Various Artists - NOW That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 70

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NOW That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 70 Tracklist:


harley d. webb

Honestly I am gonna try to get this album it’s only like 8 bucks so like wow there’s like 20 something songs but I love the fact that there is I’ve been waiting because I love lil peep matter of fact I am wearing my lil peep hoodie rn and also there is bad liar which is a g

kidz bop❤️

My only favorite songs are Last hurrah, Worth it, undrunk, and bad liar. This isn’t as good as the other but at least it has some of them that I like.


Christmas Music


I wish I could buy this music but I don’t have anathema on my account


The worst one

Soul Punk Stan #69

I’m just happy that I’ve Been Waiting is in here.




They didn’t even add good hits. Like 365 and Thank U, Next.


Glad they put middle child on here NOW needs some hip hop




Loved all the songs except 365


I can’t get anything because everything cost money so I can’t get the song and all you could just ask your mom for you just because you have money can you get it no it’s expensive and then’s and they don’t have any free ones 😖😭


Changed my life

Love this game😬😬😬😬😬

Probably the worst NTWICM ever...


Now this is what I call an album with crappy music and crappy artists with no talent!!




Total garbage.


I can listen to the music I want when I want




Go back to Now 69

my elve is magic

71 please do not be flop


It’s just great


there needa be more kpop you know? BTS’ boy with luv broke charts and kill this love BLACKPINK was pretty good too—


No thanks. And Kacey Musgraves - really?? Nope.


Where is old town road this is the main song

Pop for life

I feel like ever time they come out with a new one it’s worst than the last one

I❤️ Shawn mendes

Disappointment.Where tf is old town road sucker sweet but psycho and my fav HERE WITH ME.Also why is Kacey musgraves on here she already has the now country album song why this if anything a way better country song would be meant to be even though it’s to late to be on a now. This is sad


It’s amazing but a lot of this is just po


The new update was awesome as well so it’s fun but ilove


MOST of these songs were not good choices. I really want some of Taylor Swift’s new stuff to be on NOW 71, 72, 73 (etc) so yeah


Clean I’ve Been Waiting Where is old town road,7 rings, break up with your girlfriend im bored?????


When I played “when the party over” I cried all of my tears


Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh go crazzzyy aaaaaaaaaaaa go stupid aaaaaaa


love it


Look at this, this is gonna be awful


I always look forward to these because they always have the clean versions of songs. The clean versions of Who Do You Love and Undrunk aren’t on Spotify, and I’ve Been Waiting doesn’t even have a clean version. Now I’ll be able to add those 3 to my playlist once this is released!


Missing a lot of big songs. I’m hoping 7 Rings is included on Now 71, and Break Up With your girlfriend, I’m bored is on Now 72. Also Now 71 should include more songs that are hot on the charts such as...Lil Nas X (featuring Billy Ray Cyrus) - Old Town Road, Jonas Brothers - Sucker, Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho, Khalid - Talk, Marshmello (Featuring Chrvches) - Here With Me, Benny Blanco (Feat. tainy & Selena Gomez) - I Cant Get Enough, or Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me, and a few songs that are very good, that haven’t charted well but would fit perfect on the album, Ally Brooke (Feat. Tyga) - Lowkey and Hey Violet - Better By Myself would fit very well.

Matthew Lyle

These tracks are set and stone! Even though some of the tracks may not have made the charts yet, they are all still a good collection.

Nathan Clouse13

Because there’s no other tracks from the earlier Now! Albums like Now 40!, Now 50! and Now 60! did. But I do like only 6 songs on it

Liam-Man 72

I’m glad that this is finally released on the iTunes Store!


I have been a long time collector of these albums for over 6 years and I am very disappointed with this tracklist. Ever since "65", the albums have been including less and less big hits and more minor hits. While pop music is declining on the charts, with rap being more popular, the albums shouldn’t include songs with very low peaks and definitely not songs without a chart run. For example, "Giant", didn’t chart on the Hot 100, Bubbling Under, or Mainstream Top 40 chart, so imo it shouldn’t have been here. Other songs such as "Last Hurrah”, “365”, "Rainbow", "Walk Me Home", and "Swan Song", had low chart runs on the Hot 100 or are just starting their chart runs. Songs such as "Sucker", "Please Me", "Sweet But Psycho", "Wow", "Be Alright", "Talk", hell, even "Lost in the Fire", "Mia" or "Going Bad" would’ve been better entries. Other entries such as "Thank U, Next", "Undrunk", "I’ve Been Waiting", "Middle Child", "Dancing with a Stranger", and my favorite "Bad Liar" were all great choices. I hope to see something better come out of Now 71.

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