Watsky - Placement

℗ 2019 Symmetry Unlimited

Placement Tracklist:


I am a huge Watsky fan so it pains me to say this album is so God awful. His last album wasn’t too bad but he slowly has turned his music into less rapping and more auto tuned poetry type stuff. It just doesn’t go well and the singing is not something he has ever been great at. The second song on here isn’t bad but everything else is just bad like really really bad. I miss the “colored lines” Watsky 😞


Heavily auto tuned and stale lyrics. Singing parts are not good either...


I’m a big Watsky fan, so this hurts to write, but this album is terrible. By far his worst album and it’s not even close imo. At best there’s 2-3 decent songs here, and no great ones.


I’ve been a fan since his 1st album, Cardboard Castles was my fav, but this sounds great so far. I just wish I was longer, other than that it’s amazing so far !!!!


Noticed that the genre for this album is “alternative rap” rather than the usual “hip-hop/rap” — if alternative rap really is a thing, these singles so far are 100% it