Walker Hayes - 8Tracks, Vol. 3: Black Sheep

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8Tracks, Vol. 3: Black Sheep Tracklist:


Love that he isn’t your “typical” country singer because I am not typically a country fan...seems like such a great family man with a great story <3 love his music


Pure Garbage! This does not belong in the Country Genre!!


Oh my gosh I loveeeeeeee this album!!!!!!!😍😍🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️ listen roll it like 4 times today

Ruff hen

Why is this on the country section?


People know what kind of music he does, don’t like it than move on. All the rude comments aren’t necessary. Walker Hayes keep doing you!


Really!? All of these songs are nothing but pop mixed with hip hop back beats. To try to tell me that is somehow country is complete and utter nonsense. I'm not harping on Walker Hayes himself. I'm merely saying that if you want to give it a go in the pop genre of music....go to the pop genre. Country is country music for a reason. Pop stays pop. Hip hop/rap stays hip hop/rap. End of story.




Poisnivy You must be deaf, is not “new country” or country of any kind... and no I’m not a “boomer”


Just read 2 reviews that said 1. He’s gifted 2. His work just keeps getting better. And I’m crying😂😂😂.


Hey Walker go listen to Keith Whitley or some Tyler Childers and learn what country music is... then try to come back.


Everyone knows this is not country, so don’t call it such


Ill never get this time back listening to this junk...


Hahahaha look at all the Boomers and old White people mad about this being on country . Hahahha


Sounds like LFO how this is labeled country music I can not draw that connection. This will sound real cool though for those millennials who bulldog their trucks lol


These songs are classic Walker. If you don’t like the “new country” vibe, then buy a George Strait album. I prefer these jams from Walker!


1. It’s not country music 2. It’s not good 3. What do you have to do for ITunes to take music out of a genre.


This is not country. “Country rap” does not exist. This is a travesty, and should never be listened to or sang.


This is stupid pop/rap. Not country music. It’s in the wrong genre by far. Sick and disgusting to say the least.


that is all


This is just pop rap trash and does not belong in this genre. If you want to play this stuff fine but put it where it belongs.


I’m a huge fan and the music just keeps getting better! I’m always sharing the love! Hope everyone enjoys this track as much as I do!!!

Nickname Sims

First and foremost, I am a huge Walker Hayes fan. I look forward to everything he puts out. While this is certainly not traditional country music, he keeps the story telling and relatability alive and well on Vol.3. Wish I Could Drink has some of the most relatable lyrics I’ve heard in a song, and I’m not a recovering alcoholic. Chapel is a great song that makes you think about accepting not just our children, but people for who they are and being supportive of that. And Goldest and Black Sheep are just a couple of fun, jams that are fun to listen to and I can tell you from personal experience, Goldest live in concert is a ball to jam to Walker with! I love all of these songs and they are lyrically compelling and a lot of people can relate to them. I really believe that is one of the cornerstones of country music; being able to make a meaningful connection with fans and be genuine about it. So if you are just stumbling across Walker and his 8 Tracks for the first time, it isn’t traditional country music and that’s ok. Enjoy the music for what is: genuine lyrics with a great hook and beat.


Nothing like Walkers 8 tracks, straight from the heart. The most sincere form of music ❤️


Not country really, Walker Hayes has his own style. Listen to the lyrics—they are raw, vulnerable and about real life that are so relatable. Another fantastic 8track that will be played on repeat here. Thanks Walker!


Firstly, I agree with another review that my only complaint is this is not country. I don’t mind that whatsoever just misleading for others. Walker has done it again. Another great small album with amazingly coordinated songs. Great theme. Slightly dark with the black sheep theme but still great lyric and rhythm diversity. Don’t trust a low star rating from ShotgunAnnie40. This album has been out less than 12hours and they deemed it a “dumpster fire”?!? I acknowledge I haven’t listened enough to fully assess all the songs but at first listen it’s amazing. I am seeing him in concert tonight which I also recommend. He’s such a big stage presence, great shows.


This album is amazing!!


As always- songs that make you feel the feels. And Black Sheep- it is a smash.

monster in the parasol

Quit labeling this as country music…it’s pop or rap or whatever. Country music does not have electronic beats, snap tracks, and rapping.


Hayes has put out another great album for us, as usual. Also as typical, these songs are not country. If you are a hardcore country fan, you will likely have problems with how these songs sound. However, if you can appreciate lyrical and musical genius, then this is a great album for you. Songs like “Love Hate” and “Wish I Could Drink” reflect the more stripped-back, lyrical-based sound that Hayes does great at, and others (“Goldest”, “Black Sheep”, and “Chapel”) have great sounds that will make you want to sing along, as well as lyrics to complement that sound. Again, not country, but a great album if you appreciate more than just what the album is labeled under.


Dumpster fire is the nicest way to put this album