Zac Brown Band - Welcome Home

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Welcome Home Tracklist:


From your friends in Alaska that know this song is about how you feel when you visit and see Homer, Alaska after your travels around the world. . Zac is great song writter and a wonderful person.


One of ZBB best. A masterpiece from start to finish. Your Majesty should’ve been on radio and All the Best is pure gold. My Old Man makes the eyes sweat every time I listen to it. Solid job.


This is the best album yet zac keep it up


You can listen to the whole albums of all his songs no other bands can do that.

Jo C815

Just doesn’t get any better! They are country, music like this makes a person appreciate all of life!

Bay rat fishing team family

The day my my dad’s, dad passed away the only song we want to here at the funeral was my old man bc I makes everyone think all the good things he thought us. I was on the last fishing trip with my pop pop mike bc him and my dad thought me how just my pop pop mike thought my dad!! ☺️

Opera Star

Great harmonies! So good.


This is real music


After the last album I guess I was expecting more. It’s hard to follow up on such a great album that the previous one was. This one is not on par. And it is very short. I felt as if I didn’t get my money’s worth. And this one will put you to sleep while driving. It is sooooooo slow.....


I absolutely love this album, to me this is classic ZBB.


After their last album wasn’t very good, they brought it back


Ok if you like standard mainstream country these days. I used to love ZBB, even Jekyll and Hyde. I feel like they used to sing from the heart and there is nothing wrong with experimenting with different types of music, however I feel like after the bad reviews from [email protected] they gave up being real and decided to just write generic crap that sells records. Sorry guys, but ZBB has lost the magic that made them great.

Pitt son

This is my #1 country album to listen to

Squirt b

Zac Brown Band writes the best songs and this one is no exception. Some good songs here but actually I feel the songs and melodies on Jekyll (except Mango tree - uhh ) are much better even though more pop.


I have been a big fan of zbb for a while and I love this album! Roots is one of my favorites. They have a style of music that is so comforting and fun! Definitely a must listen to!


Very touching songs


I must admit the past couple albums I didn't care for. This one knocked it out of the park. I like every single song.


Zac Brown never fails to excite his fans this is a heart felt joyful album every song has meaning and makes you think of your own existence Thanks for that!


This is the music the band was meant to make. Just like their early stuff, not like Jekyll & Hyde... Perfect!


I love it!!!!!!!!

Usher is beast

So much meaning behind every song, and "my old man" Is one of the most realistic songs I've ever heard. Keep on writing amazing music, your the only thing keeping country alive!


They went too far I think. They went too far into other genres and now they tried writing some songs in an early ZBB spirit. It didn't work. My old man, real thing, good. The rest? Just so-so. It makes me more sad than angry. First they turned their back on God, now they've gone off the deep end into bad music. These guys were once my favorite country band, now they can't even do good country....


First of all, I'm a huge ZBB fan. This album though... Not a fan. Lacks the soul that has defined ZBB. Seems like a rushed project. Hopefully these guys will take some time off and get the creative juices flowing.


This D.C. definitely not a thing each


Love every album they have ever released and this one is no different!


Every album that comes out has a way of moving me. "All the Best" has such meaningful vocals of a past lover that I could relate to much too well. Only 10 tracks on this album, very much a case of quality over quantity. If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life ZBB would hands down be my choice.


I kind of get the feeling a lot of folks did not like Jekyll and Hyde because it was all over the place. I truly like anything these guys do, I really love how they cover every genre of music that's the true mark of a great band but let's face it folks it sounds like they threw this album together in 3 weeks. It's an OK album that goes back to their old sound of the songs are kind of weak, they lack depth and complexity and it's just kind of boring.


This is so awesome! I love Zac so much, especially his song "My Old Man"!


Doesn't get much better, love every song. Have to say ZBB sings for the people, stays true to his "Roots", doesn't try to please everyone and in the process pleases most everyone.


Several songs are catchy and worthy of downloading while others are quite thin. I'm always up for a good Island vibe but Start Over is a joke. Also, if they're gonna cut prerecorded tracks go with On This Train. The version of Trying to Drive is horrible. I recommend Long Haul, Your Majesty, and Real Thing. Check out Grandma's Garden from Zac Brown. It's better than anything on this album.

Sad in MI

I've been a fan since the beginning, however, I was so disappointed in this album. The last couple songs are ok but the rest are phoned it at best. It almost seems like they made a list of "country" cliches and threw together some lyrics. So much for getting back to their country roots.


After suffering through Jekyll+Hyde, I welcomed the notion ZBB was getting back to their old song-writing and style. This entry just did nothing for me. Don't even want to listen to it a second time. I'll stick with everything up to Jekyll+Hyde, but I'm essentially turned off ZBB for good in terms of new music.


Zac Brown Band is the reason I started listening to country music, you can vibe to almost every one of their songs, can't wait to see them on October

Where's the country at?

This album is nothing more than a collection of old songs that didn't make any other albums, last album sucked and now this lazy attempt gets me wondering is this the end?


This is a very easy listen, and ZBB show off all of the things they do well -- laid back vibe, catchy melodies and a very welcome return of the signature harmonies. While it's better than the previous record, it also feels very calculated -- a ZBB by numbers, if you will. "Jekyll + Hyde" was a bit too schizophrenic for my tastes -- several interesting songs, but just no cohesion. Everything here fits perfectly, but almost to a point where you feel like the band had a checklist while they were putting it together. There's not a terrible song here, but the lack of spontinaety keeps it from being truly memorable.

Terry michelle

This album didn't even need to grow on me! Loved every song immediately. Thanks for keeping your promise guys!!! pure country and so much heart!


THIS is the real Zac Brown Band. The album is full of classic sounding Zac Brown Band songs, and honestly there isn't one song that I did not enjoy! Great album glad their back!


This album takes you back to how life should be lived! Amazing amazing amazing I can't say anything more!!


I'm not a fan of theirs but "Roots", "Real thing", and "My old man" are really good!!! Nice songs :)


Great creative thoughful collection with not one bro-country pickup-truck Friday night beer "hey girl" song in the bunch. Creative lyrics, creative production. It's fresh air compared so much unimaginative repetitive pop-schmaltz being ground out of Nashville studios. See Nashville, THIS is what we're talking about.


poor poor poor songwritng. Poor band did not have much to work with on this


Very disappointing album...I'm still a huge ZBB fan, but nearly every song sounds like a recycled version of an old one.


An over-rated bar band which made its relationship with Buffett pay off. Not original.

Colly in the Hill City

I've been a fan from The Foundation to Uncaged. They lost me with Jekyll and Hyde. I understand he's an artist and wanted to create and explore, but I'm a traditional country music fan. Welcome home reminded me why I became a fan of theirs. My Old Man and All The Best tells stories like country music usually does. I listen to this album from beginning to end without skipping any tracks. Welcome home Zac Brown. Welcome home.


Absolutely fabulous! Appreciate ZBB' s honesty & musical finesse!


Excellent album!


Definitely not the best ZBB album


Like Zac Brown Band but this CD is disappointing to say the least.


This album is almost aggressively traditional and down home. While I enjoy the band's country sound, I like them best when they're experimenting and integrating different styles into their music. I really enjoyed their last album's mix of traditional and non-traditional music. I hoped that they would continue progressing in a unique direction. I like a good number of songs on this album but will probably spend more time relistening to Jekyll and Hyde