Coldplay - Violet Hill

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Violet Hill - Single Tracklist:


Violet Hill - Peak of Coldplay

Christian Evangelista

This song is in my top 5 for Coldplay, the lyrics are among Coldplay's best and that guitar riff is just amazing.


I love how witty he was in this song "when the futures architectured, by a carnival of idiots on show, you'd better lie low" Coldplay you sly devil you!


I am a person who likes to learn about album covers and release dates and what not.What I have also seen is that iTunes doesn't really give the whole story!Although it probably isn't iTunes' fault, i'm just saying that the bands or iTunes could include more realistic discographys.For example, the Violet Single should have the b-side "A Spell A Rebel Yell".Which in my opinion is better than Violet Hill itself.However, it wasnt here!But, great song, as all Coldplay songs are.Just wish it had Rebel Yell :(


iTunes?! SERIOUSLY! You can only buy this single! On the bright side I LOVE THIS SONG!

Energetic Penguin

It's got a sort of a rock essence with a rhythm that I personally think is lovable. However, none of their songs/albums compare to those from their first two

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