Upon a Burning Body - Built from War - EP

℗ 2020 Seek & Strike

Built from War - EP Tracklist:



The sound of this EP is very similar to the last album which is a good thing. The production is good and all the songs are brutal. I’m liking this band more with every release


HELL YEAH. These guys really hit their stride. As much as I loved their classic deathcore roots ("Red. White. Green." is my favorite album), I love where they're headed now. It's so refreshing to see such heavy, southern metal being produced. These guys are killer and from my hometown of SA \m/


Southern Hostility and this EP have turned UABB into the successor to Pantera’s throne. I know that might seem like a blasphemous statement, but who else is pumping out jams with this much southern swagger!? This EP is banger after banger after banger after banger after banger. The riffs are as memorable as the vocal lines, just like Pantera. I really hope UABB keep pushing in this direction 🤘🏻




Best Work So Far, I completely agree great job guys

Victor Varga

Some of their best work yet.