Zac Brown Band - Uncaged

℗ 2012 Home Grown Music

Uncaged Tracklist:


I just heard country for the first time omg that is the greatest country album ever great music great musicians and great singer I’ll be part of the ZBB family till the day that I die I hope they find me in my home with a ZBB cd in my hand and Zac on a personal note you are my favorite singer and even though the owl wasn’t as big as a hit I loved it so keep on going and please make another album I am bored to death and need some Zac Brown Band in my life I mean I’m desperate I have rewatched all your concerts 5 times. Anyway just wanted to say great album don’t let the haters put you down they are irrelevant and seriously untalented they couldn’t do what you do if they tried. That’s all I gotta say you are a great singer and have a great band and some people gonna hate but if your not making another album cause of money reasons or whatever please do it listening to y’all while doing my homework was the most fun I had in weeks please guys use your talents and go make another album


I like this album and I’m not even a big country fan. There are some golden melodies on this.