Brad Paisley - Wheelhouse (Deluxe Version)

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Wheelhouse (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Wow, it's surprising how fast a good musician can be ,well, not good. Johnny Cash was amazing to the day he died. Come on Paisley, get back to country music


I'm one of Brad Paisley biggest fans, but I was not a fan of this album. He has lost what makes him great. Part II will always be my favorite album cause its simple music yet he shows off off how good he is on guitar. There is way to much going on in each song on this album, he is trying way to hard.

Kakota wolf

Just my fav song in the entire world!!! All of the songs are amazing, I love these songs, awesome


Brad has taken us on one heck of a journey. I did as he requested on the late night talk show he was on, and listened to the album in order. It is an amazing tribute to his incredible insight .... and I truly believe he has amazing courage to step out of his normal paces and join together with so many great artists.... especially love the track with LL Cool J.... that was one collaboration. Never sorry I bought this.


Get even


Entertaining and profound! Not many artist capture the latter nowadays. Team Paisley has...again! From one of your newest fans in Hawaii... Mahalo!!! ~_~*

Joey Shmoe

The general opinion about this album is that Brad sold out and that it's not true country music. I could not disagree with them more! This record is truly great, and it accurately showcases Brad's exceeding amounts of talent. "Wheelhouse" is all about taking risks and leaving your comfort zone. Paisley tackles some difficult and touchy subjects here that normal country music doesn't normally involve itself with. It all goes back to the taking risk thing. If you don't see the amazing talent overflowing from this album, go back and listen to it again with an open mind. If you still think that Brad has sold out to the pop music world, maybe you were never a true fan in the first place. It's great! Buy it!


It is really good I think. He took this album places no artist has ever gone.


When did everyone in music get SOOOOOOO whiney!!! uggghhhhhhhwhat a painful listen. looking forawrd to the next one Brad but this one is terrible!


I love Brad Paisley as an artist, I have every single album of his. I expected this album to be another great album full of guitar licks and classic brad. But I didn't find any of the sort. I am very dissappointed, hopefully Brad can make a comeback from this.


This is yet another great Brad Paisley cd. It makes me sad to see people comparing it to his past albums and to pop music. This a NEW album, it is not like his others. WHY??? Because it is new. Some the songs lack a little but for the most part there are goo songs on here. Favs Southern comfort zone Accidental racist- VERY strong meaning Those crazy Christians Karate Overall good album, different but good! Good job Brad!!!


Brad's best album, hands down. None of his songs sound the same, each one is different, and so incredibly creative!!! And to haters, you just dont understand his message in this album, listen closer and maybe you'll get it. Its not about the straight rhythm and beat, its a way of life.


This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Almost every single song I find myself singling along to. Amazingly smart and funny lyrics, insane guitar rifts, this guy has got the whole package… HEY GRAMMY PEOPLE… if you guys appreciate good music, take a listen, this deserves AT LEAST an Album of the Year Nomination!


Brad was one of those elite country artist that I could buy the entire album and just know my money would be well-spent (Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean, etc.). His last two CDs disappointed me. I missed the days of Part II, 5th Gear, and Time Well Wasted. Wheelhouse has the possibility of being the single greatest collection of new songs he's ever released. Now, I don't think there's a smash hit on the album, the one nomination would be "Beat This Summer." Other than that, there's some good singles but nothing we'll hear on the radio 10 years from now (unlike 'Mud on the Tires,' 'Alcohol,' or 'I'm Gonna Miss Her'). However, there isn't a track I dislike on this entire album (the tracks that are actual songs that is). I'm a pretty strict rater and I think I gave one or two songs a 2-star. Everything else is 3-4 star range. That's a solid CD of about 15 tracks! Here's my top 5 on the album: (1) Beat This Summer (2) Southern Comfort Zone (I personally like the acoustic version best) (3) Karate (4) Get Even (5) Death of a Single Man (Accidental Racist is great too) GREAT job Brad! Keep this up!


