Quadeca - Voice Memos

℗ 2019 Quadeca

Voice Memos Tracklist:


This is one year ago? Wow, I remember buying this the day it come out, amazing.

Scuicide squad

I didn’t actually like Quadeca till after all the beef between him and JJ. I was so into all the beef and when Quadeca released “Insecure”, I fell in love. His music is so meaningful and you can understand everything he’s saying. By far his best music yet. My favorites of the songs being “War! Ft.Dax”, “The Man On My Left Shoulder”, and “Uh Huh!”. Keep up the work Quad!!!


Every single song on this album is so good brooooo

Ben Fremin

This album is so dope!!!!


This is by far one of Quadeca’s best albums. His lyrics have meaning and start off talking about hiding insecurity with an ego (hence KSI Insecure) (Also hence the song ego death) This character then goes on to live life and love himself (Eyes) and this development of character is seen throughout many songs. My personal favorites are A Dream I Can’t Remember, Uh-Huh, Eyes, Real Thing, and Imagination. The only Quad song up to par with anything on this album is Lemon Tree (seriously, and that is not a bump on Quad, he’s better than everyone today.)

Razan Wali

Literally every song is perfect! It’s a joke how underrated you are. I thought insecure was good but then I saw this!! Fire 🔥


It’s a joke how underrated Quadeca is. He caught me on with Insecure and now I’m hooked on anything he produces. “The Man on My Left Shoulder“, These Days”, and “Rowboat” have all helped me when I feel sad or in love, “Uh Huh!” and “War!” are easily two hype beasts, “Imagination” and “Real Thing” definitely act as trippy songs that you can listen to at any time and feel good about, “Ego Death” shows Quadeca realizing he doesn’t need to be like the others to be a big one and that’s something I admire, “Eyes” acts as a calm wrap up, “Thank You Next” is easily the biggest clout song Quadeca has made, and “A Dream I Can’t Remember” is such a trip that makes you feel so much. Easily one of the best rap albums I’ve ever heard and I don’t get why this isn’t getting more attention. Yeah he may be a YouTube rapper but he’s the best one out there and should be mainstream right now.

Austin KL2

Literally every song is perfect! I appreciate you Ben. You are a young logic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Thinking out loud ❤️

No skips, nothing but fire 🔥




This album really manages to show off what a YouTube rapper can be. He managed to create a great album, in which no song is a skip.


Best Album I’ve heard in a long time


All of the songs in this album are fire asf, my favorite is Real Thing


Amazing. Uh Huh! Is my favorite song of the year so far a. A little disappointed Insecure isn’t on the album but still AMAZING


It’s so lit! THIS album demonstrates the range of talent Quadeca has! From straight rap on “war!” To singing on Days he can do it all. #MoneyWellSpent


Every song is good, except for the interludes. Red Dot, Ego Death, Imagination, and Uh Huh are all the best.

Not a h8Er

This is really one of the best albums

Listen to Quadeca

Heat !!! Best unknown rapper

Redding Paranormal

Love it, He needs to up the price on the next Album though boy is a 💯🔥🔥🔥

accel joestar

Great album


Awesome!! Good music


Pure talent


Album has no bad songs. Every song is a hit. I love it


Uh Huh! Is fire 🔥


Flow switch is amazing, beat switches are so smooth, quality songs with quality lyrics.


It’s lit it’s like a ocean of emotions a song is hyped up then it goes to a deeper one then it goes back to hype music it’s fire🔥🔥🔥


Best album 2019


Exceeded all expectations which were already high. Album is a straight banger

Paper Man Toss

Without question, Voice Memos is the best rap album so far. The production is a huge step up from Quadeca’s previous album and shows many styles on Voice Memos. 10/10 must listen.


The sound and structure of this album is unreal. Quad the 🐐


Combination of songs that’ll make you hyped no matter what and some where it makes you chill and like think about stuff.


Best self made artist right now


All of the tracks are great and well produced. Best album of 2019 so far




Never bought an album before(usually stream on spotify), but this had to be bought


The is one of the beat all round albums i have ever hear keep it up my dude


Great Album for a YouTube rap artist. Not a single bad song. Each one of them are now in my playlist. Keep it up!


The more I listen the more I realize why it took him a full year and a half, but the way this album carries itself is deserving of a lot more praise than it is getting.


This album is insane it's amazing.

happy emoo 27

All of the songs in the album are great it’s fire I would recommend this

Manny Aguilar 12

This kid is going somewhere





fat earther

I knew that quadeca was good but I didn’t expect this masterpiece to come out. Worth the wait!!!


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BRUH!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 BARS🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

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