Brad Paisley - Wheelhouse (Cracker Barrel Special Edition)

℗ 2013 Sony Music Entertainment

Wheelhouse (Cracker Barrel Special Edition) Tracklist:


Nearly every BP album is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! This particular album is STILL BP style just slightly different. He is by far THE MALE VOCALIST OF COUNTRY MUSIC. I hope he NEVER STOPS. To some of the FEW negative comments I just want to say, He cant sing the same stuff over and over, I love how he re-invents himself in every album, and does it in such a way that you know in the first 3 seconds its a Brad Paisley song coming on. I truthfully was not a BP fan when he first came out.........In the last few YEARs I have become a big fan. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next


Uh. Really?


I have always been a huge BP fan, and this album is no exception. No one can say they are a true Paisley fan and don't like it... it's the SAME Brad, just a slightly different, more liberated sound and lyrics that push the boundries more... although with past songs like "Ticks" no one should be suprised! I especially love Wheelhouse because I can tell it's the real, raw Brad. It's a massive success as a self-produced album, and I agree with other reviews that we will see him at the Grammys. Musically, every song is very unique and interesting. You can still hear Brad's distinctive sound, but with a something extra. I strongly advise getting the Deluxe Edition and listening to it at least once all the way through. It flows so well. Death of a Single way is a hilarious song that is so typical Brad Paisley humor. Any true Brad Paisley fan will LOVE this album.


I love brad paisley and this album is seriously amazing :) it's a little different than his others but its by far one of my favorite albums from him


I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE WITH BRAD PAISLEY!!! Im so excited he has not slowed down in his music! He is like no other country singer, truly amazing. Love the acoustic version to "beat this summer". Love how he was kinda sneaky in putting different songs in the three newly released albums! ... just proves how different he is. LOVE YOU BRAD PAISLEY!!! "Only Way She'll Stay" and "She Never Really Got Over Him" are my favorites of this version of this album.