Van Halen - 1984

℗ 1983 Warner Records Inc. Marketed By Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company

1984 Tracklist:


1989 outsold and outimpacted


Legendary album. RIP EVH


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Panama, Jump, and HFT are all great songs. All the rest are pretty good too.

With Panama and Hot for the teacher, definitly some great Van Halen. Even I'll wait and jump, to me , it still classic David Lee Roth.After all, it was 1984 ( I guess the name of the album gave it away, lol ). Can't blame them for Eddy to try and carry them into the 80's, and not be dinausors, even they they we're great at doing that. It may be a bit commericail, but then again, Bands do want to make good, popular albums, well, most of them I think. Van Halen 1 and Diver down, may be my two favorites. P.S., even thought I'm a David Lee Roth guy, I do like alot of Van Hager, pretty good job, considering you have to follow Diamon dave.


The 2 least popular songs are the best on the album, a sign that this was when VH went for a different audiance and ....welll


This album is overall, GREAT! I much prefer all their old stuff. Panama, Hot for Teacher, and Top Jimmy are my style. In my opinion, they’re the best

Thrash piggy

I never understood what made this album so popular. This is coming from a band who produced some killer tunes such as mean street, Romeo delight, outta love again, etc.. Their first four records are incredible, but this, it shouldn't be considered quintessential Van Halen. Overrated album.

Anonymous dragon221134

Jump is about commiting suicide.


This album really has me liking Van Halen. Best album by far and jump is just fantastic in this album same for hot for teacher.

I Miss Grunge

David, Eddie, Alex, and Michael give it their best


I love this band and this is one of their best albums. I just wish there was another song or two on it. As soon as I listen to the whole album, I always want more.

Saul Villalobos

If it had not been for the first album id say this is the best. Eddie van halen's guitar work here is amazing, alex's drumming superb, mike's harmonies never fail and diamond dave and those screams, what a band! 👍🎸🤘


Pretty much every VH album is fantastic. I got a little tired of overhearing Jump, but that is not the fault of the band.



A word lover...

This edition of this album sound WAY over compressed! I also have the high definition 192Khz version of this album and it’s totally fine. Apple is supposed to be using this same HD master for the Mastered for iTunes stamp. They must have messed something up during the process. Apple please fix this error!


Great album. Short but sweet. Hot for teacher is hilarious and jump of course who doesn't like jump? An idiot to answer my own question. Van halen is my favorite band all time and this is a gem.


This album is near perfect. There's not much else to say, just buy it.


Without a doubt Van Halen is awesome.


Ok,to be fair, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE RECORD. I mean that. I recall when I bought the LP at the initial release. Bought the cassette tape soon after for the car. I finally bought a CD player in the early 1990's and this was the first CD I purchased. Cassette and original vnyl literally wore out. Bought replacement tape, and a used vinyl once I got back into actual records again. I have a copy of the 2000 remaster of this, and couldn't notice anything different. This time, 15 years later, they remasterd again and all I can say is WOW!!! Sounds so crisp, so clear, you can almost watch the sound JUMP (pun intended) from the speakers into the air. I don't know what they did differently this time, but there is a HUGE difference this go around. I suppose I've bought this recording nearly 10 times (in all conceivable formats). I don't regret a single purchase, either. If you are a classic VH fan. A fan that laughs at the Hagar era, then you are worthy of this incredible edition of 1984. GET THIS TODAY!!!


It's really catchy.

Shawner del

Stellar, simply stellar


This is my favorite album of all time I have it on vinyl tape cd and on iTunes!!!!!!


AWESOME! But what is the difference I noticed they changed it but REALLY what's the difference?