Various Artists - Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Music From The Netflix Original Film)

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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Music From The Netflix Original Film) Tracklist:


I hate cutesy movies but decided to give this a chance. From beginning to end it was magical. Made me want to be part of the movie. Cast was amazing. Songs were updated from your average Christmas movie. This movie and soundtrack deserves all the praise. Definitely watch the whole movie to get the best experience. A the little girl was so darn lovable. Go Madelyn!!

mallory rose

i can’t wait until it comes to iTunes so I can buy it when will it come to the iTunes so I can buy the movie so i can have it how much long do i have to wait until it comes to the the i tunes store when is it come to iTunes so i can bye it I have been waiting for it to come out i want this movie


An instant Christmas tradition! My family has watched the movie multiple times already and will watch it again on Christmas Eve along with Charlie Brown’s Christmas, A Christmas Story, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. That is how classic this movie is in my household already. The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic and with my wife and daughter being loving Musicals, I can see them singing this all year....and I actually won’t mind! Merry Christmas to all and to all, happy listening!


Amazing Movie and great soundtrack. Very rarely do I buy soundtracks BUT had to have this one for my children. Great sounds of inspiration for everyone in family. Most see movie with family.


A great musical score - can't wait to see this on Broadway! A Christmas Classic is born!


The movie is beyond magical! One of the best holiday movies I’ve seen! And the musical performances & arrangements are so amazing!!!


Love it!!


Raining pure talent, so many beautiful souls coming together to create a new holiday movie classic. Open your hearts and listen, let your inner child roam free and believe.


I love this soundtrack it is the best!


Watch with your while family!


A breath of Christmas cheer we needed this year


...awesome! Memorable! Timeless!


I just watched this movie I loved it

Bring us hapoiness with this!

Can’t wait to see this on Broadway one day! Every detail so well thought! Wardrobe, music, storyline, cast, adorable puppet animation, ... too long of a list to describe all! My son watched 3 times already!


If you have something negative to say just stop, trolls.

Layla Apryl May

Go watch this film on Netflix!

Sean, if you wish

Boring and confusing movie. Not a fan.


This is a really good movie with a great sound track. The music is powerful.


tried watching the movie and couldn’t even get through it. overrated and confusing.


I love square route of impossible it is the best no one can or will top it


The movie is sure to become a Christmas Classic! There's something for everyone. It has all the makings of a family favorite. The soundtrack is full of hope, promise, and love. ”The square root of impossible (is possible in me)” will be on everyone's ”Inspirational” playlist.

Rain Mcfadden

I loved the movie and almost the whole soundtrack- except This Day


Why such a short release with less than 4 minutes of Debney’s glorious score? Please release an expanded edition or complete score release!

janay taylor

It was a magical movie night for me can’t wait to watch it with the hold family

Erykah N.

The movie is amazing and the music was just as great. If you haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and watch it. Then go buy the soundtrack.


Saw it! Love it! Best Christmas Movie! Made the magic come into my heart!


This film has become my new favorite Christmas movie. I absolutely loved it. The music was wonderful.


Love this movie!!! Watched it 3 times already


Beautiful voices wow

Kayla R (LOGAN'S #1 NUTT)

The movie was fantastic! The soundtrack is THE MOVE TO MAKE!!! The fabulous Madalene Mills is AMAZING!!! From Alabama to NYC RTR FOREVER!


Such beautiful and uplifting music from a magical story full of hope that has been brought to life by an incredibly talented group of people!

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