another top tier slab of metal to add to their already incredible discography.


The first 3 songs sounded promising then it fell off.


Rareness was


Well done, guys. Thanks for another great record. Outstanding guitars, bass and drums, dynamic vox, thoughtful lyrics and heavy as all &\$%#! Looking forward to keeping this one in the regular rotation for a long time, and seeing what you do next. Oh, and a tour soon we hope!


I think trivium finally found their sound with this album. It continues where TSATS left off. I hear lots of elements from albums like ascendancy, shogun and TSATS. Entire album from start to finish is excellent. I don’t normally buy music anymore with being on Apple Music but this album is definitely worth a buy to support their work as well as streaming it.

J sonic

Another master piece great album great band


One of the best albums by one of the best bands. Support them!!! Metal forever \m/


They still have an excellent sound for these songs. Nice job.


My first Triviam and I love it.


Great album!


I don’t get why these albums just sometimes scam you.


Some great songs on here

Jump off jb

Great album


This album is very well done. There are elements from albums like Ascendancy and TSATS, but it also stands out significantly as it's own. There are some heavy, evil sounding songs to get you excited, and also emotional songs that complement an introspection.


The three singles (Catastrophist, Title Track, and Amongst the Shadows and the Stones) are fat and away the best songs on the album. Bleed Into Me was also a surprisingly good softer song. Then you get a few tracks that just don’t have the same gripping potential as later tracks in TSATS and Ascendancy. Although the closing track definitely makes up for the mid-album slump


Great album, It’s almost a blend of all their styles to date.


Don’t get me wrong it’s good music but nothing has stood out to me as much as the tracks on TSATS. The thing with Trivium is their such good musicians they can crank tunes out in a blink of an eye and thats how some of these songs feel to me. I get a bit zoned out listening to this album. Nothing majorly new. There have been a few times where I’m like OH YES...but then it quickly kinda fizzles into something boring. Them again, TSATS was the first album from them I truly enjoyed start to finish. Perhaps older fans dig this more?

Jacob Knight Cyrus

I’ve watched all my favorite bands get lazier with their music, in my opinion, but Trivium continue punching up... it’s just good to know that some bands continue to raise the bar for the sake of their vision. This is their best album after listening 3 times through and going back and listening to Ascendancy & Shogun to make sure. HAHA


Regardless of what the bad reviews have stated. Check it out!


I’ve been a fan since 2005. I’ve always appreciated their willingness to try things and grow as a band. They also have continued to practice and push themselves each time they make an album. They’ve taken risks and admittedly it has not always paid off as well as one may have hoped when the album is released. However, all that time spent trying things, branching out, and taking risks has payed off here on this album. Shogun was career define for Trivium, but so is WTDMS. This isn’t trying to be extreme hard or fast metal, just to be brutal, this is just blow your mind good metal. The guys have said time and time again through the years, they want to be more melodic than the harder metal music and harder than the more melodic elements of the genre. They have pulled together their best aspects of their previous 8 albums in the most cohesive and well thought out album. A band’s early work should not be their “best” work, but so often it is. The early stuff is what should pull you in, you favorite album should very reasonably be the first one you ever heard of them, but as they hone their craft and strive to get better, so should the later albums. This is exactly that for Trivium! Albums 1, 2, & 4 are the early ones that should excite and pull you in. Albums 5 & 8 were very solid with real flashes of brilliance that show us what they wanted to be at that time. Albums 3, 6 & 7 were risks that we all need to be thankful they took; they were huge learning opportunities and still have redeeming qualities. This album right here though, album IX is truly taking things to where they said they wanted to be all along; the best possible version of what they can be. If you don’t think this album is masterfully done, you are really listening or perhaps you came in with a bias you just can’t shake. Great F-ing job Paolo, Matt, Corey, & Alex! I’m going to keep jamming this and pretend we won’t have to wait 2 ish years for the 10th album.


Been listening to these guys since the beginning and every album has been something different! Everything they’ve put out is absolutely worth listening too! Glad to see they don’t stop coming with the jams!


What do you get when you take musicians that have been making music for 21 years? This album makes you want to chug 2 Pitchers of coffee and put your head through a concrete wall. Wrestle 3 grizzlies into submission at the same time. Walk across the arctic tundra on a inward journey to find out how to make you a better version of yourself. Finally it gives you the knowledge to solve the greatest mysteries on earth.

Lord of the riffs

There isn’t a track that feels dull on here I can go start to finish with the album and never feel bored. tons of awesome riffs for a guitar player to learn. bass sounds amazing on the record, and matt’s vocals with a rasp sound aggressive. for me this album is right up there with shogun and ascendancy. 5 stars to my favorite band.


No filler, just killer. Don’t die without experiencing this. You’d just be missing out.


Too notch writing


Simply put.




One of there best records


IMO I didn’t think they would ever top “Shogun” but now im not sure they will be able to out do this record, some riffs and intros sound very similar to stuff off the 2017 record but other than that this is gold


Has all the right components to an album. Flawless all the way through

Drew Shulman

The lyrics are Dark they relate to my everyday emotions and the entire album was amazing, would highly recommend


I’ve been a fan of Trivium since i heard Shogun. This band continues to improve with every album. Of course it holds certain aspects from previous albums, but they continue to develop a new sound with every release, who truly wants to hear the same album over and over? I can honestly say that Trivium has become my favorite band over the years. Already cant wait for the next album.


I have been listening since Ascendancy and I’m never disappointed! Every met fan needs this! Follow up: this is by far the best Trivium album and in general a landmark metal album for 2020! Buy it and then STREAM IT constantly so these get the credit they deserve!


The first couple of singles that came out were okay but the rest of the album is 🔥🔥


Thanks for keeping metal alive. If you liked the last album you will love this one. This one seems a bit heavier which is good


Been waiting for this band to figure out what they want to do for a while now. Not a single good album in their back catalogue and I don’t know why they have such a huge media commercial push because I’ve never met anyone who swears by them as their favorite band or anything. Trivium are just kind of there and this album is the most safe and boring yet. I won’t even preview their next release

socal rodeo

Wasn’t what I expected, could’ve been better.


They really went all out on this album and it slaps! Absolutely love it


This is trash