Long since my man, Mr. Paisley has, once again, shown himself to not only be a guitar vituoso but also a contemporary poet who happens to exercise these immense gifts through the country music venue. Despite the silly controversy, "Accidental Racist" captures the lingering world of racism very, very well. Moreover, "Those Crazy Christians" is a brilliant and honoring treatment of the Christian religion as a social force of compassion and care, despite its many flaws. He is moving further into social commentary, not just stuck in the country music stereotypes of commited and/or lost relationships, partying and substance abuse! Keep growing Brad and I'll see/hear you in August!

nikki cheer cheer

Amazing cd, LOVE IT


I have been a fan of Brad for some time now, never miss a tour barring death in the family, can sing all his albums word for word. I will admit that the first half of this album has some songs that I just don't enjoy listening to, but only 3 of them or so. He stepped out as an artist and tried some new things, and good for him! If musicians didn't do that once in a while music would all sound the same. The second half of the album is classic Brad, and any true fan will enjoy the album as much as his older stuff.


Brad has a great and sharp wit that has never dulled. I always respected that. This album has three great songs on it. Pressing on a Bruise, Beat This Summer, and Facebook Friends are all great and among his best work. Tin Can On A String and Karate are also pretty good. I didn't really listen to the rest of the songs because they didn't interest me on cursory listen. Though he usually has a couple great songs per album, he has yet to create a full album in my opinion.


i think brad did a fantastic job on this album! i love it. beautiful!


Great album Definately brings me back to the good days.

Chanel #5

I'm never disappointed with Brad! LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG…as usual!


It's quite unfair and frankly, ridiculous of critics to compare this to trashy pop. There's no need to exaggerate your dislike so much to the point of insult. This is Brad Paisley, people! And fans of his know that one of the qualities that make him such a great artist are his unique and interesting lyrics that express his fun, charming personality and frisky country backround :) And his quirky song-writing shines once again through this album! I laughed and was intrigued by the point of views in "Accidental Racist" and "Those Crazy Christians," me being a Christian myself! It's nice to listen to something different in the music world for a change. True, I admit, if this was the first album of his I were to listen to I wouldn't have fallen in love with his music as much as I did with his old albums, including songs like "Ticks" ;) "Then," "Mud On the Tires," and "Find Yourself." But so what if this new album is a little more upbeat than his usual stuff? I think it's quite appropriate for the coming summer months, eh? It's still country. And it's still Brad Paisley. And I still believe he is a babe and a king of the country genre. I hope he continues writing and singing in his career! :)


Brad Paisley has succeeded in his mission of leaving his comfort zone and making something different. This album doesn't very much like This Is Country Music, Mud on the Tires or even Part 2, but it is an excellent CD. Brad brings much of his usual style, as the first few tracks show, and expands on it, as you hear later in the CD. The bonus tracks pay more homage to classic Paisley vs being different. All of the bonus tracks are worth the extra money. Overall a great CD and one any Brad Paisley fan or even any country music fan should own.

Country Guy4587

Cannot wait til the album drops!

NASCAR biggest fan

He has lots of albums that are better than this but this album is still pretty good


I think, even though it's different, it is a good album, I love Brad's old stuff but I really do like the new album, it's a fresh taste of country music without making it sound too poppy, I think those who don't like if they really listened to it they would like it. The only song I didn't like was Outstanding in Our Field, I'm sure a lot of people do.


The first time I listened to the album I wasn't too excited about it. It's not typical of what Brad usually does, but the theme of the album was getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new, which is exactly what he does. The more I listen to it the more I like it. IMO Accidental Racist was a failure, but the rest of the album is actually pretty good.


As much as I don't like Accidental Racist, Brad actually pushes himself and keeps a fairly upbeat sound overall. While its definitely not a stereotypical Brad album, this is actually one of my favorites since he decided to try something new. (His last album I thought was his worst)


I have never written a review about an album, but this one is so bad I had to. It's awful. Not sure what it even is - it's not really country, not really pop. Just garbage. And a waste of money. I miss the old BP, and fun, real, country songs you could sing and relate to!


Not his best but I don't think anything will beat the American Saturday night cd but its well worth it great cd bonus it with it just for the acoustic version of southern comfort zone it's my fav don't on the album by far. But stick to your roots brad sing like you used to


Always have been a big fan of Brad, but this is so far from good. Stick to your roots and be yourself no one else can do it better.

Dustin Silva

Loved this album!! Love Brad Paisley did a great job really enjoyed this album


This song speaks the truth. That's why it's controversial


I actually heard about this song while watching SNL tonight. Great song, great us all food for thought. I'm glad some artists have the balls to take on controversial topics in their music. Good job Brad and LL.


