Daft Punk - TRON: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

℗ 2010 Walt Disney Records

TRON: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:

The matrix is de-rezzing

More like constantly upgrading it. The moment we get used to a format then there’s a upgrade 2.0 so I’ve had things fall through the crap cracks every time I do a computer update or buy a new one. I can’t believe it’s been nine years? I saw the original when I was a kid so it was fun to see ya loop closed of sorts. All I see are movies that are the fourth or fifth sequel or prequel of everything I saw when I was a kid but of course with better technology, i’m not complaining because it’s been a great trajectory to mark the passage of my life on but also when are they going to make the next blow your mind away movie like the matrix or fight club? Did everything original end in 1999? Are we out of red pills of imagination and just stuck with the red pills of politics and in the world scenarios. I guess we all better learn to fly like Neo.


The success of this album alone should warrant the return of Daft Punk and the go ahead for TRON 3. There has never been another artist that had produced music that is so perfectly syncopated to a film.


Phenomenal album.

Trust and Us





Tron Legacy may not have been the strongest movie, but where it lacked it sure did make up for in music. Daft Punk did a great job capturing the right sound for a movie with the aesthetics of Tron using a lot of synth beats and such. I personally think it’s great music to have playing in the background whether you’re trying to study or even going on some kind of night cruise.


There is absolutely no doubt this is an amazing soundtrack! I'm a filmmaker and I only get soundtracks that really delve deep and inspire. I was so excited to take a look at the digital booklet as well because there's always some beautiful concept and a thank you to all the artists in there. But when I went to go open my digital booklet the file was corrupt and there was nothing to see... I'm very disappointed by this :(


I had this cd back in 2011 and I listened to it so many times I must have worn it out. This soundtrack is incredible and highlights all the pinnacle points of the movie. My son and I just watched Tron Legacy tonight and I figured it's time to upgrade from the cd lol... ...is this soundtrack making a comeback as half of the 10 reviews are from the past two months. This soundtrack has been out for almost 10 years....

Bruh Chronicler

Yeah all the reviews at this point were written within a month of each other in 2019 which is weird cuz it’s 9 years after the movie was released


Yeah haha agree, I just opened this few hours before, think this makes the third review. That’s what I though too, why so little reviews. Anyways It’s a great movie


2 reviews within 2 days for the 2nd Tron, thats nearly 9 years old...odd. Where's all the other reviews? I think someone is erasing the grid...