I loved every song on this cd omg. Every song had me interested. Would love more.




Solid effort not as good as ticm but great


Liberal Puppet at his finest. I used to like him now hes attacking the southern way of life while pretending to be one of us! Don't think so scooter


This is a great great album! It is def. different than past Paisley albums, but come on; It's still Brad Paisley. Maybe you don't love it at first listen but there's so much more in this album then his past. This is by far his best work in my opinion ...easily four or five single and will get played over and over and over.


Great Album! I love Brad!!! He's my favorite male country singer. The songs I instantly liked were Beat this summer, Tin can on a string, Southern comfort zone, i can't change the world, the mona lisa, accidental racists, karate, outstanding in our field, and pressing on a bruise. The others were were good but I have to listen to em more to get use to em.


I have always been a huge BP fan, and this album is no exception. No one can say they are a true Paisley fan and don't like it... it's the SAME Brad, just a slightly different, more liberated sound and lyrics that push the boundries more... although with past songs like "Ticks" no one should be suprised! I especially love Wheelhouse because I can tell it's the real, raw Brad. It's a massive success as a self-produced album, and I agree with other reviews that we will see him at the Grammys. Musically, every song is very unique and interesting. You can still hear Brad's distinctive sound, but with a something extra. I strongly advise getting the Deluxe Edition and listening to it at least once all the way through. It flows so well. Death of a Single way is a hilarious song that is so typical Brad Paisley humor. Any true Brad Paisley fan will LOVE this album.

Funny Bunny234

Amazing album! I really like Accidental Racist... It is a song that needed to be written and It is even better that Brad sang it.


I love Brad as well as all his music and this album is really good. I just don't like all the crossovers in country and if your like me I suggest buying Eric Church's new live album. It's great


Don't get me wrong, I think Brad is talented, but listening to this album makes me miss the Brad of "Mud on the Tires." I feel that Southern Comfort Zone panders to Southerners, I feel that Beat this Summer is a middle of the road "summer" song, I feel that Accidental Racist has some truth to it but its not a song I'd find myself singing to, I feel that Outstanding in our field could be so much better. So while I like Brad Paisley as a person, this new album is just so-so.


The album is a newer style country but is great. Brad was crossing borders that most would not cross with the song Accidental Racist but this explains life in the south the past 150 years in a honest way. Love the whole album


I think the words on the inside of the CD cover say it all. "It is a digital journal of the shattering of comfort zones and collaterral magic.....This album may not be for everyone, but I hope its for you". The album is definitely different than Paisley's other albums. Does anyone remember his "Play" album? That album was based on guitars and insturmental ability. This album contains a lot of production value. If you are looking for vintage Paisley songs, sure, there are few of those on this album. If you are a true fan of Paisley, you will love this album. Comparaitively, it is not his best album, but its enjoyable, and I am happy he stepped out of his "Southern Comfort Zone". On a scale of 1-5 on how good it is compared to albums like "5th Gear" or "Time Well Wasted" I'd give it a 4. But musically, it gets 5 stars. As usual there is humor in the lyrics, and each song tells a story. For those that say it isn't as country, it is. It still tells a story, like all of Brad Paisley's songs do. Souther Comfort Zone, Beat This Summer, Harvey Bodine, I Can't Change The World, and Outstanding In Our Field are all keepers. As I said, if you a are a fan of good music, and Paisley's lyrics, you'll like this album.


I would give this no stars if i could. I love his old stuff. This is just awful stuff. I appreciate him trying to be different but this is not a good different. Makes me hate country music. Thank god my buddy bought this album and i didnt.


Since the release of "Southern Comfort Zones" single, I knew that this album would be more "pop" than his previous albums. The songwriting is downright hokey and most of the songs I can't decide if they belong on country or pop top 40 radio. Sorry Brad, won't be seeing you on tour this summer if you're going to be headling with this album...


For taking the listener on a ride! This album great from start to finish. Give it a try folks...don't cherry pick the songs, but the ALBUM!


I am not normally a fan of hip-hop, rap or other such leaching into Country Music. The exception is Accidental Raciest. Good work for Brad and LL Cool J. Everyone should stop and listen to the words.